Mike Horner

Mike Horner Date of birth: 3 February 1955
Alternate Names: Don Ark Don Durrell Don Hardin Don Hart Mike Horne Don Horner Don Miller Dan Sir Johnny Wilson .
Bio: Mike’s a mustachioed fun-lover who has enjoyed one of the lengthiest careers ever in front of the hardcore cameras. Known as much for his skill at delivering comedic dialogue as for delivering down and dirty sex, Mike’s considered one of the best actors among all porno studs. That only makes sense, since he’s been studying acting and filmmaking for almost 20 years. Of course, it’s Mike’s ability to perform on cue and on call that’s kept him steadily working for the past couple of decades.

Born on February 3, 1955, Mike spent the bulk of his formative years living in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was while going to college there that Mike found himself drawn into the world of hardcore. He was involved in the local theater scene and was intrigued by the idea of being in a film — any film. Also, he admits that the sex was a big drawing card — “I was a college boy who wanted to get laid and experience life,” he says now. Mike started out shooting short sex loops by the hundreds, often for no more than $40 a scene. Eventually, his hardy talents were recognized by local porners, and Mike made his feature debut in 1979’s ‘Tangerine.’

Mike continued racking up the carnal credits, quickly making a name for himself as a man capable of anything on screen, from white-hot sex to deeply felt dramatics. Of course, it’s Mike’s goofy nerd act that’s most familiar to porno fans — he’s been called the Jerry Lewis of porn for his antics. Still, hardcore remained but a sideline job for Mike while he continued studying at S.F. State and honing his acting in a string of art films. It wasn’t until 1985 that porn became his primary source of income. He moved down to Southern California in 1991 to pursue his carnal career.

Horner has never married, which he partly attributes to his job. Women find it hard to think of a porno stud who’s been in over 1000 videos as “husband material,” as he puts it. In fact, for the bulk of his career Mike admits that the sex was the main thing keeping him interested. The chance to take on gorgeous women that he’d never have in ‘real’ life was just too great to pass up. Now in his forties, Mike is currently trying to get his directing career started again. He spent his own cash on a couple of quite well-received flicks in the mid-90’s, ‘Tangled’ and ‘Dreams of Desire.’ The industry’s drift towards gonzo and away form artistic-type hardcore has made it hard for him to find financing, though.

Still, Horner’s guaranteed himself a place in the hardcore firmament no matter what the future holds for him. Some of his best work can be found in 1993’s ‘Justine,’ for which he won Best Actor and Best Couples Sex Scene nods from AVN. Horner also turns in a great performance in ‘Body & Soul,’ for which he and Ashlyn Gere won a Best Couples Sex Scene award from AVN. In fact, Mike’s won more AVN Best Actor Awards (four) than anyone, and is a member of both the XRCO and AVN Halls of Fame. A hardy stud with a penchant for silliness, Mike Horner’s one of the most recognizable and talented men to ever appear in hardcore.

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Juliet Anderson Date of birth: 23 July 1938
Alternate Names: Juliette Andersen|Judith Anderson|Juliette Anderson|Juliett Anderson|Judy Callin|Judy Carr|Judy Fallbrook|Aunt Peg|Alice Rigby|Ruby Sapphire .
Bio: If you think you have to be a sweet young nymphet with the brains of Jell-O in order to stimulate the well-worn senses of your basic porn aficionado, then you obviously haven’t discovered the mature delights of Porn Star Juliet Anderson. Already in her forties when she made her sex film debut as the playful Swedish maid in the 1978 classic hit Pretty Peaches, Juliet Anderson is proof that like a fine wine, women only get better with age.

Juliet Anderson was born in Burbank, California on July 23, 1938. After teaching English as a second language for several years in Japan, Mexico, Greece and Finland, she moved to the United States wanting to radically change her life. She was completely naive about the adult film industry and stumbled into the industry at the age of 40. For the next couple years she went on to make several dozen fine movies including the renowned Aunt Peg series.

