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Blonde Heat

Year: 1985

Director: Tim McDonald

Distributor: VCA

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 90 min

Actress: Seka, Angel, Gina Carrera, Laurie Smith, [BJOnly] Renee Lovins, (aka René Lovins)Sibil Fine, (aka Jill Jason)Cindy Carver, [LezOnly] Erica Idol, (aka Ericka Idol)[BJOnly, Facial] Madge Dennis, Joy Cummings, [BJOnly, Facial]

Actors: John Leslie, Billy Dee, John Martin, Richard Pacheco, Dan T Mann, Chris Chase, (aka Christian Chase)Jim Malibu, Joseph Queenberry, (aka Elmer Fox)Misha Garr, David Freidman, (aka Dave Friedman)David F. Friedman, Ed Nathans, Raoul Wigman

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When a mysterious blond (Seka) enters the Hollywood office of private eye Mark Lowe, his sex life changes forever! Looking for the Maltese Dildo, a lost ancient artifact with strange sexual powers, his gorgeous client becomes so aroused she seduces him–and soon he’s on the trail of the elusive dildo. During the course of his investigation, Mark finds that the mere description of the dildo arouses the passions of any and all women. Needless to say, Mark becomes quite a storyteller, and many a hot chicks lend more than an ear to his wagging tongue! Mark may never solve the case, but he has no complaints–he’s been substantially paid, and laid.

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The Big Gulp 2

Year: 1987

Director: Jerome Tanner

Distributor: Classic X Collection

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 73 min

Actress: Nina Hartley, Amber Lynn, Angel, Sharon Mitchell, Taija Rae, Kristara Barrington, Candie Evens, Angel Kelly, Buffy Davis, Danielle, Kelly Richards, Kari Foxx, Carol Cross, Sheer Delight, Careena Collins, Maggie Randall, Karen Bree, Elaine Southern

Actors: Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Joey Silvera, Mike Horner, Hershel Savage, Harry Reems, Buck Adams, Steve Drake, Francois, Chuck Martin, Steve Powers, Jack Baker

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Stringing a bunch of oral wet shots and tying them together with lead-ins by a horny couple worked very well in Oral Majority I. But lackluster performances by Herschel Savage and Taija Rae, combined with uninspired snippets of past Western Visuals hits, leaves Oral Majority II a weak and unexciting sequel. Like Careena Collins and Paul Thomas in OMI, Taija and Herschel get into intense philosophical discussions about the art of you-know-what. Herschel looks duly uncomfortable (I don’t think it’s acting), and Taija’s dialog and facial expressions resemble fuzzy dice hanging on the rearview mirror of a 73 Camaro. In between the diatribe we’re offered monotonous clips and cuts from very good recent videos like The Lust Potion Of Dr. F, Sex Fifth Avenue and other montages articulating the pleasure of hand-to-gland combat. The clips chosen are not very exciting. Now I’m really disappointed! I wade through the clips to see what our hosts are up to — Taija’s talking dirty about all her teenage sex experiences and squirming like her Danskin has a brush fire; Herschel’s tugging his collar and mugging like Rodney Dangerfield — and eventually they put their money where their mouth is. The end result, unfortunately, isn’t worth the wait. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the little humoresque between them. But judging the time invested, I’d have settled for the entire Sex Fifth Avenue.

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Angel 2 Veangeances De Lesbiennes

Year: 1986

Director: Richard Mailer

Distributor: Venus

Country: US

Language: French

Length: 76 min

Actress: Angel, Chanel Price, Patti Petite, Rachel Ryan, Tami White, Elaine Southern, Rayanne Drew

Actors: Hershel Savage, Harry Reems, Blake Palmer, Rick Savage

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The Erotic World Of Sunny Day

Year : 1984

Director: N/A

Actors: Sunny Day Herschel Savage Angel Love Blake Palmer Frank James Susan Wilde

Country: USA

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Description:Sunny Day is an amazing slut who aims to please and always succeeds!! Cum see her mesmerize and amaze you with her classic sucking and fucking talents!! This compilation highlights some of her most profound erotic and exotic sex scenes ever caught on video!!

