Sylvia Henri movies : “Les Folies de Teresa”

Name: Les Folies de Teresa

Year: 1985

Country: France

Language: French

Director: Sascha Alexander

Duration: 97 min

Actors: Christophe Clark,Gabriel Pontello,Gerard Luig,Jack Rogers,Rolf Ernser,Frithjof Klausen,Joachim Zell,Sascha Alexandre,Gil Vital,Claude Stien,Rolf Ernser,Bert Petersen,Richard Daru,Daniel Anders,Francois Bollin,Herbert Opperman,Roland Dulin

Categories: Sylvia Henri movies, 1985, France, French, Sascha Alexander, Teresa Orlowski, Gerlinde Bodeker, Eleonore Melzer, Anna-Maria, Karine Hornel, Britta Stine, Angie Marston, Isabelle Tortilla, Simone Graf, Gisel Surel, Gerlin Bodecker, Michele Menuire, Sabina Kiesslich, Maria Benzlauer, Sylvia Henri, Monique Talard, Gisele Surel, Emmanuelle Menuire, Martine Aslo, Christine Davis, Christophe Clark, Gabriel Pontello, Gerard Luig, Jack Rogers, Rolf Ernser, Frithjof Klausen, Joachim Zell, Sascha Alexandre, Gil Vital, Claude Stien, Rolf Ernser, Bert Petersen, Richard Daru, Daniel Anders, Francois Bollin, Herbert Opperman, Roland Dulin, Masturbation

Actress: Teresa Orlowski,Gerlinde Bodeker,Eleonore Melzer,Anna-Maria,Karine Hornel,Britta Stine,Angie Marston,Isabelle Tortilla,Simone Graf,Gisel Surel,Gerlin Bodecker,Michele Menuire,Sabina Kiesslich,Maria Benzlauer,Sylvia Henri,Monique Talard,Gisele Surel,Emmanuelle Menuire,Martine Aslo,Christine Davis

"Les Folies de Teresa" is undoubtedly one of the best movies of Teresa Orlowski, a busty brunette sex goddess from Europe. This sexy kitten knows how to turn every scene into a real feast for your eyes, and the way she handles two cocks is really admirable.