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Swedish Erotica 20

Year: N/A

Director: N/A

Starring: Amber Lynn , Danielle , Gina Carrera , Kari Foxx , Pamela Jennings , Sheri St. Clair , Victoria Paris , Frank James , Herschel Savage , Ron Jeremy , Tom Byron

Country: USA

Length: 03h 07min 00sec

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Description: 4 HOURS, 20 CUM-SOAKED SCENES!Even before there was video, there was SWEDISH EROTICA. With millions of volumes sold worldwide for over twenty years, SWEDISH EROTICA is the most successful film and video series of all time! Now re-edited and re-mastered into four solid hours of the raunchiest classic erotica ever produced. See more than 50 of the hottest, horniest, raunchiest X-rated superstars of all time in 20 cum-soaked scenes!
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International Battle Of Superstars

Year: N/A

Director: N/A

Starring: Marylin Jess , Sharon Mitchell , Amber Lynn , [ Facial ] Mai Lin , Steve Drake , Joey Silvera , Jerry Butler , John Leslie , Herschel Savage , Paul Thomas

Country: USA

Length: 01h 23min 00sec

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Description: French sex-sensation Marilyn Jess takes on American cooze queen Amber Lynn an utterly filthy INTERNATIONAL BATTLE OF THE SUPERSTARS. First there’s a juicy mixed-doubles set with Amber taking on a herd of horny partners. Not to be outdone. Ms. Jess and Sharon Mitchell eat a French stud alive to even the score. The one-on-one session features cum-after-cum excitement, followed by a lesbo love-in, where each of our girls reach an explosive orgasm! Next, the indoor competition…where Joey Silvera plugs Marilyn’s pie in the kitchen, and Amber gets rubbed raw by Steve Drake. So, who gets the prize? It’s a torrid tie in this jizz-bizz grudge match where everyone wins big!

Buddy Love

Christoph Clark y amber lynn Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: Mr. Buddy Love .
Bio: N/A

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Bitches In Heat Volume 15

Year: 1988

Director: N/A

Starring: Amber Lynn , Bunny Bleu , Gypsy Lyn , Satin Summers , Angela Venice , Dave Christopher , Debra Lynn , George Payne , Jerry Butler

Country: USA

Length: 00h 30min 04sec

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Description: There’s plenty of horny hoes in this cum-filled flick. They all crave cock and don’t stop sucking until every last drop of manjuice is oozing down their pretty little faces. These whores are hot and waiting for you to watch them ride hard cock. Don’t miss out on some fantastic interracial fucking.


Free galleries pornostarslegend Date of birth: 3 April 1962
Alternate Names: Dannielle|Danniel|Danielle Martin|Melody .
Bio: Porn Star Danielle Rogers is a tall, quite pretty Southern California blonde beach bunny who burst onto the sex scene in 1990 and has enjoyed a couple of sensually successful stints in the industry since. Supremely stacked, with soft, cover-girl looks and a knack for bringing out the best in her co-stars, Danielle Rogers quickly shot to the top of the business in the early 90s. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Danielle Rogers was quite an athletic young woman. She split her time as a youth between sports and modeling, which she got into at the age of ten.

By the time Danielle Rogers had blossomed into a sultry young woman, Danielle Rogers’ sexual side was starting to take over. She decided to take the plunge into porn, making her debut in 1990’s ‘Introducing Danielle.’ Her down-to-earth nature and girl-next-door good looks landed her plenty of roles as coeds and young women being introduced to the wanton wonders of sex. A great example of Danielle Rogers in her prime can be found in 1991’s ‘Steamy Windows,’ where she takes on Rocco Siffredi in a frenetic fling.

Danielle Rogers soon hooked up with porn stud Randy Spears, and the two enjoyed a lusty on- and off-screen relationship. Among their best vids was ‘The Wild One,’ where Danielle Rogers enjoyed an athletic tag-team tussle with Randy Spears and Eric Price in adjoining bedrooms. Spears and Rogers were married in 1991, and by 1993 Danielle Rogers has left the porn scene to concentrate on raising a family.

