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Year: N/A

Director: N/A

Starring: John Holmes

Country: USA

Length: 01h 26min 33sec

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Description: Watch his Royal cock get sucked to an explosive orgasm!

Mr Big Stuff

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Mr Big Stuff

Year: 1989

Director: N/A

Starring: John Holmes

Country: USA

Length: 01h 26min 45sec

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Description: Not all men are created EQUAL! Watch these chicks gag on cock! Watch as they take on all 14” of one of the world’s most well endowed men in history!
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Confessions of a Teenage Peanut Butter Freak

Year: 1975

Director: Zachary Strong

Starring: Rex Roman , Helen Madigan , John Holmes , Jacque Hanson , Veronica Taylor , Constance Money , Karen Reed , Malcolm Healy , Charles Swanson , Jo Ann McClure , Candice Harley , Barry Vane , Joaquin Delicado , Herman , Claudia Stanton

Country: USA

Length: 01h 26min 48sec

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Description: Billy finds it hard to relate to girls so his Aunt Opel introduces him to oral sex. His teenage cousins handcuff him and fuck him. But Priscilla, to whom he confesses the pains of growing up, loves him. Look for a young John Holmes appearing in one scene.

Wild Nights

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Wild Nights

Year: 1986

Director: Charles De Santos

Starring: Kay Parker , John Holmes , Janey Robbins , Lili Marlene , Jon Martin , Blair Harris , Kirk Wilder , Sibil Fine , Rebecca London

Country: USA

Length: 01h 19min 18sec

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Description: A woman (Kay Parker) wanders into a hotel which turns out to be a sex club. Though panicking after a woman (Janey Robbins) seduces her on the stairs and others join in, she eventually finds her dream lover. But was it all a dream?
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Princess Charming

Year: 1987

Director: Chris Monte

Starring: Nikki Charm , Kinko , Jamie Summers , Christy Canyon , Nina Hartley , [ Anal ] Marc Wallice , Candie Evans , [ Facial ] Richard Pacheco , Scott Irish , Angel Kelly , Buck Adams , Jesse Adams , Dino Alexander , Lois Ayres , John Holmes , Sheena Horne , Tamara Longley , Buddy Love , Sharon Mitchell , Summer Rose , Shone Taylor

Country: USA

Length: 01h 27min 00sec

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Description: Welcome to Erection Central, a sexy TV show where anything can happen ? and usually does! Sit back and relax as your voluptuous hostess Kinko (really Christy Canyon in a revealing S and M outfit) entertains and titillates with a collection of goofy skits and white-hot clips. There are lots of heated highlights along the way, including a very youthful Nina Hartley as a suburban mom who comes home to find her hubby is ready for some back door fun. Candie Evans gets introduced to the sensual world of lesbian lust when she and Lois Ayres giggle and grope their way through a steamy session. Christy Canyon turns in one of her most ravenous romps ever when she takes on a pair of studs in a filthy-mouthed frolic that leaves all three utterly spent. A photo shoot orgy finds a trio of tight-bodied cuties entertaining four studs, including a wild-eyed John Holmes. The fiery finale finds Sharon Mitchell treating her man to the anniversary gift of a lifetime ? sweet Angel Kelly. The three of them share some memorable moments in a blistering interracial rendezvous. This is 80s erotica at its best, with some of the decade’s most alluring talents pulling out all the sexy stops.
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Lust at First Bite

Year: 1979

Director: Phillip Marshak

Starring: Annette Haven , Seka , [ Facial ] Kay Parker , Jamie Gillis , John Leslie , Serena , Reggie Nalder , John Holmes , Mike Ranger , Paul Thomas , Richard Bulik , Pat Manning , David Lee Bynum , Martin L. Dorf , Irene Best , George Lee , Renee Andre , Slavica , Kurt Sjoberg , Ken Yontz , Nancy Hoffman , Mitch Morrill , William Margold

Country: USA

Length: 01h 11min 28sec

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Description: The tale of Count Dracula gets an erotic twist in this extravagant, elaborate look at gothic sexuality. An all-star cast including Seka, John Holmes, and Jamie Gillis as the Count make this one of the most highly acclaimed adult features of all time!


