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All Knight Long

Year: 1991
Country: US
Actress: Nina Hartley, Tracey Adams, Nikki Knights, Carol Cummings, Alexis White
Actors: Marc Wallace, Randy West, Billy Dee, Jon Dough, Buddy Love
Director: Hal Freeman
Distributor: LBO Entertainment

Categories: Black

Nikki loves to spend her nights in the company of her best friends. One thing quickly leads to another when the lovely neighbor Tracy Adams gets seduced by Nikki.
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Naughty 90’s

Year: 1990

Director: Gordon Vandermeer

Distributor: Filmco Releasing

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 80 min

Actress: Tracey Adams, Debi Diamond, Paula Price, Rachel Ryan, [Anal, IR]

Actors: Peter North, Tom Byron, Sean Michaels

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Debi Diamond stars in this vehicle, playing the unlikely role of an innocent young virgin who has never tasted the fruits of carnal pleasure. The story follows Debi as she tries to find the right man to offer up her virginity to. Of course, along the way we get lots and lots of lascivious lust from the rest of the cast. Paula Price shows her wild side when she takes on a hard-charging stud early on. Paula’s curvaceous good looks drive the scene forward, while her amorous appetite for more and more keeps things at a fever pitch. Tracey Adams plays Debi’s buxom mummy, and she gets in on the fun when she takes on Peter North in another heated humdinger. Tracey’s top-heavy tenaciousness comes through loud and clear here as she takes North on a feverish ride to the far reaches of lust. In the end, Debi finds the right guy in the form of Tom Byron. They pair off in a blistering session that gives the lie to Debi’s claims of virginity. No newcomer could ever be this creative and driven, as Debi turns in one of her typically over-the-top performances. A nice dose of feature-style fun from some of the hardest charging harlots in the 90s hardcore.

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Peter North Screws The Stars

Year: 1993

Director: n/a

Distributor: Caballero Classics

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 148 min

Actress: Nina Hartley, Tracey Adams, Shanna McCullough, Victoria Paris, Candie Evens, Porsche Lynn, Brittany Morgan, Tori Welles

Actors: Peter North

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Any classic porn fan knows that every flick of the incomparable Peter North is extremely hot and definitely worth checking out. This compilation is especially great as it consists of the very best perfomances of Peter North. Watch him screwing such hotties as Candie Evans, Britt Morgan, Tracey Adams, Shunna McCullough, Porshe Lynn, Victoria Paris, Tori Welles and Nina Hartley. Sounds damn exciting, huh? Besides, you have never seen cum shots as beautiful as these!

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Object Of My Desire

Year: 1988
Country: US
Actress: Tracey Adams, Lynn LeMay, Jade East, Holly Daze
Actors: Tom Byron, Billy Dee, Tony Montana, John Stagliano, Damien Cashmere
Director: John Stagliano
Distributor: Electric Hollywood

Categories: Asian, Black, Facial, Latin

This is a VHS-rip from the film "Mega Stars – Objekt of my Desire", a John Stallion production, published by the German pornlabel MTC Ltd.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Jade East, Tom Byron
Scene 2. Holly Daze, Billy Dee
Scene 3. Tracey Adams, Tony Montana
Scene 4. Lynn LeMay, Damien Cashmere
Scene 5. Lynn LeMay, Tom Byron

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Lover’s Lane

Year: 1986
Country: US
Actress: Tracey Adams, Stacey Donovan, Barbara Dare, Melissa Melendez, Alexis Greco, Karen Chandler
Actors: Joey Silvera, Billy Dee, Jon Martin, Ed Navarro, Buddy Love, Jonathon Lee
Director: Duck Dumont
Distributor: Essex Video

Categories: Black, Latin, Lesbian

When Tracey Adams gets a phone call from an old college chum, it sets in motion a series of erotic events that end up enveloping everything around her. The call jars Tracey into action, and she decides to hold a little reunion for some of her closest pals from the university. And of course, when lusty ladies get together, the topic soon turns to sex. The gals reminisce about the good times they used to have out on LOVERS LANE, trysting in convertibles with their well-built beaus. And of course, we get to watch all the fun! The video is filled with fantastic action, beautifully shot in the great outdoors. So forget about Inspiration Point and come on down to LOVERS LANE — It’ll get your motor revving!!
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Tracey Adams, Joey Silvera
Scene 2. Barbara Dare, Don Fernando, Jon Martin
Scene 3. Stacey Donovan, Jonathon Lee
Scene 4. Alexis Greco, Billy Dee
Scene 5. Karen Chandler, Melissa Melendez
Scene 6. Barbara Dare, Tracey Adams, Buddy Love