Juliet Anderson is still active in the business working behind the camera. Additionally, Juliet Anderson proved recently that she still has what it takes, when she was inducted into the Legends of Porn Hall of Fame, where she auctioned off a cast of her breast for $100.00!

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Desiree Cousteau Date of birth: 1 January 1956
Alternate Names: Deborah Clearbranch|Deseree Clearbranch|Desiree Clearbranch|Clearbranch|Desiree Costau|Desiree Costeau|Desirée Costeau|Deseree Cousteau|Desireé Cousteau|Désirée Cousteau|Desiree Cousteaus|Desiree|Desireé .
Bio: Porn Star Desiree Cousteau is an adorable brunette with big brown eyes that can malt at a glance and a cute, shy smile. Her busty, butt-licious body sets off her cutie-pie face like a sexy exclamation point. Blessed with some of the most wondrous natural breasts ever seen in hardcore, Desiree Cousteau was one of the biggest stars of 70’s and early 80’s porn. She had a bubbly, effervescent personality that made her come across as huggable and playful as a new-born puppy. But in her sex scenes, Desiree Cousteau was pure sensual energy, delivering strong and sweaty performances in virtually every film she appeared in.

Desiree Cousteau started out in the early 70’s as a straight actress, landing a small part in the 1974 girls-in-prison B-movie ‘Caged Heat.’ Her mainstream career never quite took off, though, and soon she found herself drawn into the burgeoning world of sex films. Desiree Cousteau capitalized on her natural breathless quality and cornered the market on ‘beautiful but ditzy’ roles, like a porn version of actress Jennifer Tilly. It’s in her sex scenes, though, that it becomes clear why Desiree Cousteau was one of the top stars of her day — she’s achingly sexy no matter what the scene involves. Desiree Cousteau starred in some of the true classics of early hardcore, including ,’Telefantasy.’ Her undeniably alluring beauty and fun-loving way with a sex scene made her an early legend of hardcore, and she’s a member of both the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame.

She received the award in 1978 from the Adult Film Association of America for the movie ‘Pretty Peaches’.

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Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas Date of birth: 17 April 1947
Alternate Names: Judy Blue Bo Edwards Cleo Edwards Russell Ellison Russel Ellison Jim Paterson Paul Toby Philips Tory Philips Toby Phillips Paul Tanner P. Thomas Paul ‘PT’ Thomas Phil Thomas Philip Tobias Phil Tobias Phillips Tobis Phil Tobus Paul Tomas Phil Toubes Philip Toubus Phillip Toubus Phil Toubus .
Bio: Paul Thomas has lived two lives in the porno business. He was one of the top male performers of the 70’s and 80’s, making a name for himself as a stud who specialized in sensual one-on-ones and plot-driven potboilers. When his performing days ended, Paul moved behind the cameras and became one of the most successful and popular pornmakers in the world. Simply put, Paul Thomas is an icon of American hardcore

Paul was born on April 17, 1947 in Winnetka, Illinois, the son of wealthy parents and the nephew of baked goods queen Sara Lee. He attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison, studying political science for a time. Eventually Paul caught the acting bug, though, and moved to New York City to try his luck. His good looks and obvious talent caught the eyes of several producers around town. Soon he was starring in the Broadway production of ‘Hair.’ He landed the role of Peter in the film version of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ in 1973, and soon after moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.

Paul signed with the William Morris Agency and got roles in lots of TV series such as ‘Police Story’ and ‘Mannix.’ He soon tired of the crazed competitiveness of the Hollywood scene, though. It was while appearing in a San Francisco production of the play ‘Beach Blanket Bingo’ in 1974 that Thomas first met porn impresarios the Mitchell Brothers. They convinced him to shoot some hardcore loops for them, and by 1976 he was ready to make his full-fledged porn feature debut in ‘The Autobiography of a Flea.’ A sex film star was born.

