Taija rae spoiled Date of birth: 27 September 1962
Alternate Names: Holly Carson|Kim Carson|Kitty Carson|Star Weatherly .
Bio: Porn Star Kimberly Carson was one of the best-loved porn starlets of the 80s, a slim and trim young beauty who could always be spotted by her huge mane of kinky black hair. Kimberly Carson sported one of the tightest figures in porn, a small-breasted vision of sensual delights that found its way into over 130 features during her carnal career. Her down-to-earth, friendly demeanor always came through in her flicks, helping solidify her status as a fan fave.

Kimberly Carson first came to Hollywood in the late 70s with dreams of making it big in mainstream films. Under the name Kimberly Carson, she modeled and landed a couple of bit parts, notably as a disco gal in a quick scene in Steve Martin’s ‘The Jerk.’ Small parts in TV shows like ‘BJ and the Bear’ and ‘Eight is Enough’ followed. Her biggest pre-porn hit was the 1979 sorority sex farce ‘H.O.T.S.,’ a bounce-and-jiggle fest that seemed to be in constant heavy rotation on Cinemax during the 80s.

By 1982, Kimberly Carson had given up on her hopes of mainstream stardom and turned her eyes to porn. She leapt in with both feet, quickly becoming one of the most prolific and popular women on the scene. She starred in some of the classics of 80s hardcore, including the original ‘New Wave Hookers 1.’ There, Kimberly Carson romped with Peter North and Brooke Fields in a ravenous threeway tryst.

In 1983’s ‘Summer Camp Girls,’ Kimberly let loose with one of her most passionate outings ever, taking on a couple of swarthy biker types in a pool table threesome that ranked as the heated high point of the flick. ‘Marina Vice’ found her getting down and dirty with John Holmes and Melissa Mendez in another white-hot scorcher. Other career highlights include Kimberly Carson’s ravenous romp with Herschel Savage in ‘Bodies in Heat’ and her pair of blistering boffs with Tom Byron in ‘Loose Times at Ridley High.’

Kimberly Carson left the porn scene in 1989, after steaming up almost 140 videos. She remains one of the most recognizable starlets of her — or any — era, with her rosebud mouth, button nose and ubiquitous black poodle cut. Kimberly Carson is one of the most beloved porn stars in history, and a woman whose tight curves are synonymous with 80s-style sizzle.

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Erotic zone taija rae


Year: 1987

Director: Stuart Canterbury

Starring: Nina Hartley , Taija Rae , [ Facial ] Shanna McCullough , [ MastOnly ] Jennifer Hurt , Lauryl Canyon , Jerry Butler , Joey Silvera , John Leslie

Country: USA

Length: 01h 15min 20sec

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Description: Alison and Rick like to play. Rick likes to tell Alison that she’s spoiled. He pampers her, in every way imaginable. He smiles as his little redhead gets spoiled rotten, enjoying the better things in life. He loves how he’s the one who spoils her. Giving her everything. And when he spoils her right to the edge of reason, never waking her, but always bringing her to a climax that could only be appreciated by someone spoiled so rotten.
Taija rae and Robert bullock porn Date of birth: 30 March 1955
Alternate Names: Rhonda Jo Beam|Sarah Dawcett|Rhonda Jo|Ronda Jo|Rhonda Petty|Rohnda Jo Petty|Ronda Joe Petty|Ronda Jo Petty .
Bio: Porn Star Rhonda Jo Petty was a 70’s dream queen who never quite attained the superstar status that her looks would indicate. She was a strawberry blonde disco diva with long, feathery hair, a strikingly pretty face and a curvaceous, leggy figure that was 100% Rhonda Jo Petty. She had the look of the prototypical 70’s swinging single and played the role to the tilt in a slew of hardcore features that made the most of her tenacious bedroom skills. Rhonda Jo Petty was one of the first B-level porno starlets, always turning in white-hot work in flicks that just didn’t quite strike it big.