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Blame It On The Heat

Year: 1989
Country: US
Actress: Tracey Adams, Nina DePonca, Bionca, Stacy Lords, Carol Cummings, Fifi Bardot
Actors: Tom Byron, Mike Horner, Sasha Gabor, Shane Hunter, Jeff James
Director: Frank Thring
Distributor: VCA

Categories: Black, Facial

Carol Cummings and Staci Lords are hotter than the 4th of July as they raise more than just the temperature in Blame It On The Heat. Watch them as they work up a sweat trying to cool down with an all-star cast!
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Fifi Bardot, Jeff James, Tom Byron
Scene 2. Tracey Adams, Mike Horner
Scene 3. Carol Cummings, Mike Horner
Scene 4. Tracey Adams, Sasha Gabor
Scene 5. Bionca, Carol Cummings, Mike Horner
Scene 6. Stacy Lords, Shane Hunter
Scene 7. Fifi Bardot, Nina DePonca
Scene 8. Bionca, Fifi Bardot, Nina DePonca, Jeff James, Tom Byron

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Pretty Peaches 2

Year: 1987

Director: Alex DeRenzy

Distributor: VCA

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 101 min

Actress: Tracey Adams, [IR] Evan Taylor, [Facial] Melissa Melendez, Siobhan Hunter, [Anal, Facial] Jeanette Littledove, [Anal] Tami White

Actors: Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis, Billy Dee, Hershel Savage, Buck Adams, F.M. Bradley

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Peaches is almost 20 but her divorced mom chocks up Peaches’ boyfriend Bobby to leave when she hears them having sex. Suffering a cramp from the sudden stop, Bobby accidentally tries leaving through the mom’s bedroom and hides behind a curtain when she gets back. She then catches him peeping on her and – under kitchen knife point – chocks up him to strip to see what it feels like to be peeped upon. Once he’s nude like her, Bobby’s cramp worsens. The mom decides to take advantage and fix it for him. Peaches, who thinks her mom is prude, looks for sexual advise from her stepfather who tells her to just ask around and to never be a tease. His scantily clad office girl overhears this and seduces him as soon as Peaches leaves despite his threat of sexual harassment charge. Peaches then hitchhikes with a trucker to her step uncle. While peaches is in the bathroom of their shared motel room, the motel’s prostitute offers her services to the trucker. Peaches joins to watch and learn. While Peaches leaves her uncle’s house when his family engages, Peaches’ mom and stepfather travel after her. The mom locks the stepfather in the bathroom and has sex with their motel’s African American fitness instructor. The stepfather eventually breaks free and replaces the instructor. While Peaches is seduced by a man who initially pretends to be a "grandma", Peaches’ mom and stepfather seek information by having sex with the uncle and his lover correspondingly. The lover eventually breaks in and reveals Peaches first wanted to have sex with "The Master" of a sex club in Chinatown, and then with the lover herself who also brought Bobby along for a threesome. Peaches then wakes up to realize it was all a dream.

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Double D Dykes 2

Year: 1992

Director: n/a

Distributor: Gourmet video

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 73 min

Actress: Tracey Adams, [LezOnly] Charisma, [LezOnly] Lynden Johnson, Persia, [LezOnly] Dallas, [LezOnly] Liz Orianna, [LezOnly] Alexis, [LezOnly] Alice, [LezOnly]


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Double D Dykes porn 2 scenes of all-girl lesbian action in the second installment of Double "D" Dykes. Double D Dykes DVD video Lustful licking and sucking of huge breasts and wet pussy.

