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Year: 1986

Director: Miles Kidder

Distributor: Paradise Visuals

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 79 min

Actress: Nina Hartley, Amber Lynn, Kristara Barrington, Bunny Bleu, [Facial] Kari Foxx, [Anal]

Actors: Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis, Mike Horner, (aka Don Hart)Jerry Butler, Buck Adams

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Part 2 in the award winning series! An underground, undercover T.V. station which offers some unique game shows. Will W-PINK TV make the grade? Or will it lay itself bare to the Master of Disguise and his sinister demands? Watch and find out. You’ll be glad you did as you see Ron eat Amber, then give her a belly full! Karri Foxx and Buck Adams play naked twister! Can you say…. Fire Marshall Ron? …Watch Troy Tanier and the French maid anal scene! Once again, that lucky guy Jerry Butler gets blown! And Ron Jeremy is the original Captain Stabbing! Check out this three-way with the Hedgehog! Don Hart gets jerked and blown by Karri Foxx & Kristara Barrington!

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Slip Up

Year: 1975

Director: Roberta Findlay

Distributor: Caballero Classics

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 133 min

Actress: Darby Lloyd Rains, Roberta Findlay, Erica Eaton, (aka Merry Widow)[BJOnly] Day Jason, (aka Amy Wells)[BJOnly, Facial] Candida Israel-Hernandez, Ginger Snaps, [Facial] Sandy Fox, Lynn Ashley, [IR]

Actors: Jamie Gillis, (aka Jamey Gillis)Eric Edwards, Marc Stevens, David Savage, (aka Dave Savage)Alan Marlow, John Buco, (aka Lankey Tootu)Keith Wilson, Steven Blackwell, Huss Ramm, Steve Ziplow

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Jamie Gillis is a brilliant sexual researcher gone seriously wrong. In the course of his experimentation with the mechanics of human sexual responses, he’s devised a machine which will furnish every man on the face of the planet with an instant and permanent erection. While at first this will bring smiles to men and women all over the globe, there is a definite downside. The chaos which will result when every Tom, DicKand Harry paces the planet with a 24-hour woody will be acute, to say the least. Jamie plans to use that chaos to take over the world. Luckily, agent Darby Lloyd Rains is onto the devious doctor, and determined to stop him. The plan she devises has to be seen to be believed, but it provides as many laughs as hot-and-heavy sex bouts.

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Deep Throat 2

Year: 1987

Director: Larry Revene (aka L. Vincent Revane)

Distributor: Arrow

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 75 min

Actress: Krista Lane, [Facial] Sheena Horne, [LezOnly] Melissa Melendez, Linda Lovelace, [BJOnly, Clip] Samantha Strong, Tasha Voux, Alexis Firestone, [Facial] Scarlett Fever, Ashley West, [BJOnly, Facial]

Actors: Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis, Harry Reems, Ashley Moore, Rocky Rockhard, Frank Serrone, Michael Knight, Eric Monti, Johnny Nineteen, William Love, Mel Curtis, Rock Rose

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Here is the rousingly riotous sequel to one of the most famous X-rated hits of all time. Sexy sensation Krista Lane explodes onto the screen as the wife of a headline seeking Senator who vows an all out war on pornography. Krista is suddenly possessed by the spirit of her long lost libertine mom, the orgasmic oralist Linda Lovelace!

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Taboo 9

Year: 1991

Director: Alex DeRenzy

Distributor: Metro

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 80 min

Actress: Kay Parker, Raven, Alicyn Sterling, [Bald] P.J. Sparxx, Holly Ryder, Alexandra Quinn, [Anal] Bethany Simss, Kimberly Todd

Actors: Tom Byron, Jamie Gillis, Buck Adams, Tom Chapman, Gino Colbert, E Z Ryder, Morelle DeKeigh, Tom Elliot

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The incredible Taboo story comes full circle with both Jamie Gillis and Kay Parker reprising their original roles. Their separate worlds which began ten years ago now collide and threaten to explode with a chock up that could lay bare the special desires that they’ve so carefully guarded. Alex DeRenzy directs this landmark presentation whose cast includes most of the top adult stars working today.

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Tales of Taija Rae

Year: 1989

Director: John Leslie

Distributor: Dreamland Entertainment

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 69 min

Actress: Lisa DeLeeuw, Taija Rae, Bunny Bleu, Kimberly Carson

Actors: Jamie Gillis, John Leslie

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John Leslie has searched high and low, around corners, under beds, in between sheets and under grandstands for his ideal golden goddess of erotica. Just when he thinks she’s non existent, in steps the pouty, baby faced, bundle of ball busting dynamite, Taija Rae. And John’s prayers are answered. Watch for the fiery and legendary redhead Lisa DeLeeuw also in this ode to sexual shenanigans.

