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Prison Pour Femmes

Year: 1995
Country: FR
Actress: Erika Bella, Anita Rinaldi, Shalimar, Luisita Duarte
Actors: Roberto Malone, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Philippe Soine, Silvio Evangelista, Alberto Rey, Guisy Carrara
Director: Joe D’Amato
Distributor: Capital Film
When a young American woman gets caught attempting to smuggle contraband across borders, she opens herself up to exploitation by a multitude of perverts. Shuffled from detention center to detention center as she awaits the legal process, she encounters all manner of horny bureaucrats who relish the thought of getting a fresh piece of American ass as a conquest of their job. So, ladies, be careful what you use latex condoms for because agencies such as Homeland Security in the U.S. as well as its foreign counterparts are keen on looking in places where one would not expect. At travel departure gates one may be expected to bend over for more than a quickie these days, where a gaggle of ogling men in uniforms gets their jollies off by exercising the power of their position. That’s what happens to the protagonist in this film. Let’s see how she extricates herself from this Midnight Obsession.
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Wide Open Spaces

Year: 1995
Country: US
Actress: Nina Hartley, Jeanna Fine, Kelly Nichols, Juli Ashton, Kelly O’Dell, Felecia, Misty Rain, Tina Tyler, Sindee Coxx
Actors: n/a
Director: Wes Emerson
Distributor: VCA

Categories: Lesbian

What could possible lure cute, cuddly Kelly O’Dell out of early retirement? A) An all-girl romp featuring the hottest names in the business. B) A cute script with a neat twist. C) Six torrid scenes. D) All of the above. "If you answered "D", you’re right. Please proceed to the nearest VCR and view "Wide Open Spaces" If you answered otherwise, please do the same.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Juli Ashton, Kelly O’Dell
Scene 2. Jeanna Fine, Misty Rain
Scene 3. Kelly O’Dell, Nina Hartley
Scene 4. Felecia, Sindee Coxx
Scene 5. Felecia, Misty Rain, Sindee Coxx
Scene 6. Jeanna Fine, Tina Tyler

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Pornographie Sur Rendez Vous

Year: 1979
Country: FR
Actress: Diane Dubois
Actors: Didier Humbert
Director: n/a
Distributor: Carrere Video
Béryl (a model) is unhappily married to Gaston, who is older than her and writes down his fantasies in some sort of diary. She would like to get rid of him but refuses to divorce. Her lover, Frank, has an idea – why not have him die of a heart attack as he has a heart condition. In order to achieve this she could use the services of a call girl agency. Beryl is reluctant, but soon discovers that Frank has settled everything without her consent. (A short-haired blonde and a brunette will thank him for the contract in their very physical way.) Three girls will come to Béryl’s husband on his birthday when she will be away. The first one to turn up is introduced as Corinne who is supposed to have been hired by Béryl to type Gaston’s literature (fantasy scenes involving his former wife Chantal). The second one – a beautiful plump bonde – pops in as a camper drawn to his house by a storm. The third one introduces herself as Eva Monnier, a photographer friend of Béryl’s. All three girls act out the man’s fantasies (as told by his off-screen voice) until he dies in his stairway as they are masturbating in front of him. Meanwhile, as Frank shows too little interest in her, Béryl decides she will take her revenge on him (yet Diane Dubois’ scene where she’s dressed in black leather is her best to me). After her husband’s death, Béryl learns that she won’t inherit from him as he was still married to his first wife, Chantal (unfortunately unseen in the film!) and that they had had a guy called Frank. Her very Frank who, now that he has come into his dad’s money, walks out on her. Obviously he had been planning this from the beginning of his affair with her. Béryl gets a gun and shoots him.
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Lesbionic Woman

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Sweet Little 16 3

Year: 1992

Director: n/a

Distributor: VTO

Country: DE

Language: German

Length: 80 min

Actress: Roberta de Marques, Luna Saronne

Actors: Jerry Butler, Sean Michaels, Ray Victory, Yves Baillat

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German Bestseller from Teresa Orlowski

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Buttmans Ultimate Workout

Year: 1990
Country: US
Actress: Madison, Zara White, Patricia Kennedy, Alexandra Quinn, Talia James, Darla Derriere
Actors: Rocco Siffredi, Tom Byron, TT Boy, Randy Spears, John Stagliano, Seymore Butts
Director: John Stagliano
Distributor: Evil Angel

Categories: Anal, Facial

Not only did Buttman find five girls with incredible legs and asses, but this is also the hottest sex he’s ever shot. He really got lucky this time!
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Patricia Kennedy, TT Boy
Scene 2. Alexandra Quinn, Sunny McKay, Rocco Siffredi
Scene 3. Darla Derriere, Madison, Seymore Butts
Scene 4. Talia James, John Stagliano, Tom Byron
Scene 5. Patricia Kennedy, Randy Spears, TT Boy
Scene 6. Zara Whites, Rocco Siffredi

