Wife Swap

Wife swapping nude

Wife Swap

Year: 1989

Director: N/A

Starring: Ginger Lynn Allen , [ NonSex ] Ron Jeremy , Shauna Grant , Heather Wayne , Craig Roberts , Tammy White , Tamara Longley , Inez Acker , Jessica Longe , Paul Thomas , Marc Wallice , Steve Drake

Country: USA

Length: 01h 13min 16sec

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Description: A. While wife is home making sex with her lover, hubby comes home unexpectadly causing the lover to run and hide in the closet. Paul playing the husband, handles it with aplomb however and narrates a flashback that explains his situtation, then allows Steve to bang his wife while he watches. B. Couple walking on the beach discover a lone girl photographer, wife encourages her husband to pick her up and make love to her while she takes photos. C .Husband of couple A inserts part C into wife of couple B, daughter of couple A does husband of couple C. It gets more confusing but everyone involved has a really good time. D. Craig tells his wife he’s going fishing then takes back to try and catch her with another guy but much to his happy surprise it turns out wifey’s lover is another woman.

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