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Les Contes Immoraux

Year: 1995

Director: Mario Salieri

Distributor: Colmax

Country: FR

Language: French

Length: 69 min

Actress: Eva Orlowsky, Selen, Dalila, Anita Dark, Nathalie Romel, Giongy Fodor, Masha Kley, Diana Stevenson, Michaela Soavi, Sylvia Laurent

Actors: Ron Jeremy, Ed Navarro, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Julian St. Jox, John Walton, Valentino, Walter Midolo

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A peine sorti, ce film est devenu l’événement des festivals du X en obtenant les prix les plus prestigieux. Que ce soit la critique ou le public, tout le monde est unanime pour considérer ce grand moment du hard comme la référence en la matière.

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Deliveries In The Rear 2

Year: 1987

Director: n/a

Distributor: AVC

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 91 min

Actress: Nina Hartley, [Anal] Tracey Adams, (aka Tracy Adams)Lisa Melendez, [LezOnly] Brittany Stryker, [Anal] Alena Ferrari, (aka Allena Ferrari)

Actors: Ron Jeremy, Richard Pacheco, Dan T Mann, (aka Dan T. Man)Sunny Glick, Damien Cashmere, (aka Damian Cashmere)

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Here’s another one of those "Stewardess" tapes. Too bad the closest this fly-by-night production gets to an airplane is when some of the cast walks through what I’m assuming is an airport parking lot. There’s cheap sets, poor acting, no plot, so the sex has to carry it. But it doesn’t. Promoted as Deliveries in the Rear Part II, there is very little anal action (and I mean, very little). And even that one scene with Ron Jeremy’s dirty talk can’t make Stryker look interested in her work, and even when he backdoors her she can only muster a weak response. There’s some nice shots of downtown Las Vegas splattered in here, which only serve to prove that New Yorker Damien Cashmere has made the inevitable trek westward. Newcomer Allena Farrari does a commendable job sexually. But the surroundings kill her performance, as well as the entire production. There are better stewardess features, and there are better anal features. This is one flight you won’t want to take.

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Afro Erotica 3

Year: 1986

Director: n/a

Distributor: Wet Video

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 54 min

Actress: Chanel Price, [IR, LezOnly] Lady Stephanie, [IR, LezOnly] Satin Summer, [IR] Catherine Crystal, (aka Crystal Evans)Candy Stanton, (aka Candy Staton)Hazel Scott, [IR] Syreeta Taylor

Actors: Ron Jeremy, George Payne

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Third part of a compilation series reaching up to 33 episodes between 1986-1989. (From the back cover) Can you dig it, man? The hip cats over at Wet Video have put together another exciting, and I do mean exciting, edition of the hottest interracial tape known to mankind. I’m tallking about Afro Erotica Volume 3, my man! Prepare yourself for a feast of gorgeous ebony and ivory beauties, as they get it on with some of the biggest studs in the business. Afro Erotica features only the most sizzling integrated couplings in porno history – which makes it a very hot item, indeed! Dig in!

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Vanessa Del Rio Screws The Stars

Year : N/A

Director: N/A

Actors: Vanessa del Rio John Leslie Paul Thomas Ron Jeremy

Country: USA

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Description:Watch the stars doing each other! Non-stop star studded action! A unique collection never assembled before. Every scene a hit, every scene a classic!.

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Devil In Vanity

Year : 1989

Director: T.G. Mannie

Actors: Elise Jade East Kassi Nova Sasha Vanity Don Fernando Italian Stallion Ron Jeremy Scott Irish

Country: USA

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Description:Something’s gotten into Vanity; she’s not acting like her normal self. She sold her soul to the devil. It’ll take her body to get it back. The infamous Ron Jeremy stars in this classic flick of butts, nuts, and tons of sluts! Tons of erotic 80′s sex, with the big hair and big boobs to match!

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Fantasy Follies

Year : 1983

Director: Drea

Actors: Kay Parker Eric Edwards Drea Ron Jeremy Crystal Lake Tamara Longley William Margold Jack Mason Shaun Michelle Esme Monroe Becky Savage Herschel Savage Serena Crystal Starr

Country: USA

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Description:This is where all of your fantasies come to life. This is beyond sex, this is a sensual experience you will never forget. What are your fantasies?

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Charlie’s Girls

Year : 1989

Director: Ron Jeremy

Actors: Brandy Wine Ebony Ayes [ LezOnly , IR ] Kascha Lauryl Canyon Nina DePonca Darryl Edwards Francois Papillon Johnny Cool Ray Victory Ron Jeremy

Country: USA

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Description:Do opposites attract? In this interracial episode they do! White women, who just can’t help themselves from craving a big black man, get all that their wet dreams could ask for! When black and white mix the result – hot pink! Yea! Hot pink that bumps and grinds slippery sweet soaked bodies straining every glistening muscle, from one rippling explosion to the next.

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Kitten Natividad Collection

Year : 1993

Director: N/A

Actors: Kitten Natividad Heaven St. John Kelly Stewart Lee Caroll Patty Plenty Rosemarie Uschi Digart Derek Rice Eric Edwards John Holmes Ron Jeremy T.T. Boy

Country: USA

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Description:Kitten Natividad is a household name, well, if you live in a household of tit lovers. The former Russ Meyer starlet (and girlfriend) has been showing off her bodacious tatas on screen since 1972, but it wasn’t until the 80′s that Kitten’s jugs had ballooned to watermelon proportions and she finally indulged in hardcore action. For the first time on DVD you can see Kitten from her 70′s films with John Holmes and Uschi Digard to her 80′s XXX performances with Lee Carol, Jamie Gillis, and more!

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Deep Throat 2

Year : 1987

Director: Larry Revene

Actors: Krista Lane Sheena Horne Jamie Gillis Ron Jeremy Melissa Melendez Samantha Strong Mel Curtis Scarlett Fever Alexis Firestone Michael Knight Ashley Moore David Morris Johnny Nineteen Rock Rose Frank Serrone Tasha Voux Ashley Wells

Country: USA

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Description:Here is the rousingly riotous sequel to one of the most famous X-rated hits of all time. Sexy sensation Krista Lane explodes onto the screen as the wife of a headline seeking Senator who vows an all out war on pornography. Krista is suddenly possessed by the spirit of her long lost libertine mom, the orgasmic oralist Linda Lovelace!

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Party Girl

Year : 1983

Director: N/A

Actors: Danielle Viva Victoria Knoll Ron Jeremy Skip Wesselman Jacqueline Brooks

Country: USA

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Description:Provoked by a lack of parental understanding our horny heroine plots to leave and join the man she loves, but not without a friendly farewell party at which everybody gets to express their feelings of loss… and lust… for juicy, juggy Jacqueline. It’s a bare-assed blast with enough “good-bi” girls to keep Jackie’s thoughts throbbing about the prospect of her first home-cumming. You’ll agree that good-byes are very hard!