Blue Confessions

Blue Confessions

Year: 1984

Director: T.T. Lord

Starring: Tina Blair , Patty Bridges , Valerie Darlyn , Keith Donaldson , Blair Harris , Mike Horner , Sharon Kane , [ Facial ] Hilda Kaufman , John Leslie , Roberta Marlow , Mimi Morgan , David Morris , Marlene Munroe , Mike Ranger , R.J. Reynolds , Don Robertson , Loni Sanders , Ken Scudder , Serena , Kitty Shayne , Jessie St. James , Paul Thomas , Sandra Thompson , Jennifer West

Country: USA

Length: 01h 21min 59sec

Blue Confessions - classic porno film Blue Confessions - classic porno film Blue Confessions - classic porno film Blue Confessions - classic porno film Blue Confessions - classic porno film
Blue Confessions - classic porno film Blue Confessions - classic porno film Blue Confessions - classic porno film Blue Confessions - classic porno film
Description: Loni Sanders heads up a truly stellar cast in this (unjustly little-known) tale of folks’ hidden sexual fantasies. As usual Mimi’s scene is the hottest but there are several other standouts. Just for once the muzak, which isn’t allowed to obscure the sounds of sex, is pretty good in places too.

8 to 4

8 to 4

8 to 4

Year: 1981

Director: Louis Lewis

Starring: Annette Haven , Tigr , Juliet Anderson , [ Facial ] Lee Caroll , Lisa De Leeuw , Loni Sanders , Veronica Hart , Mike Horner , Herschel Savage , Jesse Adams , James Price , Scorpio , Paul Thomas

Country: USA

Length: 01h 16min 00sec

8 to 4 - classic porno film 8 to 4 - classic porno film 8 to 4 - classic porno film 8 to 4 - classic porno film 8 to 4 - classic porno film
8 to 4 - classic porno film 8 to 4 - classic porno film 8 to 4 - classic porno film 8 to 4 - classic porno film

Tiffany Clark

Tiffany Clark Date of birth: 18 March 1961
Alternate Names: Tiffiny Clark|Tiffney Clark .
Bio: Tiffany Clark is a former pornographic actress.

She made her porn debut in 1979 at age 18 in the film ‘Pink Champagne’. During her career she appeared in both heterosexual and lesbian hardcore sex scenes and occasionally performed anal sex.

At the 1984 AVN Awards, Tiffany won “Best Supporting Actress in a Film” and “Best Couples Sex Scene in a Film”, along with Michael Bruce, for the film ‘Hot Dreams’. She has also been inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.

She has featured on the front covers of Partner Sex Stars magazine (Winter 1982) and Video X magazine (June 1983). In 1985 she co-directed and co-produced the porn film ‘Hot Rockers’.

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Mimi Morgan

Mimi Morgan Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: M. Maitsse|Mimi Matisse|Mimi McCoy|Louise McMurry|Michael Moore|Michele Moore|Mimi Morga|Mimi Riley|Mimi Sanderson|Susan Smreker .
Bio: One of the unsung heroines of 1970’s hardcore, Porn Star Mimi Morgan dazzled audiences with her unbridled performances throughout the decade of disco and Jimmy Carter. Mimi Morgan was a petite little cutie with a waif-like figure that provided a welcome contrast to the naturally busty babes of 70’s porn. In fact, Mimi Morgan had a pair of the tiniest breasts in the business, giving her a youthful look that landed her plenty of work.

Mimi Morgan got into hardcore in the early 70’s, working her way up through the ranks of quickie loops. Her easy-going nature and girl-next-door looks got audiences interested, but it was her fiery ways behind closed doors that really perked them up. Mimi Morgan never quite reached the level of true porn star, spending most of her time in the industry in small supporting roles. A notable exception is her performance in 1979’s ‘Sissy’s Big Summer,’ where she sizzles her way through three searing sex scenes, including a scorcher with Tony Bond and Sharon Kane near the film’s end that’s easily one of the hottest of her career.

Mainly, though, Mimi Morgan landed small parts like her appearance in 1977’s ‘The Island Of Dr. Love,’ where she took on John Seeman in a spicy romp that was her only scene in the film. One of Mimi Morgan’s most well-remembered performances can be found in 1976’s ‘Dixie,’ where she plays the two older sisters of Abigail Clayton in a fabulous dual role. Mimi Morgan left the business in 1979 after appearing in just over 25 steamy features.