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Year: 1976

Director: Ted Roter

Distributor: Gourmet

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 91 min

Actress: Ann Webster, Karla Garrett, Diane Miller, Hillary Scott, Jana Knox, Margo Hanson

Actors: Bill Margold, John Boland, Ted Roter, Genadee Cook

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“FORBIDDEN aka PAUL, LISA AND CAROLINE strives to be the type of torturous relationship drama that John Cassavetes was then gaining fame – and, in some circles, notoriety – for. “Paul, a smugly handsome leading man is a middle-aged director of TV commercials who has a longstanding on-again, off-again relationship with actress Lisa (Diane Miller) when he marries much younger fledgling writer Caroline (Gena Lee) out of the blue. Initially apprehensive of one another, the two women end up falling in love, excluding Paul from their union with terrible results.”

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Naked Buns 8 1/2

Year: 1992

Director: Hershel Savage

Distributor: Coast To Coast

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 60 min

Actress: Danielle Rodgers, Brigitte Aime, Tonisha Mills, Jenna Wells

Actors: Randy Spears, TT Boy, Woody Long, Wayne Summers, Rick Blaine

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Naked Buns 8.5 is packed with all the cock sucking and fucking you’re looking for in a great porn! But it also has lovers shooting each other for insurance policies and studs banging every girl in sight when their girlfriend is out of the room! It’s a great combination of a cheesy story line along with red-hot sex!

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Swedish Erotica 12

Year: n/a

Director: n/a

Distributor: Caballero Classics

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 163 min

Actress: Bridgette Monet, [Anal] Seka, Amber Lynn, [Facial] Alicia Monet, Aunt Peg, [Facial, IR] Keisha, Candie Evens, Marilyn Chambers, [Anal] Nikki Charm, Jesie St. James, [Facial] Serena, Sheri St. Clair, [Anal] Porsche Lynn, Tori Welles, [Facial] Summer Rose, Ona Z, [IR] Tami Monroe, [MastOnly] Jeanette Littledove, Cheri Taylor, Kristina King, [Facial] Mandi Wine, [Facial] Sofia Solana, Honey Moore

Actors: John Holmes, Peter North, Tom Byron, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Randy West, Hershel Savage, Jon Dough, Kevin James, F.M. Bradley, Mike Ranger, David Cannon, Rocky Rockhard

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4 HOURS, 20 CUM-SOAKED SCENES!Even before there was video, there was SWEDISH EROTICA. With millions of volumes sold worldwide for over twenty years, SWEDISH EROTICA is the most successful film and video series of all time! Now re-edited and re-mastered into four solid hours of the raunchiest classic erotica ever produced. See more than 50 of the hottest, horniest, raunchiest X-rated superstars of all time in 20 cum-soaked scenes!

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Year: 1995

Director: Henri Pachard

Distributor: Caballero Classics

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 132 min

Actress: Rebecca Lord, [Facial, IR] Shonna Lynn, [Anal, DP, Facial, IR] Dalny, [Anal, Bald, Facial, IR] Solveig, [Facial] Rachel St. Marie, [Anal, Facial]

Actors: TT Boy, Jake Steed, Julian St. Jox, Karl Radford, (aka Carl Radford)Rod Fontana, Magnum D.

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Contrast is a testament to Henri Pachard’s enduring ability to attract some of the best technicians in the industry. All five multi-racial vignettes are equally well-lit and edited. The only obvious distinguishing factors among the scenes are the sex and the women.Pretty blue-eyed Rebecca Lord stars in the first installment and keeps enigmatically insisting that the "storm is coming." Yet even after Julian St. Jox has ejaculated over her luscious dark features, which I imagined might be the impeding tempest, she continues with the ominous warning. Wacky, but I’m not complaining. Another high note is the final scene, in which drop-dead gorgeous Shona lynn takes on Jake steed and T.T. Boy in an intense d.p.To put it simply, Contrast is stockable, rentable, saleable. Glad to see Mr. Pachard still at work.

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Bikini City

Year: 1991

Director: Michael Carpenter

Distributor: Coast To Coast

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 70 min

Actress: Brandy Alexandre, (aka Brandy Alexander)[Facial] Charisma, [Facial] Tonisha Mills, Kelly Blue

Actors: Peter North, TT Boy, Tom Elliot, Will Divide, (aka Wil Divide)

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Director Mike Carpenter, who often wears bikini bottoms on his head, picked awesome, bust-buster Tonisha Mills and gorgeous Aussie superstar Kelly Blue for this crazy caper that ties in the back. It’s about a bunch of hot chick bikini designers who go to L.A. and get their incredibly sexy bathing suit designs ripped off by a bunch of horny thieves. Not the kind of girls to get pushed around, they make a pact to stop at nothing to get even…or get naked. If you’re tired of video that looks like Bermuda shorts, peel on down to Bikini City.