Rhonda Jo Petty first dipped her tasty toes into the porno pool in 1976 with a small role in ‘Casanova 2.’ From there, she went on to land small but fiery roles in over 70 features over the next nine years. Rhonda Jo Petty’s parts always tended to be in lower-budget flicks, but that didn’t stop her from turning in richly arousing performances. One of her best roles can be found in the 1980 roller-disco porn spectacle ‘California Girls,’ where she shows John Holmes an oralicious good time before getting down and dirty with another foxy 70’s babe. For more of Rhonda Jo Petty on wheels, check out 1979’s ‘Sex Rink,’ another take on the saucy world of roller disco.

Rhonda Jo Petty continued to strut her stuff for the carnal cameras until the mid-80’s, but she never quite seemed to hit the big time. Perhaps it was her utter inability to convincingly deliver a line of dialogue, but that hasn’t stopped plenty of other sexy starlets. Maybe it was just bad luck in her choice of roles, because she never starred in a blockbuster hit. Or maybe it was just inevitable that a woman who looked so typically 70’s would have a hard time of it once the 80’s rolled around. Either way, fans of breasty blonde roller disco queens won’t want to overlook this deliciously decadent fox.

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Taja ray porn Date of birth: 4 February 1961
Alternate Names: Jackie Leigh|Jacqualine Lorains|Jacqueline Lorains|Jacquline Lorains|Jacquline Loren|Jacqueline Lorens|Jacquelin Lorians|Jacqueline Loriens|Jacqueline Lorrains|Monique|Jacqueline Noriens|Monique Perri|Monique Perry|Jacqueline St. Claire .
Bio: Porn Star Jacqueline Lorians is an absolutely stunning redhead who oozed innocent sexual curiosity. Jacqueline Lorians was a unique porn starlet, a woman who preferred lushly romantic sexual encounters to the down-and-dirty romps that are so common. Jacqueline Lorians was one of the loveliest porn actresses of all time, a gorgeous treat for the eyes with a boob-licious bod and a pair of the most sensually inviting and mesmerizing eyes ever seen on film. One glance from this woman was all it took to turn on the coldest of partners.

Jacqueline Lorians was a very compliant sexual performer, literally losing herself to her partners in every scene. She let herself be led through her sex scenes, always letting her mate take charge of the situation. Jacqueline Lorians’ soft, vulnerable sexuality made her the perfect choice to play frail, doomed lovers. Jacqueline Lorians exuded a real naivete that made her sexually inexperienced characters seem very real and believable.

Jacqueline Lorians’ wide-eyed view of the world landed her lots of roles, most notably as underage sex queen Traci Lords in 1987’s ‘Traci’s Big Trick.’ Jacqueline Lorians’ performance as the debauched soul in ‘Devil in Miss Jones II’ is another career highlight, as is her three-way Sapphic turn in ‘Club Sex.’ Jacqueline Lorians left the business in late 1988.

Jacqueline Lorians received the award in 1989 from the Adult Video News for the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

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George Payne

Bio porn star taija rae anal Date of birth: 6 February 1945
Alternate Names: George Anderson John Lance George Paine Mike Payne .
Bio: N/A

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Taija rae DVD

Shanna Mc Cullough Non Stop

Year: 1989

Director: N/A

Starring: Shanna McCullough , Taija Rae , Joey Silvera , Billy Dee , Krista Lane , Don Hart

Country: USA

Length: 01h 26min 24sec

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Description: A Tribute To One Of Porn’s All Time Greats! Shanna McCullough, one of the adult film’s all time legends is presented to you here in Non-Stop Action! Pure Sharon, no more, no less. Guys, girls… everyone gets some loving in this Miss McCullough epic. A must see for any fan of this incredibly sexy and incredibly talented star!
Taija rae rides Tom byron Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: Bobbie Bullock Bobby Bullock R. Bullock Robbert Bullock Robert Burrows Richard Parnes Richard Parness Rick Pons Anthony Richards Anthony Richardson .
Bio: Robert Bullock was an American pornographic actor. He took his stage name from the West Coast department store chain “Bullocks” where he used to work as a salesman.

He is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame.

