The Filthy Rich

1980 clasic porno

The Filthy Rich

Year: 1980

Director: Michael Zen

Starring: Vanessa del Rio , [ Anal , Facial , DP ] Samantha Fox , Lisa De Leeuw , [ Facial ] Jessie St. James , Jack Wrangler , Herschel Savage , Randy West , R.J. Reynolds , George Payne , Vic Dunlop , Sweet Mouthful , Paul Thomas

Country: USA

Length: 01h 16min 42sec

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Description: Samantha Fox and Jack Wrangler portray a rich, but sexually unsatisfied couple. The butler and maid, Jessie St James and Hershel Savage, are doing just great sexually! The couples switch places and all sorts of things happen at the mansion. Wealthy Trent and Tiffany Tremaine (played to the hilt by JACK ‘N’ JILL Jack Wrangler and Samantha Fox) have everything that money can buy, save for a satisfying sex life. Vacating their marvelous mansion for a sex seminar to solve their problem, they leave maid and butler Frieda and Jarvis Lear (Jesie St. James and Herschel Savage) in charge to assume their roles for the day. Much comedy of errors ensues with mistaken identities as the home is successively invaded by new Cuban cook Chili Caliente (who else but Vanessa Del Rio), pool boy Randy West substituting for his pimply guy, traveling sex toy saleslady

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