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Blue Confessions

Blue Confessions

Year: 1983

Director: T.T. Lord

Starring: Loni Sanders , Jesie St. James , Mimi Morgan , Serena , Sharon Kane , [ Facial ] Andrea Lange , Hilda Kauffman , Kitty Shayne , Marlene Munroe , Patty Bridges , Roberta Marlow , Sandra Thompson , Tina Blair , Valerie Darlyn , Blair Harris , Mike Horner , Don Robertson , John Leslie , Bob Bernharding , Ken Scudder , Mike Ranger , Paul Thomas , R.J. Reynolds

Country: USA

Length: 01h 19min 30sec

Blue Confessions - classic porno film Blue Confessions - classic porno film Blue Confessions - classic porno film Blue Confessions - classic porno film Blue Confessions - classic porno film
Blue Confessions - classic porno film Blue Confessions - classic porno film Blue Confessions - classic porno film Blue Confessions - classic porno film
Description: In this cleverly crafted, gem of a movie, Loni Sanders stars as a frustrated freelance writer who undertakes the laborious task of conjuring up eight graphic articles on people’s sexual fantasies and desires. Totally baffled by the perplexity and confusion of subject material, Loni suddenly hears a mysterious voice from her subconscious speak to her. This strange voice makes a magical blue telephone materialize out of air, and states that whomever is called on it will willingly confess their innermost sexual desires. What follows are some of the hottest encounters ever filmed, as luscious Loni types away. She comes to her last essay, suddenly the magical blue telephone rings, and after Loni answers it, she herself falls prey to its elusive, spellbinding powers. Her fantasy is the final article needed to complete her essay. Blue Confessions combines truly sizzling action with a top notch performance by Loni Sanders, who disproves the age old theory that adult film actresses can’t act. She is marvelously cast here, and a pleasure to watch with, and without clothes on.
Hot Shorts Presents Loni Sanders

Hot Shorts Presents Loni Sanders

Year: 1989

Director: N/A

Starring: Loni Sanders

Country: USA

Length: 00h 31min 36sec

Hot Shorts Presents Loni Sanders - classic porno film Hot Shorts Presents Loni Sanders - classic porno film Hot Shorts Presents Loni Sanders - classic porno film Hot Shorts Presents Loni Sanders - classic porno film Hot Shorts Presents Loni Sanders - classic porno film
Hot Shorts Presents Loni Sanders - classic porno film Hot Shorts Presents Loni Sanders - classic porno film Hot Shorts Presents Loni Sanders - classic porno film Hot Shorts Presents Loni Sanders - classic porno film
Description: Loni Sanders loves to lust in this red-hot 30 minutes of erotic footage featuring a hot, pulsating lesbian scene with Jennifer West, a cum-drenched encounter with Mike Stapp where Loni “eats him alive.” Plus a HOT SHORTS BONE-US featuring Lee Carroll.


Serena Date of birth: 20 February 1951
Alternate Names: Serena Blacklord|Serena Blacquelord|Serena Blaquelord|Blaquelourde|Linda Broome|Jenn Gillian|Jen Gillian|The Princess Serena|Sirena .
Bio: Porn Star Serena is a spicy redheaded sex star and was one of the best looking women in porn throughout her ten year stint before the carnal cameras. Serena’s lusciously ripe young body and truly beautiful face made her an instant hit from the moment of her hardcore debut in 1975’s ‘The Journey Of O.’ Serena had probably the most captivating eyes in porn, and could rasie the dead with her sultry and erotic stare.

Serena was a teenage runaway who found herself in Los Angeles by the mid 70’s with no money and no job. She ended up waitressing, and it was while serving up some hot dishes that she was discovered by a make-up artist in the just burgeoning porn world. Serena soon found herself immersed in the world of erotica, becoming one of the most sought-after women in the biz.

Her unrestrained attitude and ferocious sexual zeal were evident from the get-go, and she parlayed her prodigious sensual appetites into a lengthy and well though of career. Serena sexed in over 100 features over the span of her ten year career, never shying away from anything. Wild sex was her favorite, and most of her scenes ended up with both her and her partners totally sexually spent. Her best performances can be found in ‘The Ecstasy Girls’ and ‘ Serena,’ two films that show her sexual and thespian talents in full bloom. She left the business in 1984 as one of the absolute hottest sexual performers that the business had ever knwon.

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Loni Sanders

Loni Sanders Date of birth: 12 January 1958
Alternate Names: Holly|Jeannie Ralph|Loni ‘Haiku’ Sanders|Lonnie Sanders|Loni Saunders .
Bio: This delectable sex starlet was one of the best-looking, most sought-after sexers in the business during the early 1980’s. Porn Star Loni Sanders was an ex-Penthouse Pet and she sported the figure to prove it. Her delicious little figure was an all-natural sight for sore eyes, with full breasts and a backside that looks good enough to eat. Loni Sanders’ was one of the prettiest faces in porn, too, a fact that got her lots of work and lots of fans.

Loni Sanders got into hardcore in 1980 and wasted no time in making a naughty name for herself. Her vivacious personality and no-holds-barred approach to on-screen sex were a combination that was tough to beat. Loni Sanders appeared in quite a few of the classics of this era, including a starring role in 1980’s ‘Sex Boat’ as a woman who’s sent on an all-girl cruise as punishment for cheating on her hubby. One of Loni Sanders’ all-time best scenes can be found in 1982’s ‘Summer Of ’72,’ where she shines in an achingly erotic tryst with Paul Thomas. Loni Sanders and Paul Thomas paired up quite a few times, and the results were always hardcore gold. Her romp with him in ‘Trashi’ stands out as one of her best early roles. Loni Sanders’ ability to convincingly turn in loving, erotic, believable sex scenes was one of her best features, as her lengthy takedown of Mike Horner in ‘Every Which Way She Can’ serves as a great example. Loni Sanders left the porn scene in 1985. Industry rumor currently has Loni Sanders married to Vivid Video owner Steven Hirsch.