1988 AVN Award for Best Actor (Video) – Romeo and Juliet
1989 AVN Award for Best Actor (Film) – Portrait of an Affair

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Bunny Bleu

Taija rae Date of birth: 1 June 1964
Alternate Names: Bunny Bleue|Bunny Blu|Bunny Blue|Kimberly Warner|Kim Warner|Kristi Warner|Kristi Wassner .
Bio: Porn Star Bunny Bleu is a vivacious blonde nymphet, who, even well into her twenties was cast as a teenager due to her virginal good looks and clean-cut wholesome qualities. Also using the names Kimberly Warner, Kim Warner and Jerrii Sinclaire, Bunny Bleu performed in over 150 videos between 1983 and 1989. Although Bunny Bleu never was a great thespian and perhaps a bit on the ditzy-side, her Lolita-style performances are still treasured by fans today. Some of Bunny Bleu’s best early works can be found in films such as Beverly Hills Exposed and Aerobisex Girls.

After a several year hiatus from show business, Bunny Bleu came back in 1992, complete with a surgically altered body and her natural auburn hair color. With a renewed approach to her career and a newly found love for anal sex, Bunny Bleu did some her best work ever. You can catch some of Bunny Bleu’s best rear-entry work in Anal Rescue 811 and Backdoor to Brooklyn.

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Motel sweets 1987 Date of birth: 9 December 1958
Alternate Names: Arnaud Francois Dumas François Dumas Francios Francois François Tim Hardin Jean-Jacques LeBon Francoise Papillion Francois Papillion Francouis Papillion Francoise Papillon Frank Papillon Papillon Francons Papillow Francois Pappillion .
Bio: Francois Papillon was one of the best looking and most talented performers around during his stint in the hardcore business. A swarthy, studly hunk of a man with a well-muscled physique and male-model good looks, Francois didn’t have much trouble lining up women who wanted to work with him. His relationship with fellow porner Kascha kept him from satisfying all comers, though, as he was most often to be found in the clinch with her luscious little frame.

Francois was born on December 9, 1958 and grew into his husky 6’3″ frame by the time he was out of high school. He got into porn as a do-anything stud, performing his magic in a string of low budget grinders starting in 1983. One of his best early performances can be found in 1984’s ‘Looking for Mr. Goodsex,’ in which he joins Taija Rae and Billy Dee for a torrid threesome that sends the flick into orbit.

Francois’ carnal career didn’t really hit the heights until he hooked up with the dazzling Kascha in the late 80’s. The couple starred in a string of white-hot features, usually appearing opposite one another in the flick’s most passionate scene. While his girlfriend’s scrumptious good looks contributed more to their casting than he did, Francois nonetheless found himself in a series of incendiary encounters opposite his real-life lover.

The couple’s best-known work is the ‘Hawaii Vice’ series. They starred as a pair of carnally-crazed private eyes who find themselves constantly enmeshed in dastardly doings and down and dirty sex. The tropically tasty series lasted through 8 episodes, with Kascha and Francois starring in each.

Francois began easing his way out of the industry around 1990, and by 1993 he was gone for good. Rumor has it that he’s still hooked up with Kascha and that they’re living happily ever after together. A forerunner of the muscle-bound hunks who’ve moved into the scene in the late 90’s, Francois Papillon’s wanton work still holds up today, especially anything he did with Kascha.

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Buck Adams

Taija rae pornstar Date of birth: 15 November 1955
Alternate Names: Rush Adams Charles S. Allen Charles Allen .
Bio: Buck Adams is a muscle-bound rough-nut who got into porn in the early 80’s at the urging of his sister, hardcore superstar Amber Lynn. He’s a hard-as-nails stud with a somewhat flattened nose that makes him look like a recently retired prizefighter. His sexual prowess has never been in question, and he’s been one of the most dependable porno studs throughout most of the past two decades.

Buck’s hunkish physique and quite respectable acting talents make him the perfect choice for action/adventure type hardcore features that enable him to perform in ways other than sexual. Buck was married to pornstress Janette Littledove for a time during the 1980’s, but the relationship has since gone the way of most porno marriages. Another frequent on-screen partner is Rebecca Wild, and the two have turned in lots of fiery trysts together. One of Buck’s most well-known performances is opposite Tori Welles in the late 80’s classic ‘The Chameleon.’ And Buck’s roll in the hay with Nina Hartley in ‘Peeping Tom’ ranks with the hottest work either has ever done.

