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Make Out

Year: 1988
Country: US
Actress: Shanna McCullough, Megan Leigh, Nikki Knights, Tiffany Storm
Actors: Peter North, Mike Horner, Billy Dee, Robert Bullock
Director: Jack Remy
Distributor: Video Team

Categories: Black, IR, Latin

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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Megan Leigh, Tiffany Storm
Scene 2. Shanna McCullough, Billy Dee
Scene 3. Tiffany Storm, Robert Bullock
Scene 4. Nikki Knight, Peter North
Scene 5. Megan Leigh, Mike Horner
Scene 6. Nikki Knight, Robert Bullock

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Island Girls

Year: 1990

Director: Nick S. Conde

Distributor: CDI

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 75 min

Actress: Nina DePonca, Bionca, Brandy Wine, Kascha, Lynn LeMay, Stephanie Rage, Tami White

Actors: Peter North, Randy West, Francois, Robert Bullock, Ray Victory

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Compilation from CDI

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Hawaii Vice 4

Year: 1989

Director: Ron Jeremy

Distributor: CDI

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 68 min

Actress: Nina DePonca, Megan Leigh, (aka Toni Kristia)Samantha Strong, Kascha, Lynn LeMay, Kassi Nova, [Facial]

Actors: Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Marc Wallace, Randy Spears, Francois, Robert Bullock, Ray Victory

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Ron Jeremy directs the fourth part of the Hawaii Vice saga with a great star cast that includes Kascha and legendary Peter North. Taking us from beaches and oceans to bath tubs and expensive houses, this ’80s classic porn movie is a rare treat for the fans. Without much flash, these girls show how you can make a great fuck look even better on camera. Facials, anal and deep double penetration are all done with passion that clearly shows as Kascha steals the show in this one.

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Lust Connection

Year: 1987

Director: Henri Pachard

Distributor: Video Team

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 80 min

Actress: Alicia Monet, Shanna McCullough, Angel Kelly, Bionca, [IR] Ona Z, [Anal, DP] Lauryl Canyon, Nikki Knights, [IR]

Actors: Peter North, Joey Silvera, Billy Dee, F.M. Bradley, Robert Bullock, Sunny Glick

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A bold and brassy adult game show with real meat! Here’s how it goes – check out the girls on video tape – if any get you excited you get to take them, no strings attached. Then get ready for your dream date with the dreamgirl of your choice and a night of sex so hot it’ll melt your mind!

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Charmed And Dangerous

Year: 1987
Country: US
Actress: Amber Lynn, Nikki Charm, Brittany Stryker, Paula Harlow, Beverly Glen
Actors: Peter North, Tom Byron, Randy West, Hershel Savage, Nick Random, Randy Paul
Director: Gary Graver
Distributor: Vivid Entertainment

Categories: Lesbian, Facial

Amber Lynn, Nikki Charm and Beverly Glen play reporters looking for a scoop to make their newspaper popular again. One of their collegues leaks the legend information about the bribery among the city authorities, and the ambitious blondes go out of their way to find out all the truth about it. It turns out that nothing works better than seduction and sex to get the information they need. The salacious reporters use their sex appeal to the fullest to write the article that will be a true sensation. Besides, performing steamy blpwjobs and going for wild fucking sessions is what they really like…
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Beverly Glen, guy
Scene 2. Amber Lynn, Randy West
Scene 3. Beverly Glen, Nick Random
Scene 4. Nikki Charm, Hershel Savage
Scene 5. Paula Harlow, Beverly Glen
Scene 6. Nikki Charm, Tom Byron
Scene 7. Brittany Stryker, Peter North, Randy Paul
Scene 8. Beverly Glen, Randy West

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Naughty 90’s

Year: 1990

Director: Gordon Vandermeer

Distributor: Filmco Releasing

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 80 min

Actress: Tracey Adams, Debi Diamond, Paula Price, Rachel Ryan, [Anal, IR]

Actors: Peter North, Tom Byron, Sean Michaels

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Debi Diamond stars in this vehicle, playing the unlikely role of an innocent young virgin who has never tasted the fruits of carnal pleasure. The story follows Debi as she tries to find the right man to offer up her virginity to. Of course, along the way we get lots and lots of lascivious lust from the rest of the cast. Paula Price shows her wild side when she takes on a hard-charging stud early on. Paula’s curvaceous good looks drive the scene forward, while her amorous appetite for more and more keeps things at a fever pitch. Tracey Adams plays Debi’s buxom mummy, and she gets in on the fun when she takes on Peter North in another heated humdinger. Tracey’s top-heavy tenaciousness comes through loud and clear here as she takes North on a feverish ride to the far reaches of lust. In the end, Debi finds the right guy in the form of Tom Byron. They pair off in a blistering session that gives the lie to Debi’s claims of virginity. No newcomer could ever be this creative and driven, as Debi turns in one of her typically over-the-top performances. A nice dose of feature-style fun from some of the hardest charging harlots in the 90s hardcore.

