Blonde Heat

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Blonde Heat

Year: 1985

Director: Tim McDonald

Starring: Seka , John Leslie , Angel , David F. Friedman , Gina Carrera , Rene Lovins , Richard Pacheco , Billy Dee , Jon Martin , Laurie Smith , Jill Ferrar , Erica Idol , Madge Dennis , Raoul Wigman , Ed Nathans

Country: USA

Length: 01h 30min 00sec

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Description: When a mysterious blond (Seka) enters the Hollywood office of private eye Mark Lowe, his sex life changes forever! Looking for the Maltese Dildo, a lost ancient artifact with strange sexual powers, his gorgeous client becomes so aroused she seduces him–and soon he’s on the trail of the elusive dildo. During the course of his investigation, Mark finds that the mere description of the dildo arouses the passions of any and all women. Needless to say, Mark becomes quite a storyteller, and many a hot chicks lend more than an ear to his wagging tongue! Mark may never solve the case, but he has no complaints–he’s been substantially paid, and laid.

Jill Ferrar

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Alternate Names: Jill Ferrari|Jill Jason|Jill Ferari|Sibil Fine .
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