Name: Bodies In Heat 2

Duration: 69 min

Year: 1989

Language: English

Country: United States

Director: Henri Pachard

Actors: Mike Horner,Joey Silvera,Hershel Savage,Billy Dee,Eric Edwards,Jerry Butler,Robert Bullock

Actress: Annette Haven,Sharon Kane,Carol Cummings,Renee Morgan,Charli St. Cyr

Categories: Charli St. Cyr movies, 1989, United States, English, Henri Pachard, Annette Haven, Sharon Kane, Carol Cummings, Renee Morgan, Charli St. Cyr, Mike Horner, Joey Silvera, Hershel Savage, Billy Dee, Eric Edwards, Jerry Butler, Robert Bullock, Lesbian, Black

Sharon Kane is a detective who specializes in undercover investigations with steamy sexual undercurrents. This time she’s been sent to work in a brothel and to try to sort out a pair of mysteries. First, she’s investigating the mysterious disappearance of fellow detective Herschel Savage. Then she’s supposed to find out why Annette Haven is running the brothel, and why she’s doing it under an assumed name — there’s some suspicion she may have bumped off her husband to get control. Sharon is the perfect copper for the mission. She’s tough as nails and has a special talent for her work — especially when it involves spending the day having sex with swarthy studs while she gathers clues. Eventually Sharon gets to the bottom of things, even as plenty of folks get to her bottom. The carnal climax finds Sharon in the clinch with Annette, and the two legends of lust pull out all the stops in one of the steamiest, most arousing lesbian encounters in hardcore history. Other highlights include a vocal tryst between Charli St. Cyr and Jerry Butler, and a freaky scene with Carol Cummings and a cross-dressing Joey Silvera. Directed by the legendary Henri Pachard, this is late 80s porn at its best, with classic performers and a whole host of passionate pile-ups.