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Denim Dolls

Year: 1990
Country: US
Actress: Debi Diamond, Rachel Ryan, Tianna, Stacy Lords
Actors: Peter North, Randy Spears, Eric Price
Director: Jean Mirage
Distributor: Cinderella

Categories: Facial

Eric Price and Rachel Ryan are good buddies. They enjoy passing the time lying around recounting their sexual exploits and sharing fond memories of lays of the past. Their various escapades are reprised in living color to make up the plot of this wall-to-wall sex video, in a very hot box. This feature is packed with lots of down ‘n dirty sex, although nothing radical or biz-arre takes place. It’s all hot stuff with truly enthusiastic performers. One episode ends with Shelley Ray cooing, "thank you, oh thank you!" after Eric Price and Peter North ejaculate on her face. All the action more or less takes place on the same bed (they might have at least changed the coverlet), but if you’re in the market for a well-produced, no-nonsense hardcore sexvid, Denim Dolls certainly fits the bill.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Rachel Ryan, Randy Spears
Scene 2. Debi Diamond, Eric Price, Peter North
Scene 3. Stacy Lords, Tianna
Scene 4. Stacy Lords, Tianna, Peter North
Scene 5. Debi Diamond, Stacy Lords
Scene 6. Rachel Ryan, Eric Price
Scene 7. Rachel Ryan, Eric Price

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Passage To Ecstasy

Year: 1985
Country: US
Actress: Honey Wilder, Kristara Barrington, Stacey Donovan, Buffy Davis, Josephine Carrington
Actors: Peter North, Hershel Savage, Harry Reems, Eric Edwards, Greg Derek, J.R. Kufahl
Director: Bob Chinn
Distributor: CDI

Categories: Asian, Indian, Facial, Anal

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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Stacey Donovan, Harry Reems
Scene 2. Buffy Davis, Eric Edwards
Scene 3. Kristara Barrington, Greg Derek
Scene 4. Honey Wilder, Peter North
Scene 5. Josephine Carrington, Stacey Donovan
Scene 6. Honey Wilder, Harry Reems
Scene 7. Josephine Carrington, Hershel Savage

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Peter North Screws The Stars

Year: 1993

Director: n/a

Distributor: Caballero Classics

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 148 min

Actress: Nina Hartley, Tracey Adams, Shanna McCullough, Victoria Paris, Candie Evens, Porsche Lynn, Brittany Morgan, Tori Welles

Actors: Peter North

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Any classic porn fan knows that every flick of the incomparable Peter North is extremely hot and definitely worth checking out. This compilation is especially great as it consists of the very best perfomances of Peter North. Watch him screwing such hotties as Candie Evans, Britt Morgan, Tracey Adams, Shunna McCullough, Porshe Lynn, Victoria Paris, Tori Welles and Nina Hartley. Sounds damn exciting, huh? Besides, you have never seen cum shots as beautiful as these!

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Stiff Competition

Year: 1984
Country: US
Actress: Bridgette Monet, Kristara Barrington, Bunny Bleu, Connie Krumpert, Gina Carrera, Susan Hart, Danielle, Kitten Natividad, Misty Regan, Patty Plenty, Heather Thomas, Lisa Lake, Cynthia Brooks, Kristie Duval
Actors: Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Hershel Savage, Kevin James, Steve Drake, Craig Roberts, David Cannon, Rock Rome, Bill Margold, Jack Baker, Nick Random, Michael Christopher, Starbuck
Director: Paul Vatelli
Distributor: Caballero Classics

Categories: Asian, Lesbian, Black, Latin, Anal, Facial

The premise is funny, an oral sex contest. Most of the women are a little on the plain side by current porn standards, not 70s dogs but just not up to the Asia Carrera, Raquel Darrain kind of standard. Also the action is too orally focused for my taste.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Susan Hart, Michael Christopher
Scene 2. Gina Carrera, Michael Christopher
Scene 3. Cyndee Summers, John Leslie
Scene 4. Gina Carrera, Kevin James
Scene 5. Cynthia Brooks, Gina Carrera, Guys, Kevin James, Paul Thomas
Scene 6. Misty Regan, Ron Jeremy
Scene 7. Bridgette Monet, David Cannon
Scene 8. Gina Carrera, Kevin James
Scene 9. Patty Plenty, Hershel Savage
Scene 10. Gina Carrera, Kitten Natividad
Scene 11. Patty Plenty, Hershel Savage, Ron Jeremy
Scene 12. Gina Carrera, John Leslie
Scene 13. Gina Carrera, Tom Byron
Scene 14. Bridgette Monet, David Cannon, Steve Drake
Scene 15. Patty Plenty, Tom Byron
Scene 16. Cyndee Summers, Craig Roberts, John Leslie
Scene 17. Cyndee Summers, Greg Rome
Scene 18. Gina Carrera, Peter North

