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Kai I Proti Daskala

Year : 1985

Director: Nasos Spiris

Actors: Lakis Antoniou Maria Dimitriou Angela Gianou Eleni Hatzi Pavlos Karanikolas Manolis Triandafyllou

Country: Greece

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Description:College years are meant for studying hard and getting a good education, but things are different in this college. The students get to know much more about sex and pleasure than any science or profession. Which is not bad at all! Who would refuse to get a kick-ass blowjob in front of the whole class or have sex with a hot teacher? Watch this awesome 1980s porn movie to enjoy all the exciting sex lessons these students have to learn.

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Ginger Rides Again

Year : 1988

Director: N/A

Actors: Angel C. Marion Ginger Lynn Allen [ Facial ] Lauryl Canyon Dan T. Mann Don Fernando Nick Niter

Country: USA

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Description:Ginger’s younger cousin (Laurel Canyon) is both eager and fascinated to follow in her idol’s footsteps into the forbidden world of eroticism. With Ginger showing the way, Laurel, the once naive little cousin is thrust into exotic sexual situations, but comes out smelling like a rose.

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O Beijo Da Mulher Piranha

Year : 1986

Director: Jean Garret

Actors: Angelica Belmont Oswaldo Cirillo Raja de Aragao Solange Dumont Mario Duque Walter Gabarron Karina Macieira Wagner Maciel Karina Miranda Angela Nonato Carla Prado Francisco Rezende Flavia Sanches Neusa Silveira Dionisio Tardoque

Country: Brazil

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Description:A Police inspector investigates the crime of a writer who had gotten involved with a woman who kept a pet piranha for sexual gratification.

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Angels in Flight

Year : 1995

Director: Jane Waters

Actors: Houston Rebecca Lord T.T. Boy Jon Dough Keisha [ LezOnly ] Christi Lake Alex Metro Vince Voyeur

Country: USA

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Description:Getaway Airlines is inaugurating a new forty minute flight, San Francisco to San Jose, and a brand new airplane – but, the passengers and crew have other things on their mind – like SEX, SEX, and more SEX!

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Black Superstars

Year : 1987

Director: N/A

Actors: Angel Kelly Bionca Cinnamon Dream Lady Stephanie Patti Petite Sahara Silver Satine Tina Davis Viper Alexander James Andre Bolla Hershel Savage Jack Baker Prince Tamu Robbie Dee Tom Byron Tony El-Ay

Country: USA

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Description:Classic black porn lovers look no further because all the old-school Black Superstars are here. In this black cream mixer the best of the best cum to play. From the infamous Sahara to Prince Tamu the black cherry is ready to pop.

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Bright Lights Big Tities

Year : 1988

Director: Loretta Sterling

Actors: Angel Cruz Carla Ferrari Nikki King Trinity Loren Tammy Reynolds Marc Wallice

Country: USA

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Description:It’s Vegas..Or Bust!It’s BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG TITTIES and all out sexual warfare! May the best bust win!

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Swedish Erotica Vol.82

Year : N/A

Director: N/A

Actors: Angel Kelly

Country: USA

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Description:Compilation Angel Kelly!

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Broadway Fanny Rose

Year : 1987

Director: Paul Vatelli

Actors: Angelica Jerry Butler Barbie Doll Mike Horner Lorrie Lovett Penny Morgan Tiffany Storm

Country: USA

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Description:Four comics recall their legendary agent Broadway Fanny Rose, famous for going all the way for her clients.

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Dances With Foxes

Year : 1991

Director: Herschel Savage

Actors: Angela Summers Ashley Nicole Charisma Trixie Tyler Don Fernando Jamie Gillis Marc Wallice

Country: USA

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Description:One of the great porn parodies! From the tribe of Lust come Herschel Savage’s erotic examinations of Indian lust set in a modern day gathering spot. So turn on your DVD and wait for the smoke signals the love dance is about to begin. In the bedroom or in the Jacuzzi, from two people or three, the sex is as hot as it cums!

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African Angels 2

Year : 1995

Director: Rodney Moore

Actors: Celeste Willings Vanilla Swirl Rodney Moore Wolf Savage

Country: USA

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Description:Beautiful Celeste sucks and fucks Rodney till he gives her a huge blast on her face. Vanilla also gets a Rodney blast on her sunglasses. Toni takes it up the ass. Miayah gets fucked by Rodney’s buddy, Wolf, and gets a big goo gusher on her face. Cute Madison gets fucked and enjoys a big cum mouthful. Tina drools all over her huge breasts while she sucks Rodney …then she takes his rod right up her butt! MMMMMM! Fine entertainment, indeed!