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No Man’s Land 10

Year: 1994
Country: US
Actress: Nina Hartley, Veronica Hart, P.J. Sparxx, Nicole London, Kelly Nichols, Felecia, Misty Rain, Vixxen, Krista, Valeria, Victoria Andrews, Sheena
Actors: n/a
Director: Nina Hartley
Distributor: Video Team

Categories: Lesbian

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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Misty Rain, P.J. Sparxx
Scene 2. Felecia, Nicole London
Scene 3. Sheena, Victoria Andrews
Scene 4. Felecia, Krista, Misty Rain, Nicole London, Nina Hartley, P.J. Sparxx, Sheena, Valeria, Victoria Andrews, VixXxen

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Atelier Biz-arr

Year: 1990
Country: DE
Actress: n/a
Actors: n/a
Director: Moli
Distributor: Magma
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Garters And Lace

Year: 1980

Director: Billy Thornberg

Distributor: Excalibur Films

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 70 min

Actress: Connie Krumpert, (aka Anne Faulkner)[Facial] Desiree West, [IR] Lesllie Bovee, (aka Leslie Bovee)[Facial] Linda McDowell, (aka Claudia Grayson)[Anal, Facial] Barbara Barton, [Facial] Suzannah Britton, (aka Aubrey Turner)Victoria Rink, [Facial]

Actors: John Holmes, Jesse Adams, (aka Arne Larson)Rick Lutze

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Luscious Aubrey Turner introduces us to six fiery vignettes, each one a feverish, frantic foray into the outer limits of 70s erotica. The real star of the show, though, is legendary porn stud John Holmes. Holmes lives up to his reputation in a quartet of sensually charged couplings. He brings out the bawdy best in all of the women he romps with, beginning with buxom blonde Victoria Rink. Victoria joins Holmes on a photo shoot that soon turns into a down and dirty dalliance that leaves them both well spent. Later on, Holmes plays a pool boy who gives tasty Barbara Barton a little extra service in an outdoor plunge. Barbara shows off some awesome oral skills here, and really loses herself in the moment with her well-equipped partner. Linda McDowell does her one better, joining Holmes for a blistering back door boff that ranks as one of the flick’s most mesmerizingly magnificent moments. Finally, porn legend Leslie Bovee shares her ripe curves with Holmes in another slam-bang session. Add in some stellar scenes from the likes of Anne Faulkner and Desiree West and you’ve got one heck of a hot package! This is 70s porn at its most erotic and enticing, and Holmes shows why he’s still considered one of the all-time greats.

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Secs Of Sex

Year: 1995

Director: Teresa Orlowski

Distributor: VTO

Country: DE

Language: German

Length: 85 min

Actress: Julia Snow, (aka Lydia Channel)Sylvia May, (aka Sylvie Seebach)Romy Panthera, Deborah Cristel, Jaqueline, Sabrina Cadreaux, Kelly Wild, Kim Base

Actors: Jean-Yves Le Castel, (aka Jean Yves Le Castel)Hakan Serbes, (aka Leon Gaulthier)Frank Gun, (aka Ferry Gizeh)Jay Lassiter, (aka Joe Kalinka)Backey Jakic, Jaqueline

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Video Teresa Orlowski № 7204.

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Best Of Rambone

Year: 1986

Director: William Whett

Distributor: Wet Video

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 51 min

Actress: Melissa Melendez, Kelly Richards, Patti Petite, Rachel Ryan

Actors: Dick Rambone

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Crazy Girls In Heat

Year: 1976
Country: FR
Actress: Karine Gambier, Dawn Cummings, Véronique Monod, Jocelyne Clairis, Helga Trixi, Penelope Lamour, Nadja Mons
Actors: Richard Lemieuvre, Cyril Val, Jacques Gatteau, Carmelo Petix, Jean-Louis Vattier, Jacques Insermini, Charlie Schreiner, Jacques Conti, Michel Dauba, Manu Pluton, Brendan Reed, Patrick Lyonnet, Unknown Male 2593-D, Unknown Male 2593-A, Unknown Male 2593-E
Director: Michel Barny (aka Michel Barni)
Distributor: Alpha France

Categories: Black, IR, Facial

An ode to pleasure in it’s most extreme forms. From orgies to unrestrained sexual extravaganzas, four superb creatures, including the unforgettable Dawn Cumming, take French hardcore to a new level catapulting it to international renown.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Trixi Heinenn
Scene 2. Dawn Cummings, Manu Pluton
Scene 3. Veronique Monet, Richard Lemieuvre
Scene 4. Nadja Mons, Jean-Louis Vattier
Scene 5. Nadja Mons, Cyril Val
Scene 6. Nadja Mons, Charlie Schreiner
Scene 7. Dawn Cummings, Trixi Heinenn, Nadja Mons, Veronique Monet
Scene 8. Nadja Mons
Scene 9. Dawn Cummings, Veronique Monet
Scene 10. Trixi Heinenn
Scene 11. Dawn Cummings, Trixi Heinenn, Nadja Mons, Veronique Monet, Michel Dauba, Patrick Lyonnet
Scene 12. Veronique Monet
Scene 13. Dawn Cummings, Trixi Heinenn, Daniel Trabet
Scene 14. Nadja Mons, Jacques Gatteau, Jacques Insermini, Unknown Male 2593-D, Unknown Male 2593-E
Scene 15. Dawn Cummings, Brendan Reed
Scene 16. Trixi Heinenn