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Bra Breakers 8

Year: 1990

Director: n/a

Distributor: Wet Video

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 50 min

Actress: Desiree Cousteau, Victoria Paris, Keisha, Ebony Ayes, Buffy Davis

Actors: Peter North, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera, Buck Adams, Ray Victory, Rick Savage

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Hooter Heaven

Year: 1992
Country: US
Actress: Trinity Loren, Domonique Simone, Taylor Wane, Tianna Taylor, Meekah
Actors: Peter North, Marc Wallace, Ron Hightower
Director: Tony Vincent
Distributor: Caballero Classics

Categories: Asian, Black

It’s a bazoomba paradise! Move aside, psychics, there’s a fornicating fortuneteller in town. While massaging the taut nipples of his eager clients, Raphael, the mammary man, sees the sensual past and erotic futures of each lovely sex goddess. As his business booms, the sleazy Gino and the amorous Angel try to horn in and shut him down, so bring on the jugs, the mounds and the melons. Whether it’s the past, present or future, it’s all a Hooter Heaven!
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Domonique Simone, Ron Hightower
Scene 2. Tianna Taylor, Peter North
Scene 3. Meekah, Taylor Wane
Scene 4. Trinity Loren, Marc Wallice, Peter North
Scene 5. Taylor Wane, Marc Wallice

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Golden Age Of Porn: Aja

Year: n/a
Country: US
Actress: Aja
Actors: Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Jon Dough
Director: n/a
Distributor: n/a

Categories: IR, Facial

Porn star Aja is a sexy, truly heart-stoppingly gorgeous brunette with full breasts and a hard dance-honed body. She had deep brown eyes that you feel you could fall into. Oone of the most beautiful and sexually powerful performers ever to appear in adult films, Aja stayed at the top of fans’ and critics’ lists throughout her four-year carnal career! Aja was also quite a superior actress to most in the field, and this combin ed with her devastating good looks and total lack of inhibition to keep her among the elite of X-rated sex starlets
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Calda Pioggia Di Sesso

Year: 1989

Director: Nicholas Moore

Distributor: FM Video

Country: IT

Language: Italian

Length: 74 min

Actress: Manya

Actors: Peter North, Jean-Pierre Armand, Roberto Malone

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Catalina Five 0 Treasure Island

Year: 1990

Director: Anthony Spinelli

Distributor: CDI

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 69 min

Actress: Raven, Sandra Scream, [LezOnly] Raven Richards

Actors: Peter North, Joey Silvera, Wayne Summers, (aka Dino Alpo)

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Catalina always kept her treasures safe from predators…

Peter North

Like a Virgin

Year: 1985
Country: US
Actress: Christy Canyon, Crystal Breeze, Heather Wayne, Gail Forse, Debra Lynn, Lana Burner
Actors: Peter North, Marc Wallace, Eric Edwards, Dan T Mann, Chuck Martin, W.O. Williams
Director: Adam (aka Adam Tarasiacus)
Distributor: Atom Home Video

Categories: Latin, Clip, Facial

A man (Peter North) who is frustrated at the lack of sex at home from his wife (Lacey Luv), turns to the new office girl at his office (Christy Canyon) for relief. Meanwhile, his fellow co-workers also engage in various couplings.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Lana Burner, Peter North
Scene 2. Christy Canyon, Gail Force
Scene 3. Christy Canyon, Gail Force, Marc Wallice
Scene 4. Debra Lynn, Tony Martino
Scene 5. Crystal Breeze, Eric Edwards
Scene 6. Christy Canyon, Peter North
Scene 7. Debra Lynn, Tony Martino
Scene 8. Christy Canyon, Peter North
Scene 9. Heather Wayne, Dan T. Mann
Scene 10. Lana Burner, Tony Martino

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Golden Age Of Porn: Kristara Barrington

Year: n/a
Country: US
Actress: Taija Rae, Kristara Barrington, Stacey Donovan, Lois Ayers, Careena Collins, Lynn Franciss
Actors: Peter North, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallace, Randy West, Jerry Butler, Kevin James, Steve Drake, Rick Savage, Steve Powers, Jack Baker
Director: n/a
Distributor: n/a