Buck’s well-honed acting skills have gotten him plenty of industry kudos, including three Best Actor Awards from AVN . His no-nonsense, full-throttle passion can be seen in over 400 features. Buck is a member of both the AVN and XRCO Performers Halls of Fame, and he continues to pop up in the occasional sexvid, although he’s cut way back from the hectic shooting schedule of his early days.

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Sharon Kane

Taija rae Date of birth: 24 February 1956
Alternate Names: Sharon Beacon|Charon Cain|S. Cain|Sharon Cain|Sharon Caine|Jennifer Holmes|Sharron Kane|Elizabeth Loy|Sharon Maiberg|Sharon Malberg|Barb Mathews|Katherine McCall|Sharone|Sheri Vaughan|De Je Von|Jennifer Walker|Shirley Wood|Shirley Woods|Alice Wray .
Bio: Porn Star Sharon Kane is one of the most highly respected and honored erotic actresses ever, and she’s earned a place among the top starlets of all time. Sharon Kane broke into the business in 1978 as was still going strong into the 90’s. Sharon kane started out as a thin, busty bleach-blonde with a cute face. Over her lengthy career in hardcore, Sharon Kane had extensive cosmetic surgery, which altered her facial look considerably, making it sometimes hard to believe that she’s the same woman. One thing that remained a constant is Sharon Kane’s sensuality and enthusiasm for on-screen sex. Sharon Kane appeared in more than 400 films during her legendary career and never failed to give a believable, arousing performance.

Sharon Kane’s career had its share of ups and downs as she weathered the industry’s transition from theatrical film-focused to video quickies. Her first big break came in 1980’s ‘Exposed,’ which brought her widespread fame for her exuberant blonde bombshell routine. Sharon Kane’s turn with John Leslie in ‘Talk Dirty To Me 1′ is a major reason for the film’s inclusion in the XRCO Hall of Fame. She won the XRCO’s very first Best Supporting Actress award for her sizzling work in ‘Throat — 12 Years After,’ and took home the Adult Film Association’s Best Sex Scene award for her trysting in ‘Passage Thru Pamela.’ Sharon Kane also starred in ‘Sexcapades,’another Hall of Fame film. She struggled for a time trying to make the transition to video, as younger, more traditionally pretty girls took all the roles, but Sharon Kane came back strong and continued to churn out vibrant sex performances throughout the 1980’s. Her persistence and professionalism were rewarded in 1989 when Sharon Kane was inducted into the XRCO Performers Hall of Fame, a fitting tribute to a hard-working, sensual erotic actress who always gave 200%.

Sharon Kane received the award in 1984 from the X-Rated Critics’ Organization for the movie ‘Throat — 12 Years After,’.

She received the award in 1989 from the X-Rated Critics’ Organization for the movie ‘Bodies In Heat 2′.

She received the award in 1990 from the Adult Video News for the movie ‘Bodies In Heat 2′.

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Hot scalding porn movie

Swedish Erotica Vol.84

Year: N/A

Director: N/A

Starring: Taija Rae , [ Facial ]

Country: USA

Length: 01h 30min 10sec

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Description: Compilation Taija Rae!

Motel Sweets

Taija rae and jamie gillis

Motel Sweets

Year: 1987

Director: Eric Edwards

Starring: Taija Rae , Shanna McCullough , Ona Zee , Nikki Knight , Billy Dee , Jesse Eastern , Jon Martin , Mike Horner , Nick Random , Robert Bullock , Renee Summers , Tantala Ray

Country: USA

Length: 01h 11min 45sec

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Description: Eric Edwards has done it again with Motel Sweets. As producer, director, co-writer and star, he has fashioned a sexy romantic comedy that hits so close to home. In fact, it’s just right out of your town, a one-night hideaway where you and yours can do your think, with only the motel inhabitants as your observing witnesses. And they are Eric, himself, as night manager, Taija Rae as the hooker, the bedraggled husband and his frustrated young wife, the town relax, the shy newlyweds, the night maid, the slimming young businessman, the traveling salesman, and lots more. All having a ball, enjoying it all, behind and in – front of their closed doors, at the Motel Sweets

Eric Edwards

Taija rae vs rick savage Date of birth: 30 November 1945
Alternate Names: Eric Cowards Erik Edwards Rob Edwards Rob Emmett Robb Everett Rob Everett Rob Evert Rob Evertt Chris Kissen Eric Roberts Ken Smith .
Bio: This redheaded stud has the distinction of lasting longer in the porno industry than any other performer. He first showed up in hardcore loops opposite Linda Lovelace way back in 1969, and he’s still going strong right up to the present day. Eric has brought his romantic, touchy-feely sexual style to more than 500 features over the past two and a half decades without losing a step.

