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All the Way In!

Year: 1984

Director: Bob Chinn

Distributor: VCA

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 82 min

Actress: Lisa DeLeeuw, Candy Samples, [Facial] Shanna McCullough, (aka Shanna McCollough)Mai Lin, Tanya Lawson, [Facial] Martina Nation, Annette Linder

Actors: Ron Jeremy, Mike Horner, Eric Edwards, Francois, Rocky Rockhard, John Seeman, Bob Chinn, Pat Romano, Russ Meyer, Bill Wilson, Robert Garcia

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Candy writes for a magazine column. She falls for one of her readers, and can think of nothing else. When the magazine comes under new management, the staff wants Candy to influence the new owner, but she can only think of her true love.

Vintage porno roma

Swedish Erotica 115

Year: 1995

Director: Bob Vosse

Distributor: Caballero Classics

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 150 min

Actress: Candy Samples, [Facial] Janey Robbins, Lili Marlene, Evan Taylor

Actors: John Holmes, Mike Horner, John Martin, Ed Navarro, Pat Romano

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In the early ’70’s Caballero was a small start up company, specializing in filming and distributing hardcore adult stag movies. It was an unenlightened era, with uncontrolled censorship permanently closing most adult businesses. Caballero however, preserved, grew and prospered. But it became an overnight sensation when they decided to produce a new 8MM film series called "Swedish Erotica". This new series showcased the most exciting and salacious porn stars of that time. John Holmes, Seka, Aunt Peg, Desiree Cousteau, Serena, and countless others performed their most erotic scenes for these early subtitled home movies. With the advent of video and the personal VCR Caballero’s success was meteoric. Hundreds of scenes were shot and released to a grateful world of aroused viewers and serious collectors. We have now carefully combed our extensive archives of classic Swedish Erotica film and video, and selected the nastiest, raunchiest and most infamous scenes and present them to you in this unique Four Hour format. It’s our way to saying thanks to all our many fans!

Pat Romano

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