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Marina Heat

Year: 1985
Country: DE
Actress: Tracey Adams, Amber Lynn, Nikki Charm, Gina Carrera, Summer Rose
Actors: Hershel Savage, Billy Dee, Buck Adams
Director: Jack Remy
Distributor: VTO

Categories: Black, Anal, IR, Facial

It’s an accepted fact that people who live at a marina are the loosest, most immoral swingers to be found. And the most infamous marina of all lies on the coast of sunny California, a stone’s throw away from the mega-rich Beverly Hills, scandalous Hollywood, and the international airport…an ideal location for the promiscuous flight attendants, poor little rich girls and struggling actresses to find love and lust. These are the reasons why star reporter Ace Woodward (Buck Adams) and his side kick Melanie Moans (Amber Lynn) have chosen the marina for their story on the Sex Life of the Free and Easy. As they get deeply involved in the pointed questions as whether flight attendants really screw passengers to join the "mile high club", whether bikini-clad nymphets really land parts by strolling on the beach past Hollywood moguls getting their summer tan, and whether the marina heat really contributes to a high and more intense sex drive…
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Amber Lynn, Billy Dee
Scene 2. Amber Lynn, Tracey Adams, Hershel Savage
Scene 3. Nikki Charm, Buck Adams
Scene 4. Gina Carrera, Summer Rose
Scene 5. Summer Rose, Billy Dee
Scene 6. Gina Carrera, Summer Rose, Buck Adams

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Porn On The Fourth Of July

Year: 1990

Director: Gordon Vandermeer

Distributor: Intropics Video

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 82 min

Actress: Tracey Adams, [LezOnly] Charli, Rachel Ryan, Kimberly Kane, [LezOnly] Brittany

Actors: Peter North, Marc Wallace, Randy West, Blake Palmer, Eric Price

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He was a born hero to females looking to put some spark in their lives. Then, Charli, hotter than a firecracker, explodes with a display of passion that could only be PORN on the Fourth of July. This movie has nothing to do with the original Oliver Stone flick!



Year: 1989
Country: US
Actress: Tracey Adams, Aja, Renee Summers, Jacqueline, Jackie Ann
Actors: Marc Wallace, Biff Malibu, R.C. Cummings
Director: Victoria Arnelle
Distributor: LBO Entertainment

Categories: Facial

Flame O’Hara is beaten and left in the mountains by her wealthy lover, J. Walter Harrington. She is found and taken in by Doris McKenzie, a mountain girl and wife of Mac, an abusive and frustrated husband. Flame becomes embroiled in Doris’ problems and after seducing Mac, teaches him a lesson in marital loyalty and human understanding.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Aja, Marc Wallice
Scene 2. Tracey Adams, Biff Malibu
Scene 3. Jackie Ann, Renee Summers, Marc Wallice
Scene 4. Tracey Adams, Marc Wallice
Scene 5. Aja, Marc Wallice

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All The Right Motions

Year: 1990

Director: J.T. Monroe

Distributor: KBeech

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 76 min

Actress: Tracey Adams, Keisha, Sabrina Dawn, [Facial] Carol Cummings, Susan Vegas

Actors: Peter North, Eric Price, Steve Vegas

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When a video is better the second time you watch it, you know you’ve got a winner. Everything works in this tale of a small law firm comprised of Eric Price and Carol Cummings. Carol should have been in productions like this from the beginning of her career. She can act, she can seduce, she can turn a man inside out. A triple threat. In this superior show, Eric is Sabrina Dawn’s attorney and she wants his divorce case over fast for the loot. There are even sub-plots including secretary Susan Vegas’ experimenting with both men and women after her divorce. Not one wham-bam scene to be found. Everyone is excellent with special marks for Carol, Sabrina and Keisha. Boxcover has a knock-out picture of super-sexy Tracey Adams, who, despite top billing, has only one dialogue-less albeit very good sex scene. A great show from a company which seems to put out nothing but high quality sex videos.

