Scott Irish

Gina gianetti hard core Date of birth: 11 October 1958
Alternate Names: Scot Irish Scott Irsh Irish Scott .
Bio: N/A

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Anything Goes

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Anything Goes

Year: 1993

Director: N/A

Starring: Debi Diamond , Britt Morgan , Joanna Storm , Kiss , Viper , Rebecca Bardoux , Laurie Smith , Cal Jammer , Marc Wallice , Paul Thomas , Scott Irish , Tom Byron , Tom Chapman

Country: USA

Length: 03h 01min 24sec

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Description: These babes love to please. Essentially ANYTHING GOES in this hot and hardcore video filled with the most lustful and passionate sucking and fucking that you are ever likely to see!!
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Triple Xposure

Year: 1986

Director: Jonathan Burroughs

Starring: Sharon Mitchell , Nikki Charm , Mai Lin , Honey Wilder , [ Facial ] Carol Titian , Summer Rose , Jeanette Littledove , Billy Dee , Buck Adams , Joey Silvera , Kevin James , Paul Thomas , Scott Irish

Country: USA

Length: 01h 11min 46sec

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Description: Anything Goes (and Comes) with Rich Bitches in Heat! The lifestyles of the rich and infamous are unzipped and exposed in all their carnal cunning, as decadent socialites Kitty and George lead their friends through an erotic odyssey. The jaded jet sets diversions include seduction and larceny, perversion and forgery, orgies and fraud. Watch them match wits, rub tits, scheme and connive, shuck and jive, as they con each other into compromising positions. Nearly every position is tried by the kinky company in their obsessive pursuit of ultimate sensation, till even the French maid joins the frenzy. Who really did the valuable drawing? Which artist signed it? And more importantly, who is getting fucked?! Suzie Wang knows the answer: everybody.
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More Chocolate Candy

Year: 1986

Director: Jack Genero

Starring: Sahara , Tony El-ay , Athena Star , Mauvais De Noir , F.M. Bradley , Tammy White , Angel Kelly , Scott Irish

Country: USA

Length: 01h 21min 37sec

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Description: From the makers of the bawdy bestsellers ‘Chocolate Candy’ ‘Black and White Affair’ comes ‘More Chocolate Candy’ a fresh batch of sultry sweets for fans of interracial action. Tony El-Lay returns in the role of Big George, the inner-city entrepreneur always on the lookout for profitable enterprises with passionate fringe benefits. Big George is stumped until his soulmate Sahara and her girlfriend Mauvais come up with the concept of personal photo sessions, a brilliant marketing idea combining the efficiency of a fast-food franchise come true. It isn’t long before Big George and his stable of elegant ladies are handling a herd of horny clients eager to immortalize their amorous accomplishments. The photo album these folks create will be your favorite bedside companion.

Candie Evans

Retro at work porno Date of birth: 22 March 1967
Alternate Names: Candy Adams|Candice Evans|Candi Evans|Candy Evans|Candie Evens|Candi Evens|Candy Evens|Candie Evers|Jean Poremba|Dee Dee Vine .
Bio: Between 1985 and 1988, sweet Porn Star Candie Evans was one of the most sought-after blonde bombshells in hardcore. She was a stunningly pretty young woman with a cover-girl face and the massively enhanced front end that has never hurt a porno career. Other than her inflated up-front assets, Candie Evans’s was a trim and lithe little figure with smooth skin and a set of killer legs that just didn’t quit. She made her carnal debut in 1985′s ‘Crystal Balls’ and was soon one of the hardest-working women in porn.

Candie Evans’s sweet and vivacious personality came shining through in each of her scenes, as she displayed just enough erotic curiosity to drive her partners completely out of their heads. She appeared in lots of loops for the ‘Swedish Erotica’ series, turning in lots of steamy work despite her low-budget surroundings. Some of Candie Evans’s best work can be found in 1987′s ‘Amazing Tails 1,’ where she works up a sweat with Scott Irish in a sizzling sequence. Another top-notch bed-burner is in 1986′s ‘Slippery When Wet.’ Candie Evans pulls out all the stops in a deliriously debauched threeway romp with Marc Wallice and Tom Byron that’s the erotic high point of the film. Candie Evans left the business in 1988 after appearing in over 80 features. She is currently married to a soundman for movies and living in Orlando, Florida, where the couples are raising two children.

