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Schwanzgeile Franzosinnen

Year: 1978

Director: Claude Pierson (aka Paul Martin)

Distributor: Pierson Production

Country: FR

Language: German

Length: 57 min

Actress: Brigitte Lahaie, Barbara Moose, Cathy Stewart, Diane Dubois, [Anal, DP] Liliane Lemieuvre, Valérie Martin’s, (aka Vanessa David)

Actors: Richard Lemieuvre, (aka Richard Allan)Cyril Val, (aka Alain Plumey)Charlie Schreiner, (aka Charly Schreiner)

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Charlie Schreiner and Richard Lemieuvre go on a skiing holiday. They fall in with two blondes, Diane Dubois and Valeire Martin’s, and have lots of fun with them. When the two girls leave the two men finally have a go at skiing and break their legs. In the hospital, however, the nurses, Barbara Moose, Cathy Stewart and Brigitte Lahaie, are very friendly and the doctor joins in the orgy.

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Year: 1974

Director: Mac Ahlberg

Distributor: Filminvest AB

Country: SE

Language: Swedish

Length: 87 min

Actress: Marie Forsa, Anita Ericsson, Kim Frank, Gosta Bergqvist, Ulla Sando, Marianne Larsson, Gunilla Goransson, Inger Sundh, Irene Lindholm

Actors: Jack Frank, Rune Hallberg, Karl Goransson, Lars Dahlgard

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The young girl Flossie comes straight from a Swiss boarding school to Stockholm where she meets a young embassy clerk. Together with her friend Eva each tell the other two of previous sexual encounters.

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Manolios O Mpixtis

Year : N/A

Director: N/A

Actors: N/A

Country: Greece

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Description:Oh those gorgeous Greek hotties! They are so passionate, so lustful, so insatiable and shameless! Every sex scene in this classic porn movie is a celebration of desire, carnality and sensuality. Enjoy the beautiful cum shots and the spectacular closeups!

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Nasty Newshounds

Year: 1987

Director: Scotty Fox

Distributor: Moonlight Entertainment

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 78 min

Actress: Megan Leigh, Lauryl Canyon, Kathleen Gentry, Barbie Doll, Jennifer Steel

Actors: Peter North, John Martin, Blake Palmer

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Worm Jenkins and Susan Betterbe, two reporters for a tabloid called the National Intruder, are competing for a raise by seeing who can bring in the hottest story.

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Las Vegas Maniacs

Year: 1984

Director: Mike Hunter

Distributor: Mike Hunter

Country: US

Language: German

Length: 110 min

Actress: Annette Haven, Lisa DeLeeuw, [Facial] Erica Boyer, Holly McCall, Rhonda Jo Petty, [Facial] Nicole Black, [Facial, IR] Becky Savage, [LezOnly] Blackstar, [IR] Linda Rusk, Lisa La Monte, Ileena Carter, Connie Sharper, Gina Ciotti, Sue Banagath, Debbie Smith, Samantha H. Ruth

Actors: John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Mike Horner, John Martin, Blair Harris, Richard Pacheco, Jack Teague, Michael Morrison, Lee Grober, Albert Smith, Manfred De Luca

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Gedreht in Las Vegas – Stadt des Gluckspiel und Stadt der sexuellen Ekstasen. Hier kann man alles fur Geld kaufen.

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The Rip-Off Of Millie

Year: 1976

Director: Judd

Distributor: Something Weird Video

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 55 min

Actress: Clea Carson, Erica Havens, Marcia Minor, Susan Le Beau

Actors: David Ruby, Roger Caine, Michael Thorpe, Mark Le Beau

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Years before the twisted story mechanics of Pulp Fiction, there was the strangelylinked narrative structural hijinks of The Rip-Off of Millie. The underworld intrigue begins with bad-boy "locksmith" Mack carving a couple of keys as two mafia tarts gargle his gonads. Just before the moment of explosive ecstasy, Big-Boss Ferdinand intervenes with an ultimatum: "Don’t let him cum till he brings in more clients!" Mastered by the masthead of his tumescent manhood, Mack promises to get to work, and the little lickers are lacquered. Seems this dastardly group of criminals lure customers into their showrooms of high-priced merchandise — Wow! A didgeridoo! — and make copies of their house keys whilst "distracting" them with the usual butt-stuffings, twingus-splittings, and oral summations, until they can break into their homes and steal back the stuff they’ve just sold them. Whew! By the time the fiendish Ferdinand is treated to a juicy comeuppance at the hands of those he betrayed, you’ll see more muscles pulled out of shape than at a contortionists’ taffy pull. And until you’ve heard a country bumpkin Jay Lenolookalike crow, "C’mon, baby, Lick the shit off my cock!" before off-loading his tadpoles, you have not seen everything.