Flying High With Tracey Adams

Year: 1987
Country: US
Actress: Tracey Adams, Lisa Melendez, Brittany Stryker, Alena Ferrari
Actors: Ron Jeremy, Dan T Mann, Damien Cashmere
Director: Ron Jeremy
Distributor: Leisure Time Entertainment

Categories: Latin

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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Tracey Adams, Dan T. Mann
Scene 2. Aleena Ferari, Ron Jeremy
Scene 3. Lisa Melendez, Tracey Adams
Scene 4. Lisa Melendez, Damien Cashmere
Scene 5. Aleena Ferari, Damien Cashmere
Scene 6. Brittany Stryker, Dan T. Mann

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Sex Machine

Year: 1990

Director: n/a

Distributor: KBeech

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 67 min

Actress: Tracey Adams, Nikki Randall, Brezzy Lane, [LezOnly] Bambi Allen, Carolyn Connoly

Actors: Steve Drake, Francois, Buddy Love, Casey Ewing

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Originally called Weird Fantasy and loosely inspired by John Hughes’ Weird Science, Angel Kelly’s scene was removed and a few additional minor edits were done to create Sex Machine.

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The Rhine Waltz

Year: 1988

Director: Tony Vincent

Distributor: VTO

Country: DE

Language: German

Length: 104 min

Actress: Tracey Adams, Sharon Mitchell, Alicia Monet, Fallon, Desiree Barclay, Lucy Washington

Actors: Tom Byron, Rocco Siffredi, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera, Billy Dee, Mark Rama

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Welche Ehre, als Lehrer in einem reichen Hausstand lukrative Nachhilfestunden geben zu dürfen! Also klemmt der korrekte Mr. Catherwood einige Bücher untern Arm, begrüßt freudig alle Ex-Schüler der Familie, die zu unterrichten er das Vergnügen hatte. Doch Schülerin Clara, stets hypergeil, eben ein liebenswerter Kotzbrocken, bringt sogar ihn aus der Fassung! Taktisch klug leitet sie Verführungsversuche ein, will ihn in sämtliche Ficks hineinziehen, deren Lustschreie aus den Nebenzimmern dringen. Doch Catherwood bleibt standhaft! – Ein überaus humorvoller Hardcore-Exkurs durch alle Betten und Paarungen des Anwesens. Erfrischend vervögelt samt Doppelpenetration, besetzt mit einem All-Star-Cast. Und einem entwaffnenden Catherwood, der am Ende auch ohne Hosen Bestnoten verdient!

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Deliveries In The Rear 2

Year: 1987
Country: US
Actress: Nina Hartley, Tracey Adams, Lisa Melendez, Brittany Stryker, Alena Ferrari
Actors: Ron Jeremy, Dan T Mann, Richard Pacheco, Sunny Glick, Damien Cashmere
Director: n/a
Distributor: AVC

Categories: Anal, Latin, Lesbian

Here’s another one of those "Stewardess" tapes. Too bad the closest this fly-by-night production gets to an airplane is when some of the cast walks through what I’m assuming is an airport parking lot. There’s cheap sets, poor acting, no plot, so the sex has to carry it. But it doesn’t. Promoted as Deliveries in the Rear Part II, there is very little anal action (and I mean, very little). And even that one scene with Ron Jeremy’s dirty talk can’t make Stryker look interested in her work, and even when he backdoors her she can only muster a weak response. There’s some nice shots of downtown Las Vegas splattered in here, which only serve to prove that New Yorker Damien Cashmere has made the inevitable trek westward. Newcomer Allena Farrari does a commendable job sexually. But the surroundings kill her performance, as well as the entire production. There are better stewardess features, and there are better anal features. This is one flight you won’t want to take.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Brittany Stryker, Lisa Melendez
Scene 2. Nina Hartley, Richard Pacheco
Scene 3. Tracey Adams, Shone Taylor
Scene 4. Aleena Ferari, Dan T. Mann
Scene 5. Brittany Stryker, Ron Jeremy
Scene 6. Brittany Stryker, Damien Cashmere, Ron Jeremy
Scene 7. Aleena Ferari, Damien Cashmere

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Wacky World Of X-rated Bloopers

Year: 1989

Director: n/a

Distributor: Gourmet video

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 66 min

Actress: Christy Canyon, Ginger Lynn, Tracey Adams, Amber Lynn, Sharon Mitchell, Stacey Donovan, Bunny Bleu, Mai Lin, Shauna Grant, Jeanna Fine, Little Oral Annie, (aka Li’l Oral Annie)Porsche Lynn, Rhonda Jo Petty, Cara Lott, Heather Wayne, Tamara Longley, Linda Shaw, Danielle, Jessica Wylde, Laurie Smith, Misty Regan, Viper, [Bald] Gina Valentino, Kelly Richards, Pamela Jennings, Tanya Fox, Elle Rio, Rosemarie, Rikki Blake, Stephanie Rage, Jennifer Noxt, Charlie Waters, Hope, Tami White, Debbie Northrup, Amanda Tyler, Donna N., Misty Dawn, Ashley Brooks, Brezzy Lane, K.C. Valentine, Tara Blake, Connie Benet, R. Torres, Ines Akker