Danielle Rogers spent her time away from the business well, rearing her children and investing in a series of businesses. She bought and sold a Philadelphia-area fitness club, among other monetary ventures, but somehow the siren song of sexvids kept calling to her.

Danielle Rogers reentered the business in 1998, having separated from Spears. She brought a new-found sexual dynamism to her post-hiatus career, having become more comfortable with herself and her carnal needs during the time spent away. Her post-1998 flicks show Danielle Rogers to be much more in control, and more sure of herself on camera. Although she’s split with Randy Spears, they still occasionally shoot a scene together. For example, their segment together in ‘Gutter Mouths 7′ shows that they can still get up a head of steam when the mood is right.

Danielle Rogers has developed her own line of sexvids since her return, while also shooting the occasional flick for outside companies. She lists a handful of recent scenes as among her favorites, including a blistering romp with Sean Michaels in ‘We Go Deep 2.’ Danielle Rogers’ opened up her own web site, and in every way has transformed herself into the very model of the modern major porn starlet. She continues to churn out white-hot sex scenes, which prove that it’s not age that matters when it comes to eroticism, but a knowledge of one’s self and the willingness to follow your most delirious dreams.

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John Leslie

Pornostarslegend Date of birth: 25 January 1945
Alternate Names: Louie T. Beagle Louis T. Beagle John Leslie Dupre J. L. Dupree John Leslie Dupré Lenny Kent John Lesley John Lessly John Lestor John Nuzzo Frederick Watson .
Bio: A true porn iconoclast, John Leslie has led one of the more interesting and varied lives of anyone involved in hardcore. A suave and smooth older gentleman who always gave off an aura of sophistication and utter self-confidence, John was the picture of the 1970’s mature swinger. He was known throughout the business as one of the most attentive and passionate on-screen lovers around during the late 70’s and 80’s. John was born and raised in the Midwest and worked at an Ohio steel mill in the late 50’s. The lure of the big city called him to New York in the early 60’s, where he hoped to become a painter. John’s career plans didn’t take him quite where he had expected — he ended up working in New York’s then-thriving underground magazine market as an illustrator. He got into the swinging early 70’s scene and began to get work as a blues harmonica player, as well.

John moved to San Francisco in 1974, where he hooked up with some folks working in the fledgling hardcore film industry. His mature appeal and undeniable ladies man allure caused his friends to urge him to try his hand at adult performing.

John was one of the most popular male performers of the late 70’s and throughout the 1980’s, always turning in sensual and erotic work. His fine acting skills helped him land meaty roles in lots of top-notch productions and he’s won just about every industry award there is for performers. He moved behind the cameras in the mid-80’s, one of the first men to make the now-common transition from stud to director. He’s won even more acclaim as a filmmaker, winning the AVN Best Director Award in 1994 in both the film and video categories . He’s a member of the XRCO and AVN Halls of Fame and continues to crank out award-winning features for his own John Leslie Productions.

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Hot Amber Nights

Year: 1987

Director: Ron Jeremy

Starring: Amber Lynn , Megan Leigh , Donna N. , Lacey Logan , Dan T. Mann , Johnny Angel , Ron Jeremy

Country: USA

Length: 01h 13min 03sec

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Description: Amber and her friends (including super-stud Ron Jeremy) are out for a hike in the hills of southern California when they decide to break off into groups and start fucking out in the wilderness! Four hot sex scenes featuring studs and starlets from the past sucking and fucking like it’s the glorydays!

Jessica Wylde

Amber linn and cicciolina movie titles Date of birth: 3 December 1956
Alternate Names: Jessica Savage|Jessica Wilde|Jessy Wylde .
Bio: Porn Star Jessica Wilde is a brunette sex doll who appeared in over 100 features between her debut in 1984 and her retirement in 1989. Jessica Wilde is a pretty young brunette with a nicely proportioned body that has the soft curves and angles that were everywhere before the fitness craze swept the nation. She was a believable sexual performer with a down-to-earth beauty and a sense of humor that came through in her roles. Jessica Wilde wasn’t a cover girl type of porn star. She struck you more as the mousy girl from high school who grew up and into her body and found out that men found her irresistably sexy.