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Year: 1981

Director: Julia St. Vincent

Starring: John Holmes , Seka , [ Facial ] Jessie St. James , Annette Haven , Georgina Spelvin , Linda Wong , Paula Wain , Laurien Dominique , Fatima Hamoud , Melba Bruce , Felicia Sanda , Kyoto Sun , Phae Burd , Joan Devlon , Jennifer Richards

Country: USA

Length: 01h 15min 12sec

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Description: MG Media proudly presents the only authorized DVD release of the John Holmes legendary classic some have said was the inspiration for the film Boogie Nights. This rare classic features over twenty legendary stars. This feature-loaded DVD packs dozens of classic sex scenes with lost footage; including an intimate, never-seen-before interview with Holmes himself. Audio commentary is provided by well-known directors and confidants of Holmes, Bob Chinn and Julia St. Vincent, even view the pages of her personal diary. The program is hosted by the highly entertaining Grande Dame of Adult, Gloria Leonard.
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Backdoor Romance

Year: 1984

Director: James Sphincter

Starring: Sheri St. Claire , John Holmes , Jon Martin , Lili Marlene , Buck Adams , Kimberly Carson , Crystal Lovin , Billy Dee , Blair Harris , Dan T. Mann , Fawn Paris , Connie Peterson , Mindy Rae , Linda Shaw , Paul Thomas , Marc Wallice , Nicole West , Yoko Wong

Country: USA

Length: 01h 13min 32sec

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Description: Vicki (Sherry St. Clair) is told by her husband that when he comes home from work tonight he wants to do it “anally.” He even leaves her a book on “how to do it.” Horrified, she calls her best friend Mary. But Mary offers no consolation. She says that she and her husband do it all the time and so do the Johnsons (John Holmes and Lili Marlene). Vicki’s imagination is set in motion as she is told to go over to the Smithers House where lots of people are going through the “backdoor.” Vicki does take over and takes a first-hand “peek” at what’s going on. The Smithers House is a veritable hot-house of carnal pleasure. Sex-crazed young girls taking it from behind seems to be the normal way of life here. As Vicki takes from one room to the other she spies a lucious redhead (Christel Loven) getting a rather unusual massage from two men (Paul Thomas and Marc Wallice) and they’re not rubbing her back. In another room a young Japanese beauty (Yoko Wong) is showing Dann Mann her rear port-of-call. Vicki encounters the beautiful Nichole West spreading her gorgeous personality on the stairway for the first guy to come along. Vicki is still shocked as she stares at Fawn Paris being taken by two men at the same time. Lili Marlene is again ready and willing to have Blair Harris poke a little fun at her, through the backdoor, of course. After this hot education, Vicki changes her backward ways and slides down on Billy Dee’s manhood while Buck Adams takes her from behind offering her pain and pleasure from the double-trouble boys.
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The Jade Pussycat

Year: 1977

Director: Bob Chinn

Starring: John Holmes , Georgina Spelvin , Linda Wong , Steve Balint , Paula Wain , Bonnie Holiday , Jessica Temple-Smith , Jon Martin , Yvonne Green , Jimi Lee , Bob Chinn , Mark Ross , Jay Gamble

Country: USA

Length: 01h 20min 31sec

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Description: San Francisco detective Johnny Wadd searches for a stolen Oriental cat figure made from a priceless jade and comes up against both crime syndicate thugs also after the stature, and a lot of sex obsessed women wanting some action.

Flesh & Laces

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Flesh & Laces

Year: 1983

Director: Carlos Tobalina

Starring: Shauna Grant , Jamie Gillis , John Holmes , Rosa Lee Kimball , Cathy Cofer , Rita Cruz , Don Fernando , Paul Harmon , Crystal Lake , Tamara Longley , Jeff Lyle , Dan T. Mann , William Margold , Jack Mason , Joey Silvera , John Stagliano , Carlos Tobalina , Sparky Vasc

Country: USA

Length: 01h 31min 00sec

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Description: This wild and wacky sex comedy from 1983 stars Jamie Gillis as an incredibly wealthy old man who’s dying from some sort of terminal illness. Not one to go quietly into that good night, Jamie uses his money to buy himself some last-minute thrills. He wires up his home with video cameras, then tells his heirs that none of them will get any money when he dies. Unless, that is, they provide him with a first-rate sex scene that he can observe from the comfort of his hospital bed. Okay, so none of this seems very likely. It does provide a decent framework for the frolicking to follow, and that’s all that really matters, anyway. Highlights include an early scene with Shauna Grant as a naive young model who’s coerced into action by Dan Fisher in a high-octane outing. John Stagliano shows off his rough side when he interviews thick-set brunette Cathy Coffer for a position. John throws her on the bed and tears her clothes off as a prelude to their amorous encounter. Luscious Linda Rose Kimball shines in a feverish fourway with a trio of studs, while Joey Silvera brings in a pair of hard-charging hookers who he (after some side business) watches delve into a lesbian liaison. In the end, Joey hooks up with Tamara Longley in a frantic finale, but the ending only leaves the plot unresolved. Looks like you’ll just have to wait for the second edition to see who gets the cash! A fast-paced, fun-filled romp with some surprisingly rough edges.