Eric got into porn in the late 60’s, just as the industry was about to undergo its first big boom. He rode the post-‘Deep Throat’ boom to some success, performing in classic sex films like ‘Babylon Pink 1,’ where his rendezvous with Merle Michaels stood out as one of the absolute high points. Eric’s biggest exposure was due to his work in 1978’s ‘Debbie Does Dallas 1,’ one of the most popular hardcore features ever. His threeway romp with Christy Ford and Robin Byrd made him one of the most famous studs in the biz.

Eric has continued to perform in hardcore long after most of his contemporaries have departed. He’s still got what it takes to steam up a porno set, though, which is proved by his recent flicks. Eric has won virtually every industry honor, including the 1990 Free Speech Coalition’s Lifetime Achievement Award. He’s a member of the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame, cementing his status as one of the most popular studs of fans and performers alike.

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Billy dee porn insurance Date of birth: 25 November 1952
Alternate Names: Van Ayasit Bill Barry Billy Bell Bill Berry William Berry Jack Black Jack Blake Hardey Cahuen Joel Caine Herschel Cohen Harvey Cowan Harvey Cowen Harvey Crain Vic Falcoln Greg Falcon Vic Falcon Howard Gibs Gerald Graystone Harvey Cornell Hayes Hershel V. Howard Dan Hues Paul Hues Harvey Kane Joel Kane Loel Laiter H. Savage Harvey Savage Herscel Savage Herschal Savage Hershal Savage Hershell Savage Hershel Savage Heschel Savage Hubert Savage Herschel Savege Jack Sin Jack Soft Herscel Steed Harvy Wood .
Bio: Herschel Savage is the usual nom-de-porn for this always affable stud who’s made a couple of riveting runs through the porno world. Herschel’s an East Coast guy whose naturalistic approach to hardcore has made him one of the most prolific male porners of all time. Not the most traditionally handsome guy in the business, Herschel comes across as a down to earth, average guy who somehow found himself right in the middle of one of the wildest industries around. He exudes a friendly presence when on screen, and is known throughout the business as a straight-up stud who doesn’t have a big head or star complex at all.

Herschel was born on November 25, 1952, the son of Russian Jewish parents in New York. He grew up with the dream of becoming an actor, and was working on the fringes of the stage scene in New York City when porn came calling. His girlfriend at the time was a pal of porn impresario R. Bolla, and arranged for Herschel to meet with an agent. In March of 1976, Savage shot his first hardcore loop and a career was born. Savage was tired of the constant hustling required to be a legit actor in New York and porn’s more relaxed shooting schedule fit his lifestyle well.

Between 1976 and 1988 Herschel appeared in over 600 features, winning fans as much for his no-poses demeanor as his obvious sexual prowess. Among his best flicks was the classic ‘Bodies in Heat,’ where Herschel hooked up with Kimberly Carson and Annette Haven in a pair of sizzling sessions. He won the 1987 AVN Award for Best Couples Sex Scene for his work with Nina Hartley in ‘Amanda By Night 2.’ He retired from the scene in ’88 to settle down with his new wife. Unfortunately, their marriage foundered and by 1995 he was single again and looking for something to fill his time.

Friend David ‘Pussyman’ Christopher convinced Herschel that he still had what it took to excel at porn. Once he laid his eyes on the scrumptious young cuties populating the industry of late, Herschel was ready to jump right back into the thick of things. He’s appeared in hundreds of flicks since 1997 and has once again staked a claim to being one of the scene’s greatest male stars. Among his best recent work is his fiery tussle with Alexandra Nice and Alana in ‘Hot Bods and Tail Pipe 5.’ Other blistering scene find Herschel taking on breasty beauty Charlie in a fabulously feverish fling in ‘Masterpiece’ and getting down and dirty with Ann Marie in ‘Babes in Pornland: Latin Babes.’