Jessica Wilde never took herself too seriously and always managed to find the right balance between light-heartedness and sexuality. She worked equally well with men or women and was one of the favorite co-stars among her porn peers. They, too, appreciated Jessica Wilde’s under-developed ego and willingness to try anything once. Jessica Wilde was a stripper in Las Vegas for five years prior to her hardcore debut, and had a daughter in 1980.

She left the sex film biz in 1989, leaving behind lots of white-hot sexing in flicks like ‘Sex Academy,’ ‘Hyapatia Lee’s Secret Dreams,’ and ‘The Woman in Pink.’ Anyone interested in a heavy dose of natural sexuality and sensualism needs to check out the good Ms. Wylde.

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Christoph Clark y amber lynn Date of birth: 30 October 1961
Alternate Names: Tamara Longly|Blaire Richmond|Tamara .
Bio: Lusty moms and horny housewives were the stock-in-trade for this lanky and lusty brunette. Porn Star Tamara Longley was one of the most prolific sex stars of the 1980’s, steaming up more than 90 features during her five year carnal career. She was a quite thin and rangy lady with a completely natural sex appeal that always proved wonderfully arousing. Her wide-eyed yet mature good looks got her lots of roles as sexy wives, and her acting talent and understated sexuality kept her near the top of the industry throughout her stay in the biz.

Tamara Longley proved her sensual versatility from her first film, 1983’s ‘Unthinkable.’ She took on Bunny Bleu and Scott Irish in a pair of scenes that are definitely the high points of the film. Tamara Longley was a down to earth and easy to work with woman, which helped her get plenty of steamy work.

One of her all-time best performances can be found in ‘Amber Lynn’s Personal Best,’ where she romps with the sexy star of the title as well as Danielle and Chuck Martino. Tamara Longley’s fantastic turn as a wife seduced by sexy spirits in ‘House of Strange Desires’ is another top scorcher. And her energetic lesbian scene with busty legend Christy Canyon in ‘Ginger On The Rocks’ is an all-time fan favorite. Tamara Longley left the industry in 1989, hanging up her porn guns to let the new breed of sex starlet take over. She’s one of the legends of the business, a truly sensual performer who never gave anything less than her all.

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Tony Martino

Exclusive scenes amber lynn Date of birth: 22 January 1964
Alternate Names: Chuck Agozino Philmore Butts Chuck Cee Tony Marino Chuck Martin Tony Martin Tony Martinez Chuck Martino Toni Martino Chuck Steven .
Bio: Tony’s a burly and beefy stud who’s been floating around the porno industry since the mid-80’s. He’s shown his stuff in hundreds of erotic features over the past fifteen years or so, making a name for himself as a ‘do anything’ hunk who’s often called on for b-grade projects and group scenes. Tony’s thick-set good looks and dazzlingly white smile have won him plenty of fans among females, but it’s his skillful and tireless sexing that’s kept him so busy. Tony’s a slick-talking smoothie who seemingly has no trouble on the male performance front at all.

Tony got into hardcore in the mid-80’s and drifted through a string of features like ‘You’re The Boss’ and ‘Beaverly Hills Cop.’ He never quite rose to the level of a Peter North or Joey Silvera, instead finding himself pretty much restricted to low-budget grinders and quickies. Following on the success of Seymore Butts’ gonzo-style videos, Tony dubbed himself ‘Tony Martinomore Butts’ in the early 90’s and began directing and starring in a series of steamy gonzo features. In flicks like ‘Tony Martino Las Vegas Vacation’ and ‘Tony Martino On The Prowl,’ Tony created a fun-loving persona for himself that definitely raised his profile in the industry.

Tony’s since set aside his Tony Martino line and landed a job as production chief for Sin City. He’s the off-screen beau of sassy young starlet Shay Sweet, and the two have combined their skills in a number of recent features such as ‘Only The A Hole 3.’ Tony’s worked hard to get to where he is and stands as a role model for struggling porno studs everywhere.

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