Categories: Asian, Lesbian, Black, IR, Facial, Anal

Kristara Barrington is the defining Asian exotic superstar of The Golden Age of Porn. This Asian diva was renown for her great blowjob techniques. This is definitely a collector’s item.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Kristara Barrington, Peter North
Scene 2. Kristara Barrington, Steve Drake
Scene 3. Kristara Barrington, Jack Baker, Steve Powers
Scene 4. Kristara Barrington, Joey Silvera, Randy West
Scene 5. Careena Collins, Kristara Barrington, Lois Ayres, Lynn Franciss, Stacey Donovan, Taija Rae, Jamie Gillis, Jerry Butler, Kevin James, Marc Wallice
Scene 6. Kristara Barrington, Rick Savage

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Uncut Diamond

Year: 1990

Director: Scotty Fox

Distributor: Intropics Video

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 76 min

Actress: Debi Diamond, [Facial] Tianna, (aka Tatiana)Mandi Wine

Actors: Peter North, Jerry Butler, Robert Bullock, Rick Savage

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Satire and sex mix pretty well in Uncut Diamond. The setting, a TV magazine show, sets up stores with a sexual bent. Unfortunately, neither Debi Diamond nor Tianna are comic actresses with a penchant for snap delivery of timing. But this shortcoming is more than made up in several ways; the girls deliver steamy sex. Debi is in three of the four scenes, and it’s her show all the way, the standout being her girl-girl with Mandi Grape. Tianna, one of the best of this year’s many newcomers, continues to show that she is not destined to be another nameless face in the crowd. Other quality directors such as John Stagliano have already picked up on this. Her opening scene with Jerry Butler is a winner. Comedy honors must go to Robert Bullock (in a Mike Horner-like whacko scene) and especially to Rick Savage as Geraldo Riverweasel in non-sex performances.

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Pretty Peaches 2

Year: 1987

Director: Alex DeRenzy

Distributor: VCA

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 101 min

Actress: Tracey Adams, [IR] Evan Taylor, [Facial] Melissa Melendez, Siobhan Hunter, [Anal, Facial] Jeanette Littledove, [Anal] Tami White

Actors: Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis, Billy Dee, Hershel Savage, Buck Adams, F.M. Bradley

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Peaches is almost 20 but her divorced mom chocks up Peaches’ boyfriend Bobby to leave when she hears them having sex. Suffering a cramp from the sudden stop, Bobby accidentally tries leaving through the mom’s bedroom and hides behind a curtain when she gets back. She then catches him peeping on her and – under kitchen knife point – chocks up him to strip to see what it feels like to be peeped upon. Once he’s nude like her, Bobby’s cramp worsens. The mom decides to take advantage and fix it for him. Peaches, who thinks her mom is prude, looks for sexual advise from her stepfather who tells her to just ask around and to never be a tease. His scantily clad office girl overhears this and seduces him as soon as Peaches leaves despite his threat of sexual harassment charge. Peaches then hitchhikes with a trucker to her step uncle. While peaches is in the bathroom of their shared motel room, the motel’s prostitute offers her services to the trucker. Peaches joins to watch and learn. While Peaches leaves her uncle’s house when his family engages, Peaches’ mom and stepfather travel after her. The mom locks the stepfather in the bathroom and has sex with their motel’s African American fitness instructor. The stepfather eventually breaks free and replaces the instructor. While Peaches is seduced by a man who initially pretends to be a "grandma", Peaches’ mom and stepfather seek information by having sex with the uncle and his lover correspondingly. The lover eventually breaks in and reveals Peaches first wanted to have sex with "The Master" of a sex club in Chinatown, and then with the lover herself who also brought Bobby along for a threesome. Peaches then wakes up to realize it was all a dream.

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Mystic Pieces

Year: 1989

Director: John Stagliano

Distributor: Evil Angel

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 135 min

Actress: Victoria Paris, Trinity Loren, Brittany Morgan, [Facial] Tori Welles, (aka Tori Wells)[Facial] Cheri Taylor, Brandy Alexandre, [Anal, Shaved]

Actors: Peter North, Tom Byron, Billy Dee, Randy West, Jon Dough, John Stagliano

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Ahhhh! It’s an ’80s porn video feature, the kind of movie I helped put out of business when I came up with the Buttman/gonzo idea! And it stars me with a mullet again! Fortunately, there’s no dancing this time, but you get to see more of me acting…. Ahhhhh! Mystic Pieces also stars (in her first month in the business) Tori Wells, showing off why she was soon to become the top-selling Vivid girl. And there’s Cheri Taylor wiping down a Ferrari in a tight miniskirt. That got people’s attention at the time. While it’s not up to today’s standards of hard sex (and some of the dialogue seems laughable now), the women make this movie for me.