Currently working towards his 1100th hardcore appearance, Herschel’s glad he made a return to the industry. His professional approach, steady work ethic and skills between the sheets insure that he’ll be getting roles for as long as he decides to stick with it. He’s worked with just about every starlet the scene has churned out over the past 25 years — from Vanessa Del Rio to Felix Vicious, from Annette Haven to Dee, from Sunset Thomas to Sunrise Adams, he’s had them all. Herschel’s a very deserving member of both the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame.

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Porno stars legends jacquelin lorians Date of birth: 1 April 1960
Alternate Names: Marcia Gray|Shanna McCollough|Shanna McCoullach|Shannah McCoullough|Shanna McCoulough|Shanna McCulloch|Shanna McCullogh|Shanan McCullough|Shana McCullough|Shannah McCullough|Shauna McCullough|Jill Sauna|Nichole Thomas|Nicole Thomas .
Bio: Porn Star Shanna McCullough is a lusty redhead who parlayed her girl next door looks and fun-loving approach to sex into one of the most prolific and popular carnal careers of any female star ever. Shanna McCullough came to the porn world after a stint doing repertory theater in the San Francisco Bay Area, a gig that apparently didn’t satisfy all of her performing urges. Shanna McCullough was a supercharged sexual being who never backed down or quit until everyone on the set was totally drained.

Shanna McCullough sported a thick mane of auburn hair that topped a shapely and lusciously breasty body. Her classic good looks combined with a fiery sexual intensity to make her one of the most desirable women in porn throughout the 80’s. Shanna McCullough loved to talk dirty and really rile up her partners before ultimately showing them all of her lusty tricks. Shanna McCullough sexed her way through over 200 sex flicks between 1982 and her 1989 retirement, appearing in some of the classics of 80’s erotica.

Films like ‘Club Sex,’ ‘Let’s Get It On With Amber Lynn,’ and ‘Xstasy’ can all stand the test of time, in no small part because of the awesomely sensual Shanna McCullough. She recieved the 1987 AVN Best Actress Award for her sizzling work in ‘Hands Off,’ perhaps her career highlight. Shanna McCullough left the biz in 1989, but has returned every so often with another red hot sex scene. Shanna McCullough is a member of both the XRCO and AVN Halls of Fame, and any one of her many sex romps will clearly show the uninitiated why.

She received the award in 1988 from the Adult Video News for the movie ‘Hands Off,’.

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Taija rae vintage porn post Date of birth: 22 November 1965
Alternate Names: Christie Barrington|Christine Barrington|K. Barrington|Kim Barrington|Kistara Barrington|Krista Barrington|Kristina Barrington|Kristra Barrington|Kimberly|China Lee|Sue Lee|Chi-Chi Ling|Kim Morgan|Mai Nguyen|Mai Tai|Kris Tara|Kim Warner|Kimberly Wong .
Bio: Retired in 1987, Porn Star Kristara Barrington was one of the hottest adult actress of the ’80s, and still has legions of devoted fans. This beautiful Eurasian performer was born and raised in the United States, but could easily slip between playing Asian and non-Asian roles. Born in 1965, Kristara Barrington’s exuberant sexual style and scorching orgasmic energy was hotter than a firecracker on the fourth of July.

Making over 150 adult videos during her career, Kristara Barrington combined a fresh innocence and wanton attitude that made her an instant hit. Among her most touted achievements, critics often cite her break-though performance in one of porn’s all-time best sellers, New Wave Hookers 1. Other great Barrington performances can be seen in Baby Face 2, Beyond Desire and House of Lust.

All films with Kristara Barrington here Read more…

Billy Dee

Taija rae Date of birth: 25 September 1951
Alternate Names: Billy Daniels Billy De Billie Dee Billy Doe Larry Obe-Wahn .
Bio: Billy Dee was one of the first of the do-anything, do-anyone second-tier porno studs, a forerunner of the likes of David Hardman and Jake Steed. Billy was a smooth-talking light-skinned black hunk who was one of the coolest, most suave studs of his time. His easy-going nature could put his partners at ease before his prodigious sexual skills took over. Billy was a pretty decent actor as well as being a first-rate cocksman, turning in lots of good comic performances during his lengthy carnal career.