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Holly McCall

Holly McCall Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: Laura Manché|Holly Near|Betsy Waine .
Bio: Porn Star Holly McCall was a sexy, always seductive brunette beauty who brought her down-home appeal to a slew of hardcore features during the late 70s and early 80s. She obviously had a great sense of which films to appear in, as she sexed her way through some of the hottest, most classic sexvids of her time. Holly McCall had a high-pitched, little girl’s voice and a curvalicious body that she grew into over the course of her carnal career. Holly McCall sported some of the largest natural bra busters in the business and always made the most of them during her sex scenes. By the time she left the biz, she had blossomed into a lushly erotic woman whose sexual powers were obvious to all.

A listing of Holly McCall’s films reads like a catalog of classic hardcore. She sizzled through such Hall Of Fame flicks as ‘Pretty Peaches 1,’ ‘Taboo 1,’ and ‘Nothing To Hide 1,’ which she virtually runs away with in a sexy and funny romp with John Leslie. One of Holly McCall’s greatest performances came in 1976’s ‘The Awakening Of Emily,’ in which she starred as a virginal young teacher who was introduced to the wanton wonders of sex. Another top-notch outing can be found in ‘Ms. Magnificent,’ a fun-filled flick from 1979 that features one of Holly McCall’s few excursions into rear entry ravishing.

Holly McCall received a Best Supporting Actress Award for her work in 1980’s ‘Talk Dirty To Me 1,’ where she turned in a fabulously erotic tryst with John Leslie that stands out as one of the best scenes in the classic video. Holly McCall continued to steam up hardcore screen for a few more years, while slowing her production schedule way down. By 1984 she had retired from the scene completely. Any fan of early hardcore can tell you that Holly McCall was one woman whose presence in a sex film guaranteed quality. Fans of naturally busty brunettes will still find lots to like in each of her old school features.

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Mike Ranger

Mike Ranger Date of birth: 31 October 1952
Alternate Names: Mike Carlson Chuck Fabrae Mike Fairmont Mike Grainger Peter Kurzon Mark Ranger Michael Ranger Bob Sherman Mike Stapp Mike Steph Mike Stepp Michael Stewart Mike Strong Mike Wrangler .
Bio: Porn Star Mike Ranger was one of the first men in the industry who could truly be considered such. He was a good looking, well-built stud whose reliable performance skills were of the utmost importance in the pre-Viagra days of classic porn. Mike Ranger was the original porn Golden Boy, a well-liked stud who always seemed to land on his feet .

Mike Ranger first popped up in the porn ranks in 1974, performing in the short loops and low-budget grinders that made up the bulk of the industry. He emerged on the scene just as porn was entering its Golden Age, with fully plotted features that called on acting and sexual skills in almost equal measure. He was perfect for the time, with acting chops and a tireless, never-say-never approach to filming .

Mike kept busy throughout the 70s, appearing in flicks like ‘Hot Raquets’ and ‘Pro Ball Cheerleaders.’ He didn’t really hit his stride until 1980, when he started landing roles in some of the industry’s all-time classic productions. That year saw him star in ‘Ultraflesh,’ taking on Candida Royalle in a steamy and sensual scorcher. He also popped up in ‘Insatiable,’ getting down and dirty with Marilyn Chambers in one of the flicks’s hottest romps .

In ‘Taboo,’ he starred as the teenage son obsessed with his busty mother Kay Parker. Mike Ranger sizzled his way through a quartet of scenes, including a fiery fling with Dorothy Lemay and a pair of blistering boffs with Parker. He romped with Nancy Suiter in ‘Taxi Girls’ and took on Seka in ‘Seduction of Seka’ — it’s safe to say that Mike Ranger did scenes with most every luscious lovely from porn’s Golden Age .

Not only that, but for a long time, he dated one of porn’s prettiest gals. Mike Ranger and Loni Sanders were a hot item throughout Loni’s stint in the business, and it’s been said that she owed much of her popularity to the fact that she performed so often with Ranger. Their chemistry together is undeniable. Among their best videos together are ‘Sex Boat’ and ‘Never So Deep,’ where Mike not only takes on Loni, but gets down and dirty with Tara Aire, Brooke West, Sonya Summers and Victoria Slick, to boot .

Mike Ranger left the business in 1985, after easing his way out for a couple of years. He may not be the most well-known old school stud today, but in his time Mike Ranger took a back seat to no one in the industry. His lusty legacy is secure.

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Kevin James

Kevin James Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: Gene DuQuene Gene Duquene Irene Duquenne Kevin Gibson Jack Gooding Keven James Keven Jay Kevin Jay Kevin Jaye Chris Parker .
Bio: After graduating from high school in the Detroit area, he went to work in an auto plant. After several years of shifts where he had to take two showers to get all of the silver chromium dye off of him afterwards, he quit, went to California and became a porn star.

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