Actors: Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Marc Wallace, Randy West, Jerry Butler, Eric Edwards, Buck Adams, Kevin James, Robert Bolla, Blake Palmer, Sasha Gabor, Craig Roberts, Ray Wells, Rick Cassidy, Frank Brandt, Randy Paul, John Rage, James Dean

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Sixty nine. A telling number, don’t you think? that’s the complete cast listing for this fascinating new video from Gourmet. A highly abridged sampling can be found above this review, and I’m sure you’ll agree there isn’t a bad apple in the bunch. Kudos to Ron Wasserman for assembling the results from the inexhaustible supply of way footage from the Gourmet vaults. Wacky World is a far cry form just another blooper reel —aside from the flubbed lines, failed erections, and impossible-to-maintain positions, this item also provides a (pardon the pun) penetrating look behind the scenes of the adult film business. Of particular interest are snippets where Ron Jeremy gets quite pissed when the cameras roll before his famous hard-on gets hard, and director Bobby Hollander scolds the cast for too much chatter and not enough obeying his commands. Herchel Savage imparts his philosophy of love to Misty Regan in between takes, not realizing his comments are captured on tape forever. A must see for hardcore fans!

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Hotline 976

Year: 1987
Country: US
Actress: Tracey Adams, Amber Lynn, Sharon Mitchell, Jeanna Fine, Blondie Bee
Actors: Randy West, Hershel Savage, Tony Montana, Buddy Love
Director: Tony Vincent (aka F.J. Lincoln)
Distributor: VCR

Categories: Creampie, Latin

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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Amber Lynn, Hershel Savage
Scene 2. Sharon Mitchell, Randy West
Scene 3. Amber Lynn
Scene 4. Amber Lynn, Tracey Adams, Randy West
Scene 5. Blondi, Tony Montana
Scene 6. Jeanna Fine, Buddy Love
Scene 7. Sharon Mitchell, Buddy Love

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Balling For Dollars

Year: 1985
Country: US
Actress: Nina Hartley, Tracey Adams, Keisha, Angel Kelly, Sheri St. Clair, Danielle, Sahara, Tiffany Storm
Actors: Ron Jeremy, Paul Thomas, Billy Dee, Jerry Butler, Buddy Love, Sunny Glick
Director: n/a
Distributor: Spread Eagle Video Productions

Categories: IR, Facial, Black, Latin

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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Angel Kelly, Nina Hartley, Billy Dee
Scene 2. Danielle, Sheri St. Clair, Jerry Butler
Scene 3. Tracey Adams, Shone Taylor
Scene 4. Sahara, Buddy Love
Scene 5. Tiffany Storm, Jerry Butler
Scene 6. Angel Kelly, Billy Dee, Paul Thomas
Scene 7. Keisha, Nina Hartley, Ron Jeremy
Scene 8. Nina Hartley, Jerry Butler

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Year: 1987
Country: US
Actress: Tracey Adams, Taija Rae, Shanna McCullough, Keisha, Siobhan Hunter, Hope, Tara Blake
Actors: John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Jerry Butler
Director: Henri Pachard
Distributor: n/a

Categories: Latin, Facial, Swallow

In a parody of the TV show "Moonlighting," a pair of sleuths from the New Poon agency try to find out "who done it" in a case of infidelity.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Frankie Leigh, Tara Blake, John Leslie
Scene 2. Tracey Adams, Jerry Butler
Scene 3. Keisha, Taija Rae, John Leslie
Scene 4. Shanna McCullough, Joey Silvera
Scene 5. Siobhan Hunter, Jerry Butler
Scene 6. Taija Rae, Tracey Adams, Jerry Butler
Scene 7. Tracey Adams, John Leslie
Scene 8. Taija Rae, Jerry Butler

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