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Bitches In Heat Volume 10

Year : 1988

Director: N/A

Actors: Blair Castle Steve Powers Jody Love Jesse Adams Crystal Breeze Blake Palmer Carol Tauber Robert Kerman

Country: USA

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Description:Ripe and ready sluts with quivering pink pussies literally beg for a stranger cock to be crammed up inside of them. Jam-packed with full throttle ass reamings, high velocity cunt stuffing, naughty threeways, open mouth tonsil coating protein blasts, and dripping facials, these cock hungry whores have everything you desire. Their juicy slits and sweet buns need hard prick loving to take them to climax heaven!

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Surfside Sex

Year: 1988

Director: John Stagliano

Distributor: Caballero Classics

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 151 min

Actress: Aja, [Facial] Trinity Loren, Tanya Fox, Brandy Wine, Tawnee, (aka Tawny Downs)[Facial] Bobbie Sox, [Bald]

Actors: Peter North, Jon Dough, Woody Long, Harley Davis, Rick Lee

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Feel the heat on the beach when passionate personal trainer Aja and her lusty girlfriends look for horny studs and sizzling sexual adventures! Aja’s first client is volutuous Trinity Loren. Together they exercise the gardener’s love-muscle to the max! Then, jogging on the beach presents some outrageous opportunities. Aja picks up a dude and rides his big swell while her girlfriends practice some carnal moves on a kung-fu expert! Lots more luscious lovemaking takes place until Aja teams up with Tanya Fox for a frantic three-way finale. You’ll love Surfside Sex… it’s a tidal wave of erotic encounters! Surf, sand and hot sex!

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Die Mädchen des Herrn S

Year: 1977

Director: Heiko Hagemann

Distributor: Ribu Film

Country: DE

Language: German

Length: 72 min

Actress: Gina Janssen, Britt Corvin, Barbel von Staden, Angelique Bernard, Margit Rauthe, Gisela Schwartz

Actors: Rolf Zigan, Jan Boven

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Gina Janssen demands sex from her hairdresser who has to put his other client under the drier. they have just finished when gina’s husband arrives and she goes off with him to have sex in the dunes. Meanwhile her friend, a brunette, is with her husband in a bar, but eying up a black male customer and showing him plenty of leg. She goes to the ladies’ room and he floows her, with the inevitable result. When she emerges, gina and her husband have arrived. But the film now follows the brunette who goes to a boutique and finds the male assistant having sex with a redhead. She watches and then gets the same when the redhead leaves. They then drive to the country where the man’s car is stolen. Then we see the brunette in a dance class with another brunette and a black male instructor. The original brunette fantasises of g/g sex with her fellow student and then of having sex with the instructor. Now we leave the brunette and go to a riding school where Gisela Schwarz is having riding lessons from Jan Boven. is a stable girl. Gisela finds them having sex in the hay loft and then has g/g sex with the stable girl. then she goes riding in the woods with the instructor and has sex with him. Meanwhile a male student (who looks a little like Jamie Gillis at first glance) is making a mess of putting his horse away. The story now follows this man at his mansion with male and female guests. The two females (Britt Corvin) have a g/g session in the summer house Then, while Britt Corvin has sex with the other man in the same summer house, goes out on the lake in a boat with the Jamie Gillis lookalike. He makes a pass at her and she shoves him in. She is rescued by another male and daydreams of sex with him, but when he makes a pass, she pushes him in as well.

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Memories Within Miss Aggie

Year: 1974

Director: Gerard Damiano

Distributor: Inish Kae

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 75 min

Actress: Darby Lloyd Rains, [BJOnly, Facial] Kim Pope, Mary Stuart, [Anal] Deborah Ashira

Actors: Harry Reems, Eric Edwards, Rolf Beck, Patrick L. Farrelly, Leo Zorba, Ralph Herman, Christopher Kersen

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The elderly Miss Aggie inhabits an isolated farmhouse with Richard, a man of few words. While making him a cup of tea one day, she remembers or fantasizes sexual episodes from her youth.