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Jungle Jive

Year : 1992

Director: Jim Enright

Actors: Cassidy Melanie Moore Patricia Kennedy Teri Diver Julian St. Jox Sean Michaels T.T. Boy

Country: USA

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Description:Some like it hard and throbbing. Some like it wild with passion. Melanie like it any way she can get it. And she gets it as much as she can. First she seduces her horny husband, then sends him off to do his own thing with the lesbian lovers Silvana and Lisa.

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Extremes Verlangen junger Hausfrauen

Year : 1983

Director: Lawrence Talbot

Actors: Vanessa del Rio Jessie St. James Joanna Storm Mai Lin Tiffany Clark Paul Thomas Jerry Butler Jose Duval David Sandler Bill Michaels Tanya Lawson Dave Stien Veronica Hart Richard Gorden Erica Eaton

Country: USA

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Description:Five beautiful and sexy women gather one afternoon to feel champagne and talk about their sex lives. Each of the women tells a story about the way she met her husband and about their first sex. All of these stories are extremely hot and exciting, every story is a thrilling sex adventure with such spicy and savoury details as playing with sex toys, having sex in a public place or at a shrink’s office. No wonder the girls get horny and end up enjoying a passionate lesbian fucking session.

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Hothouse Rose

Year : 1991

Director: Henri Pachard

Actors: Jeanna Fine Victoria Paris [ Facial ] Jon Dough Nina Hartley [ NonSex ] Tiara T.T. Boy Sikki Nixx Marc Wallice K.C. Williams Randy West Tom Chapman Wayne Summers Geoff Gann Fred J. Lincoln Holly Ryder

Country: USA

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Description:Liz Harris is more than just a fan of porn superstar Hothouse Rose. She’s obsessed. In her private life Liz stalks the bars for men to help her re-enact Rose’s wildest scenes – and finds plenty of willing participants. But that’s not enough to satisfy Liz’s desire, which can only be fully quenched by taking on Hothouse Rose herself in a climax that will leave you in complete suspense…

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Hotel Lesbos

Year : 1985

Director: N/A

Actors: Melissa Bonsardo Laura Clair Marilyn Jess [ LezOnly ] Isabelle Lagrange Michelle Leska Jeannie Pepper Prisca Dominique Saint Claire [ LezOnly ] Marie-Chantal Trobert

Country: CanadaUSA

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Description:What we have here are two examples of lesbian lust, European style. There may not be much story to speak of in either feature, but there are some pretty faces and enough production qualities to raise these two foreign titles above the average American lesbian features. Hotel Lesbos is the story of a cute, young girl (she’s the one on the box cover in the multi-colored, yellow-sleeved shirt) who wants to get into fashion modeling. Country Girls in Heat is about an estate of lady lovers who capture two male peeping toms and keep them locked in the dog kennel. We never find out what happens to the two captives, though, because there will be a Country Girls in Heat Part 2. Neither of these stories are strong, so don’t expect much from the sequel. Speaking of captives, the blonde heroine of Hotel Lesbos is slapped around and handcuffed by a scorned lover who now, with the upper hand, her prisoner to perform in a sexually arousing scene. The sex here is all-female, which, of course, necessitates the use of love aids. Dildos abound in both features, but it’s in Country where things really get kinky. Our two cooking lovers resort to using food (a banana and a large, thin onion) instead of a dildo when things heat up in the kitchen. Production qualities shine here as these shot-on-video features are well-shot and well-lit, but the voice dubbing, particularly the moaning during the sex, can be annoying. But all and all, lesbian fans should find the quality of these features, the new faces and the sex, worthwhile.

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Les Lesbos Of Paris

Year : 1985

Director: Carlos DeSantos

Actors: Amber Lynn Barbara Caron Jacline Moreau Jeanne Marchard Lucy Bardot Martine Reunion Sharon Mitchell

Country: USA

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Description:After learning about French female love, Amber Lynn and Sharon Mitchell turn the tables on the femmes and give their version American love. The entire group of lovely femmes end up in an orgy that surpasses the most vivid American imagination.

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Les masseuses de Hong Kong

Year : 1982

Director: Paul Kerman

Actors: Carole Pierac Cathy Stewart Elisabeth Bure Mika Barthel Alban Ceray Gil Lagardere Dominique Irissou Dominique Aveline

Country: France

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Description:Library footage of Hong Kong exteriors and the costumes worn by Cathy Stewart and Dominique Irissou, along with the design of a door to an apartment, are meant to make us believe that this was shot in Hong Kong.

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Tigress Of The Jungle

Year : N/A

Director: N/A

Actors: Vanessa del Rio

Country: USA

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Description:Experience the thrill of the hunt as Vanessa Del Rio prowls the hard streets of New York loooking for sexual adventures. And remember, she always gets her man!

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Dildo Debutantes

Year : 1995

Director: Henri Pachard

Actors: Abbey Gale Jessica James Sweety Pie Nancy Vee Sindee Coxx Tess Newheart

Country: USA

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Description:Boys. Who needs ‘em? One thing’s for sure… these girls don’t! Join Nancy, Jessica, Cindy, Abby, Juliet, and Tess – six gorgeous ‘lipstick lesbians’ – as they relive their first woman to woman sexual experiences. Nothing is hidden as these beauties recount the joy of the sensual feel of being with another woman. Who needs boys? Not Nancy and her friends. They’ve got soft curves, shapely breasts, warm lips… and a stash of erotic toys!

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Lethal Squirt

Year : 1991

Director: Michael Morrison

Actors: Robin Lee Biff Malibu Gidgette Tonisha Mills Krystina King Dan Cooper Madison Ashlyn Gere Nikki Wilde

Country: USA

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Description:Dangerous, deadly, and damn nasty! Squirt shoots the love juices that are to die for! Sucking, humping, licking and squirting her white-hot heat leaves them moaning and groaning for more! With Squirt, action speaks louder than words – unless you’re into talking dirty and pumping hard!

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The Sensual Houseboat

Year : 1978

Director: N/A

Actors: N/A

Country: USA

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Description:The Sensual Houseboat is really a trilogy — three tales of love and lust distinguished by the pulchritude of the participant pussy. The first is set on the titular houseboat, where two cute marrieds are celebrating their second honeymoon by fucking the shit out of each other (as every second honeymoon ought to be celebrated). The second tale, with the remarkably blunt title Cunt Putter Service (honest) is almost a monologue by a husky, bearded bullshit artist. The little gal he’s seducing is a nubile blonde right off the cover of some Scandinavian nudist mag — you know the type — and the Deviate’s pressure shot up to critical levels at the sight of her licking fatso’s lollipop. The third, called More & More, nearly did the Deviate in. A girl in panties is fencing with some tall dude and oh, oh, oh, this girl! An American cover-girl type, co-ed of the year, her little bud breasts and tender lithe body have haunted the Deviate’s daydreams since he laid eyes on her! His pressure, already in peril from girl #2, blew the seal on the stethoscope or periscope or whatever the hell that thing is that measures pressure. Definitely worth a look.