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Swedish Erotica 14

Year: 1981

Director: n/a

Distributor: Caballero Classics

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 205 min

Actress: Sharon Mitchell, Aunt Peg, Aja, Kandi Barbour, Marlene Willoughby, Ona Z, Nikki Knights, Tess Newheart, Annabelle Dayne

Actors: Peter North, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Paul Thomas, Mike Horner, Mike Ranger, Rocky Rockhard, Valentino, Magnum D

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4 HOURS, 20 CUM-SOAKED SCENES!Even before there was video, there was SWEDISH EROTICA. With millions of volumes sold worldwide for over twenty years, SWEDISH EROTICA is the most successful film and video series of all time! Now re-edited and re-mastered into four solid hours of the raunchiest classic erotica ever produced. See more than 50 of the hottest, horniest, raunchiest X-rated superstars of all time in 20 cum-soaked scenes!

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Lustful Feelings

Year: 1977

Director: Kemal Horulu

Distributor: Kemal Enterprises

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 75 min

Actress: Lesllie Bovee, (aka Lesllie Bovel)[Facial, IR] Terri Hall, Helen Madigan, Sue Swanson, Eva Henderson

Actors: Jamie Gillis, Hershel Savage, (aka Harvey)Robert Bolla, (aka Richard Bolla)Bobby Astor, (aka Babby Astyr)Ras Kean, Thomas, Edward B. Davis, Rober Fox, Jimmy Ray, Lee Dupree

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His films are certainly unique and very well made, but in the long run are really quite average, or in some cases only slightly above average. Lustful Feelings is a better than average Horulu film in terms of its glossy look and professional feel, but lacks in the same basic attribute that makes almost all of his films just so-so. That is, it doesn’t have sufficient story to sustain a full length feature. Leslie Bovee and the ever reliable Jamie Gillis are good in the lead roles and both do their best with the old "boyfreind in trouble pimps out unfortunate girl to pay off debts" theme, and although the storyline itself is better handled than most interpretations of it(especially in one of the films final scenes in which Bovees character is killed at the hands of a coked up john),it is still far to drawn out, nor entertaining or complex enough to sustain a full 90 minute feature, especially one filled with as many l-o-n-g, tedious, and sadly far to frequent sex scenes as are contained in this film.

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Year: 1983

Director: John Seeman

Distributor: Caballero Home Video

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 150 min

Actress: Janey Robbins, Shauna Grant, Lili Marlene, Leather Tracy, [MastOnly] Susan Wilde, [IR] Jade O’Riley

Actors: Jamie Gillis, Paul Thomas, Billy Dee, Hershel Savage, (aka Herschel Savage)Peter Bent

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Virginia, played by Shauna Grant, is a young girl who has an erotic fixation on her father. This causes a lot of problems with his latest girlfriend, who happens to be about the same age. Dad is a professional photographer and often heads out into the woods to shoot the landscapes — or so he tells everyone. What he really does is take candid shots of couples making love. One day Virginia finds some of his photos and she gets furious. After explaining that he was hired to take the photos, Dad calms the girl, which eventually leads them to explore hidden feelings they have for each other. The lush countryside creates a very smooth, sensual feeling.

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Blue Ice

Year: 1985

Director: Phil Marshak

Distributor: Caballero Classics

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 145 min

Actress: Shanna McCullough, [Facial] Jacqueline Lorains, [Facial] Danielle, Helga Sven, Adrienne Bellaire

Actors: Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis, Paul Thomas, Hershel Savage, Francois, Bill Margold, Reggie Nalder, (aka Deltas Van Burg)Long Chaney, Unknown Male 773-B, Unknown Male 773-E, Unknown Male 773-A, Unknown Male 773-D, Iarkin McCallister

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Blue Ice will take you to unbridled heights in XXXtacy! Jacqueline Lorains will go deep undercover and expose the truth in the way that she only knows how with her hot body and insatiable sexual appetite, she will take you on a sex adventure that’ll melt your world!

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Girls of Paradise

Year: 1986

Director: Adam (aka Michael Phillips)

Distributor: Paradise Visuals

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 60 min

Actress: Christy Canyon, [Facial] Ginger Lynn, [Anal] Janey Robbins, [Anal] Little Oral Annie, (aka Oral Annie)[Facial] Ali Moore, Lana Burner, [Facial]

Actors: Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera, Harry Reems, Buck Adams, Francois, Ray Wells, Johnny Nineteen

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The concept here works real well: a bunch of hot-to-steamy sex scenes strung together with little documentary-type intros in which the male star of the scene we’re about to see reminisces about how wonderful it was to get it on with this particular woman at that particular horny moment in time. There are no production problems whatsoever, neither in the added exclusively outdoor intro footage, nor in the scenes that are presented from various Paradise Visuals releases. The scenes have been chosen with sufficient care to make for a well-balanced package that’s never boring, and occasionally rises to some fairly sweltering heights. The tape opens with a Christy Canyon straight-to-the-camera solo that’s good enough to be three times as long as it runs. There’s a wicked anal scene with Jamie Gillis, Ginger Lynn and Christy that’s nothing to sneeze at, and Lana Burner’s body lives up to her name. Undoubtedly the highlight of these goings-on, and the section that runs the longest, is Little Oral Annie’s repeated demonstrations (with a total of four men) of the throat-boggling talent that entitles her to her stage name. What she does isn’t simply amazing, it’s almost painfully erotic. On the male side, Ron Jeremy is his usual breezy, amusing self, which serves to lighten the overall mood quite a bit and make the tape all the more enjoyable So enjoy.