Vintage porn 1980 1990 Date of birth: 31 July 1964
Alternate Names: Raven St. James|Nellie Marie Vickers|Nelly Vickers|Rachel Vickers|Vicky Vickers .
Bio: Porn Star Raven’s career before the carnal cameras began way back in 1983, when she exploded onto the scene with a few dozen of the hottest sex tapes of the mid-1980’s. Raven’s a dark-haired beauty with an amazingly rounded figure and a set of immense chest cushions. Raven was on her way to becoming one of the 80’s top porn starlets when she abruptly quit the business at the height of her fame. She stayed gone a few years, then returned in 1991 with a sexual vengeance.

Most of Raven’s early appearances are marked by her decidedly low-key style. Raven rarely let herself get carried away during her sex scenes, preferring to maintain a casual cool and let her partners do most of the work. But when Raven hit porno screens in the 90’s, she had blossomed into a sexual dynamo, leaving her shy side far behind. She demonstrated a new ardor for on-screen sex, especially lesbian and oral scenes. Raven again rose to near the top of the hardcore world, this time as an experienced seductress rather than an innocent ingenue. Some of Raven’s best work can be found whenever she’s paired up with Euro-stud Rocco Siffredi, a man who can more than hold his own with a woman this raw and sexual. Raven has since left the scene yet again, this time probably for good, but she’s left behind the following catalog chock full of red-hot hits.

All films with Raven here
1. Nena, Das geile Biest von nebenan N/A
2. Nena 5 – Das geile Biest von nebenan N/A
3. Andrew Blake The Legend N/A
4. Andrew Blake Collector Set – 5 Pack N/A
5. Family Values N/A
6. Retro Pussy N/A
7. Ashlyn Gere: 4 Pack N/A
8. Swedish Erotica Ginger Lynn # 81 N/A
9. Talk Dirty to Me 3 (1984) [ NonSex ]
10. Jailhouse Girls (1984)
11. Teasers (1984)
12. Doctor Ginger (1984)
13. Pretty As You Feel (1984)
14. Panty Raid (1984)
15. Breezy (1984)
16. Raven (1984)
17. Joys Of Erotica 109 (1984)
18. Pleasure Productions Volume 10 (1984)
19. Naked Eyes (1985)
20. Sperm Busters (1985) [ Clip ]
21. Penthouse Love Stories (1986)
22. Hot Shorts Presents Raven (1986)
23. Hot Shorts Presents Ginger Lynn (1986)
24. House of Dreams (1990)
25. A Paler Shade Of Blue (1990)
26. Total Reball (1990)
27. The Pump (1991)
28. Mummy Dearest 3 (1991)
29. Taboo 9 (1991)
30. Curse Of The Catwoman (1991)
31. Black Obsession (1991)
32. Temptation Eyes (1991)
33. Bonfire Of The Panties (1991)
34. After Midnight (1994) [ LezOnly ]

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