Thomas soon grew to love his new field. He liked being a big fish in a small pond, as he put it, and the porn business was much less cutthroat than mainstream Hollywood. Throughout the next several years, Paul established himself as one of the best actors and most reliable sexers in the industry. He worked his magic in a whole host of top-flight porno features including such classics as ‘Desires Within Young Girls,’ ‘Seven Into Snowy’ and ‘Candy Stripers 1.’

Much more of a lover than a down-and-dirty defiler of women, Paul enjoyed off-screen relationships with some of the most gorgeous women in porn, such as Annette Haven, Veronica Hart and Christine Heller. In the early 80’s, Paul entered into a brief marriage with porner Honey Wilder, but that relationship fell apart fairly quickly. Thomas had a reputation as a guy who’d try anything twice, and his wild lifestyle led him to a year-long 1982 prison stay for smuggling cocaine into the country from South America.

Upon his release from prison, Thomas got back into hardcore. He saw that his career opportunities as a stud were limited and decided to move behind the cameras. He began his directing career in 1988, after a stint as the producing partner of Henri Pachard. Thomas’ first directorial effort was ‘RoboFox,’ and he hasn’t looked back since.

Thomas has become one of the most notable porno directors in the business over the past decade or so. While some complain that his films are too plot-driven and not raw enough, Thomas refuses to delve into gonzo-style hysterics. He much prefers porn with a storyline and at least some attempt at acting. Among his most popular works are the entire ‘Brat’ series, ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ and ‘The Masseuse.’

Thomas has won numerous industry awards for his work, including a trio of AVN Best Director nods for his work on 1990’s ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ 1993’s ‘Justine’ and 1996’s ‘Bobby Sox.’ He continues to work in mainstream film, as well, and has directed a string of features for HBO under his real name (Paul Thomas). He also wrote and directed the 1991 softcore hit ‘The Pamela Principle,’ this time under the name Paul Thomas.

Paul Thomas is a deserving member of the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame. He continues to produce high-end, glossy hardcore features that keep alive the story-driven traditions that he came into the business with. With nearly 200 features under his belt as a director, and almost as many as a performer, Paul’s a true hardcore icon and a man whose name is synonymous with quality eroticism.

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Annette Haven

Annette Haven Date of birth: 1 December 1954
Alternate Names: Annette Funnette|Anette Haven|Annette Heaven|Cheryl Nelson .
Bio: Porn Star Annette Haven was one of the first true porn superstars, a stunningly gorgeous creature with a wholesome, girl-next-door aura about her. Her fresh-scrubbed look made her the perfect choice for roles which called for an innocent, virginal young woman, and Annette Haven was the 70’s queen of such parts. Despite her seemingly naive facade, Annette Haven was a tenacious sexual performer who always left everything she had right there on the screen. Her long career in front of the cameras didn’t harden her, and she looked almost as bright and fresh in the mid-80’s as she had for her hardcore debut in Alex DeRenzy’s 1973 feature ‘Lady Freaks.’ Annette Haven had a strikingly pretty face, with deep brown eyes and a lusciously full mouth. Her body was more in the soft 70’s mold than the sculpted 90’s mode, with perfect medium-sized breasts and a delectable backside that was built to be put in motion.

Annette Haven worked in a variety of jobs before getting into porn, serving as a nurse’s aid, massage parlor girl and exotic dancer. Once she got into the scene, she was known as a true professional and a class act. She was highly selective about the films she did and the performers she worked with, which resulted in a uniformly high-quality batch of features. Annette Haven starred in such XRCO Hall of Fame films as ‘Desires Within Young Girls’ and ‘Sex World,’ and was one of the first actresses elected to the group’s Performer Hall of Fame. She’s currently married and raising a family in up-scale Marin County, California.

Annette Haven received the award in 1977 from the Adult Film Association of America for the movie ‘Coming of Angels’.