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Tianna and Scott irish Date of birth: 14 July 1963
Alternate Names: Lucia Luciano .
Bio: Porn Star Aja is a sexy, truly heart-stoppingly gorgeous brunette with full breasts, a hard dance-honed body, and deep brown eyes that you feel you could fall into. One of the most beautiful and sexually powerful performers ever to appear in adult films, Aja stayed at the top of fans’ and critics’ lists throughout her four-year carnal career. Aja was also a quite superior actress to most in the field, and this combined with her devastating looks and total lack of inhibition to keep her among the first rank of X-rated sex starlets. Aja won Starlet of the Year awards from every major industry organization at one time or another during her stellar career.

Aja made her hardcore debut in 1988′s ‘Wild In The Woods,’ turning in a pair of passionate romps with Scott Irish and Randy West. It wasn’t long before her beauty and hard-charging attitude led her straight up the porno ladder. Aja turned in her first on-screen anal sex scene in 1989′s ‘With A Wiggle In Her Walk,’ adding yet another dimension to her burgeoning appeal.

Aja strutted her sensual stuff in over 80 sizzling features between 1988 and her retirement in 1992, firmly establishing herself as one of the most dependably arousing women on the scene. Aja used her breaks from shooting to criss-cross the U.S. and Canada as a stripper, building a reputation as one of the best exotic dancers around. Aja continues to perform as a stripper, although she says that she has no plans to return to the hardcore fold. When not touring, she lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with her husband and two children.

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Year: 1992

Director: Michael Craig

Starring: Cassidy , Jon Dough , Ashlyn Gere , Mike Horner , Scott Irish , Alicia Rio , Tianna Taylor

Country: USA

Length: 01h 07min 02sec

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Hyapatia Lee’s Sexy

Year: 1986

Director: Bud Lee

Starring: Hyapatia Lee , Blondi , Jerry Butler , Billy Dee , Ebony Ayes , Rosemarie , Joey Silvera , Tony Montana , Jon Martin , Scott Irish

Country: USA

Length: 01h 26min 24sec

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Description: She’s sexy alright, and licensed to thrill! Hyapatia Lee stars as a sultry sexologist who insists on getting up close and personal with her clients in this scintillating romp from 1986. Hyapatia begins her day by helping a couple get over their fear of oral sex – and by watching the wanton results! But when her jealous hubby calls the office, Hyapatia is chocked up to make a choice. He wants to watch her at work, but she isn’t sure that would be ethical. In the end, she decides to let him peek through a two-way mirror as she dispenses advice and eroticism in dazzling doses. Hyapatia is at her bawdy best, taking on men and women with utter abandon while hubby watches from next door. A voyeur’s delight!

Slightly Used

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Slightly Used

Year: 1987

Director: Gerard Damiano

Starring: Sharon Kane , Ona Zee , Gina Gianetti , Tiffany Storm , Tanya Foxx , Tom Byron , Blake Palmer , Robert Bullock , Buddy Love , Peter North , Frank James , Eric Edwards , Don Fernando , Scott Irish

Country: USA

Length: h min sec

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Description: A group of stately courtesans have just about had their fill of servicing aging clients. Sure, the money’s great since the older guys have lots of it to spend, but the lately ladies have been reminiscing about the old days, when they were working their way up the sex for-dollars ladder and serviced younger clients. The money wasn’t so great but the sex with all of those young stallions more than made up for it. So the ladies decide to take a vacation and turn the tables — they take some of those hard-earned funds of theirs and go out shopping for blistering sexual experiences with younger guys. What they find takes them back to their youth, and provides for some of the hottest sex ever captured on video.
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Tori Welles Exposed

Year: 1990

Director: N/A

Starring: Tori Welles , Victoria Paris , [ LezOnly ] Jamie Gillis , Erica Boyer , [ LezOnly ] Porsche Lynn , Eric Price , Scott Irish

Country: USA

Length: h min sec

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Description: The mind boggling sexual encounters of luscious TORI WELLES are guaranteed to leave you gasping! Shes ‘EXPOSED’ like you’ve never seen her…. and you’re going to love it in the ORIGINAL SEX-TAPE SCANDAL!!!