Billy first got into hardcore in 1978 with a small part in ‘The Legend Of Lady Blue.’ He eased his way into the porno scene, not becoming a full-fledged work-a-day stud for a few more years. By the middle of the 1980’s video boom, though, Billy was one of the most in-demand studs around, cranking out steamy video by the yard. One of his best performances was in 1987’s ‘Chocolate C.H.I.P.S.,’ a silly black-themed take-off of the mainstream TV series that really let his comic acting skills shine through. For pure sexual heat, check out Billy’s work with Nikki Knights in ‘Black Magic’ or his torrid tussle with Taija Rae in ‘Doin’ The Harlem Shuffle,’ both of which showcase his attentive and frenetic style.

Billy left the porno scene in early 1990, after appearing in more than 500 features. Rumor had it that he was leaving the business to become a born-again preacher. Recently, Billy’s been spotted selling homemade quilts at Oregon county fairs — quite a departure for one of the 80’s most dependable studs.

All films with Billy Dee here Read more…

Amber Lynn

Porn star last name way biography Date of birth: 3 September 1963
Alternate Names: Amber Lynn Adams|Amber Lin .
Bio: Porn Star Amber Lynn was one of the three ‘Lynns’ that dominated much of the 1980’s porn scene. Along with Ginger and Porsche, Amber Lynn made the last name synonymous with raw blonde sexuality for many fans of hardcore throughout the decade. Amber Lynn is an extremely sensual woman, with a fabulous, trim body, a gorgeous behind, and a pair of mouth-wateringly ripe and round breasts. Amber Lynn usually wore her hair cropped short during her career before the cameras, leaving her remarkably expressive, full-mouthed face to be shot in all its carnal glory. Amber Lynn’s a hard-charging sexual dynamo who can take charge with even the biggest, roughest studs in the business. Directors found her to be one of the most easy starlets to work with. Her vivacious personality and go-for-it attitude kept her in high demand throughout the decade of porn’s video explosion.

Amber Lynn lived with her then-boyfriend, porn star great, Jamie Gillis, for a stretch in the 1980’s, (they met during the shooting of Ten Little Maidens, where she just walked onto the set and stripped naked hours before her scene was to be shot – I guess she just wanted to be ready!? Amber Lynn’s untimely demise had to be quickly written into the script when she decided she just wanted to leave when her dialogue became too intense. The wardrobe mistress is the body you see floating in the pool — not Amber Lynn!).

Jamie Gillis is credited with schooling her in many of the finer points of on-screen sexuality. Amber Lynn’s performances took on more of a raw edge during their time together, and any film that features the two together is a sure bet for high-energy sexual fireworks. Apparently, the pair were just as hot for each other off-screen, and tales used to circulate about their trips to porn theaters for a little live action right there in the dark as their films played above. Amber Lynn’s vocal, passionate love making earned her a spot as one of the most popular stars of her day. Her contributions to hardcore didn’t stop with her on-screen hystrionics, though — she convinced her younger brother to get into the business, too, and he became a star in his own right under the name Buck Adams. Amber Lynn’s name is still regarded as a sure-fire guarantee of explosive erotic entertainment.

Amber Lynn received the award in 1987 from the X-Rated Critics’ Organization for the movie ‘Taboo 5′.

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Taija rae rides Tom byron


Year: 1988

Director: Roger Watkins

Starring: Cassandra Leigh , Tish Ambrose , Taija Rae , [ LezOnly ] Barbie Doll , Lonnie Lee , Joey Silvera , Ashley Wells , George Payne , Carol Cross , Jack Hammer , Dave Ruby

Country: USA

Length: h min sec

Taija rae Motel sweets 1987 Taija rae pornstar Taija rae Film award vintage porn
Taija rae nick random Taija rae jamie gillis Erotic explosions 21 taija rae download Taija rae jaime gillis
Description: This is a unique supernatural, supersexual fantasy about a sex world taken over by VIDEO. A television that shows nothing but porn. It’s a magnetic, erotic excursion into the minds and acts of video controlled porn stars.