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Joey Silvera

Joey Silvera Date of birth: 20 December 1951
Alternate Names: Joe Arnold Joseph Black Norm Buller Joey Cevera Joey Civera Joe Civera Joseph Civera Jo Civera Rick Hassler Joseph Land Neil Long Eric Marin Joe Maseria Joseph Nassi Giuseppe Nassivera Joey Nassivera David Reisen Joe Santino Joseph Savera Joey Scott Joseph Scott Joey Severa Joey Short J. Silvera Joe Silvera Joey Silveria Joey Silvers Joseph A. Silvers Joey Sivera Joey Siverno Joe Skeg Joey Slivera .
Bio: Joey’s one of the best-loved male performers in the porno industry as well as being one of the most prolific. He’s a curly-haired fellow with understated good looks and a body that tends toward the soft. There’s nothing soft about Joey once the action starts, though. He’s been one of the most reliable male performers in the business ever since his hardcore debut way back in 1975.

Joey’s at his best in one-on-one encounters where he’s able to explore his more romantic and caring side. When the scene calls for it, though, Joey can be as nasty as he needs to be. Joey’s won virtually every major industry award at one time or another, including a pair of nods for his work in 1992’s ‘The Party’ . His work in 1986’s ‘Blame It On Ginger’ also ranks with his best.

In recent years, Joey has stepped behind the cameras to produce and direct some of the hottest sexvid series around. His pro-am ‘Fashion Sluts’ series started the ball rolling, and he’s currently working on his ‘Butt Row’ series for Evil Angel. All of Joey’s films show off his unique and off-beat approach to porno, with a light-hearted yet utterly whacked out sense of humor creeping constantly through. Joey was the 1988 Free Speech Coalition Lifetime Achievement Award winner, and he’s also a member of both the AVN and XRCO Performers Halls of Fame.

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John Holmes

John Holmes Date of birth: 8 August 1944
Alternate Names: John Duval Big John Fallus John Helms Jack Hims Big John Holmes John ‘The Wadd’ Holmes John C. Holmes John Curtis Holmes Johnny Holmes Mr. John Holmes John C. Holms Bigg John Big John John Rey John Holmes aka Johnny Wadd John Holmes/Johnny Wadd Johnny Wadd Long John Wodd .
Bio: Without a doubt the most well-known hardcore stud ever, John Holmes earned his nickname ‘The Legend’ for his sizable sexual talent. He was a massively endowed and well-built young man whose insatiable appetite for women led him into the best line of work he could imagine. John Holmes became the epitome of what the hard-working porno stud could and should be.

John was born John Curtis Estes on August 8, 1944 in Pickaway County, Ohio. A sensitive youngster, John was a bible student for 11 years in Pataskala, Ohio. To escape the shadow of a brutal and domineering stepfather, he dropped out of high school and joined the army at an early age. After his military stint, he headed to Southern California and the fledgling porno industry. John quickly established himself as one of the most dependable and well-quailified studs in the business, appearing in lots of quickie loops and low-budget grinders throughout the late 60’s and early 70’s, earning him the title of the Sultan of Smut. John soon fell into hustling and male prostitution, which only hastened his burgeoning drug addiction. His self-destrutive tendencies hit their nadir when he was implicated in the notorious ‘Laurel Canyon’ murders which took place at 8763 Wonderland Avenue. He was allegedly present at the drug-related torture and murder of his drug dealing friend, Bill Deverell, and the murders of another man and two women, Holmes refused to divulge what he knew.

He was acquited of any wrongdoing in 1981 and then attempted to clean up his act and resume his career. His attempts soon ended, though, when he was diagnosed with the deadly AIDS virus. John’s years of unchecked sexual romping has caught up with him — he estimated that he’d had sex with over 10,000 women. He died of AIDS-related complications in Sepulveda, California on March 13th, 1988 with his then-wife pornstress by his side. He was 43 years old. John was the first male elected to both the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame, a true legend in his own time. His life served as the loose basis of the mainstream hit ‘Boogie Nights,’ but Holmes’ real life was much wilder than they could hope to compete with.

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