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Wet Workout

Year : 1987

Director: Ron Jeremy

Actors: Amber Lynn Lacey Logan Lisa Melendez Megan Leigh Dan T. Mann Johnny Angel Ron Jeremy

Country: USA

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Description:Strip down with a bevy of beautiful, oversexed bodies and jump into the most stimulating, non-stop humping and bumping aerobics you’ll ever find. Remember: No Flex — No Sex!

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Lost Angel

Year : 1989

Director: N/A

Actors: Angel Nina Hartley Amber Lynn Karen Summer Debbie Areola Mike Horner

Country: USA

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Description:Super Star classic with Angel, Amber Lynn and Nina Hartley!

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Year : 1989

Director: Victoria Arnelle

Actors: Ebony Ayes Tom Byron Debi Diamond Tony Montana Raven Richards Marc Wallice

Country: USA

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Description:A young Mexican and his girlfriend, both from the barrio, take a beautiful, rich Beverly Hills ingenue for ransom. They keep her captive in her small-time, dealing boyfriend’s home while they await her greedy father’s payoff. During the course of her captivity, Angelica finds that the distance between Beverly Hills and East Los Angeles is a lot less than it appears. She learns a lesson in cross cultural double crossing as the story races through the intrigues and plot twists at break-neck speed to end up in old Mexico.

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Angel of the Night

Year: 1985

Director: Richard Mailer

Distributor: Metro

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 82 min

Actress: Angel, Buffy Davis, [Anal] Sheena Horne, (aka Debbie Berle)Jeanette Littledove, (aka Little Dove)Tami White, Brittany Stryker, [LezOnly] Tammy Hart, Lori Lovitt, (aka Lori Levell)[LezOnly] Mary Kay, E. Marinara

Actors: Peter North, Paul Thomas, Dan T Mann, Chuck Martin, (aka Chuck Martino)Eddie Marinara

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Somewhere between Poltergeist and Agatha Christie novels lies Angel of the Night, a super-ambitious sexvid that disappoints only because there’s not enough of Angel. She appears in two sex scenes, one that really heats up the TV screen. But for more Angel, you should check out Angel’s Revenge. On the other hand, most of the rest of the sex is superbly videotaped, with Buffy Davis emerging as a bona fide, big-busted star with some outrageously steamy sexual action. The haunted house story, with Angel’s sudden disappearance and a portrait as the focus, gets muddled and confusing at times. But there’s an abundance of plot, rare for a shot-on-video feature. We get horror movie cliches, a seance, a couple of harmless crimes and a mystery with a ho hum conclusion. So let’s talk about Buffy instead. Not to be confused with the Buffy from TV’s late Family Affair (since she’s dead), her scene with Peter North, where he gives it to her anally, ranks up there with the best video sex scenes this year. If she doesn’t make it big, something’s wrong with this industry. Angel’s previously mentioned hot scene occurs with Paul Thomas and Tammy Hart at the end of the feature, and if you like lesbian scenes, she takes on Brittany Stryker at the tape’s outset. Credit director Richard Mailer for a well-shot sexvid (a few bad edits are the only minor problems technically) and for having the guts to try a full-fledged plot with character development. Let’s take the same director with a better script and I’d bet we’d have something really special.

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Kai I Proti Daskala

Year : 1985

Director: Nasos Spiris

Actors: Lakis Antoniou Maria Dimitriou Angela Gianou Eleni Hatzi Pavlos Karanikolas Manolis Triandafyllou

Country: Greece

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Description:College years are meant for studying hard and getting a good education, but things are different in this college. The students get to know much more about sex and pleasure than any science or profession. Which is not bad at all! Who would refuse to get a kick-ass blowjob in front of the whole class or have sex with a hot teacher? Watch this awesome 1980s porn movie to enjoy all the exciting sex lessons these students have to learn.

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Ginger Rides Again

Year : 1988

Director: N/A

Actors: Angel C. Marion Ginger Lynn Allen [ Facial ] Lauryl Canyon Dan T. Mann Don Fernando Nick Niter

Country: USA

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Description:Ginger’s younger cousin (Laurel Canyon) is both eager and fascinated to follow in her idol’s footsteps into the forbidden world of eroticism. With Ginger showing the way, Laurel, the once naive little cousin is thrust into exotic sexual situations, but comes out smelling like a rose.