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Karate Girls

Year: 1986

Director: Tony Vincent

Distributor: VCR

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 75 min

Actress: Mai Lin, [IR] Danielle, [IR] Jeannie Pepper, [IR] Kimi Gee, Kristy Leigh, Carolyn Connoly

Actors: Jerry Butler, Francois, Buddy Love

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These karate girls will fuck you up, and then fuck you. They have mastered the use of their bodies through years of discipline, and they are ready to show you what they’ve learned. So get ready to play Crouching Tiger, Hidden Boner with these sexy assassins.

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St Girls

Year: 1972

Director: n/a

Distributor: Something Weird Video

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 58 min



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But wait, there’s more! Ahoy, maties! Pleasure Cruise – "A tale that will chill your bowels and thrill your ballywacker!"- features Captain Rob, a man with his own floating bachelor pad. His "crew" are a pair of throb-worthy sex sirens who cater to his every sexual whim. They pick up a shipwrecked beauty and deal with two pistol-packing cons who paddle up in a cheesy rubber raft (which sinks causing the actors to break out laughing).The skipper tells them, "Guys, there’s plenty of ale in the fridge and hot broads on the top deck." They sample the shipboard snatch. The girls wear out the cons with wall-to-wall sex. The criminals jump overboard: "We’re turning ourselves in!"

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Gestopft In Alle Locher

Year: 1995
Country: DE
Actress: Kelly Trump, Sylvia May, Terry Rubens, Romy Panthera, Tracey Laque, Anika Perro, Dominique Perignon, Deborah Cristel, Heike Wender, Mandy
Actors: Sean Michaels, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Gerry Pike, Frank Gun, Backey Jakic, Santino Lee, Jay Lassiter, Thomas Fritz, Hakan
Director: n/a
Distributor: VTO
German Bestseller from Teresa Orlowski
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Denim Dolls

Year: 1990
Country: US
Actress: Debi Diamond, Rachel Ryan, Tianna, Stacy Lords
Actors: Peter North, Randy Spears, Eric Price
Director: Jean Mirage
Distributor: Cinderella

Categories: Facial

Eric Price and Rachel Ryan are good buddies. They enjoy passing the time lying around recounting their sexual exploits and sharing fond memories of lays of the past. Their various escapades are reprised in living color to make up the plot of this wall-to-wall sex video, in a very hot box. This feature is packed with lots of down ‘n dirty sex, although nothing radical or biz-arre takes place. It’s all hot stuff with truly enthusiastic performers. One episode ends with Shelley Ray cooing, "thank you, oh thank you!" after Eric Price and Peter North ejaculate on her face. All the action more or less takes place on the same bed (they might have at least changed the coverlet), but if you’re in the market for a well-produced, no-nonsense hardcore sexvid, Denim Dolls certainly fits the bill.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Rachel Ryan, Randy Spears
Scene 2. Debi Diamond, Eric Price, Peter North
Scene 3. Stacy Lords, Tianna
Scene 4. Stacy Lords, Tianna, Peter North
Scene 5. Debi Diamond, Stacy Lords
Scene 6. Rachel Ryan, Eric Price
Scene 7. Rachel Ryan, Eric Price

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Il Venditore Di Sogni

Year: 1992
Country: IT
Actress: Chessie Moore, Persia, Babette, Agnese Rossini
Actors: Ron Jeremy, Mohamed Ali, Marco White
Director: Max Bellocchio
Distributor: Casanova video
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Josefine Mutzenbacher 1
Part 1 of ‘As it Really Was’, begins in Vienna around the turn of the last century. A beautiful little madam, perched on a pulsating penis through split-crotch draws, introduces herself as Janine…

I Oxens Tecken
An eccentric count, fond of spying on girls at the beach from his Rolls while attended by two young female servants, is overcome by the excitement of the sights he is seeing and with what his …

I Lejonets Tecken
A mix-up of identities occurs as an engineer is mistaken for the author of an erotic memoir book. The book concerns the noble inhabitants of a certain manor-house. The trouble is that the …

Passage To Ecstasy

Year: 1985
Country: US
Actress: Honey Wilder, Kristara Barrington, Stacey Donovan, Buffy Davis, Josephine Carrington
Actors: Peter North, Hershel Savage, Harry Reems, Eric Edwards, Greg Derek, J.R. Kufahl
Director: Bob Chinn
Distributor: CDI

Categories: Asian, Indian, Facial, Anal

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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Stacey Donovan, Harry Reems
Scene 2. Buffy Davis, Eric Edwards
Scene 3. Kristara Barrington, Greg Derek
Scene 4. Honey Wilder, Peter North
Scene 5. Josephine Carrington, Stacey Donovan
Scene 6. Honey Wilder, Harry Reems
Scene 7. Josephine Carrington, Hershel Savage

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