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Innocence Impudique

Year: 1981

Director: Patrick Aubin

Distributor: n/a

Country: FR

Language: French

Length: 66 min

Actress: Brigitte Lahaie, Mika Barthel, Julia Perrin, Cathy Stewart, France Lomay, Diane Dubois, Celine Gallone, Morgane, Erika Cool, Lucie Doll, Nicole Velna, Elodie Delage, Catherine Ringer, Edwige Faillel, Carole Serres

Actors: Alban Ceray, Richard Lemieuvre, Gabriel Pontello, Dominique Aveline, Piotr Stanislas, Jacques Gatteau, Andre Kay, Hubert Geral

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A brunette wanders round a house and peeps into all the rooms, seeing the various sexual activities going on inside them (an excuse to use clips from many French films of the 70s). Finally she has sex herself when discovered.

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Justine and Juliette

Year: 1975
Country: SE
Actress: Brigitte Maier, Marie Forsa, Anne Bie Warburg, Louise Frevert, Kate Mundt, Lisbeth Olsen, Eva Axen, Pia Rydberg, Ulla Sando, Nina Gunke
Actors: Harry Reems, Poul Bundgaard, Bent Warburg, William Kisum, Rune Hallberg, Otto Brandenburg, Jim Steffe, Keld Holm, Felix Franchy, Bert Bellman
Director: Mac Ahlberg
Distributor: Filminvest AB
Now here’s something you don’t see very often–a hardcore Swedish adaptation of the Marquis de Sade directed by a man who later became a highly respected Hollywood cinematographer lensing productions like TV’s "The Wonder Years". Unfortunately, it’s not very good (although, god knows, it’s better than "The Wonder Years"). It takes the Marquis DeSade’s story of two girls, a virtuous one who suffers and a sinful one who prospers in world that above all things is cruel, and turns it into a stupid modern (as of 1975 anyway)sex comedy.The two leads, Joe Sarno-regular Maria Forse who plays Justine and the unknown who plays Juliette get naked a lot, but don’t really participate in the hardcore sex scenes. That is left to the anonymous extras and American porn star Harry Reems (hilariously dubbed into Swedish) who once again shows off his monstrous manhood and even more monstrous moustache as he plays an American millionaire (even though as I said he is dubbed into Swedish)who has promised his fortune to whatever woman can give him a heart attack during sex.Like the vast majority of Eurotica that crosses into hardcore this film has WAY too many long sex scenes and will bore the holy hell out of anyone NOT watching it for ceiling-painting purposes. Maria Forse is very cute, but not a particularly talented actress and the other performer’s talents descend precipitously from there. Worst of all, it is very obviously NOT in the spirit of the Marquis de Sade (torturing only the viewers). I’d recommend instead other flawed adaptations of the same tale like Jess Franco’s "Marquis de Sade’s Justine" or "Cruel Passions" with the ever delectable Koo Stark. This is one to avoid
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Rebel Cheerleaders

Year: 1995

Director: Paul Norman

Distributor: Vivid Entertainment

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 143 min

Actress: Rebecca Bardoux, [LezOnly] Olivia, [Bald] Dallas D’Amour, [Facial] Sindee Coxx, [LezOnly]

Actors: Scott Turner, Alec Metro, Jay Ashley, Bobby Vitale, Chaz Chase

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These Wildcats never lose because of the cheerleaders and how they play the game. Led by hot Yell Captain JR Carrington they ball the opposing team into fatigue, leaving them thinking about pussy not points. Join the always odd Paul Norman in his latest twisted tale., filled with letter jackets, pom poms and pleated skirts that come off so, so easy. Give a Rebel Yell for JR Carrington in Wave DVD’s Rebel Cheerleader.

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Hot Shorts Presents Tracey Adams

Year: 1986

Director: n/a

Distributor: LBO Entertainment

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 28 min

Actress: Nina Hartley, Tracey Adams


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Tracey Adams is a former waitress and model graduate to hot new superstar of erotica. Her combination of smooth, marble type breasts with rising nipples and gorgeous cat eyes are guaranteed to put a boner in your pants. To top this salacious collection of is a bonus featuring Tina Hearty…the madam of porn. Enjoy!

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Living In A Wet Dream

Year: 1986
Country: US
Actress: Angel Kelly, Porsche Lynn, Jessica Wylde, Summer Rose, Jeanette Littledove, Tiffany Storm, Vanessa D’Oro, Roxanne Rollan
Actors: Billy Dee, Jerry Butler, Buck Adams, John Johnson, Rocco
Director: B.S. Masters
Distributor: Penguin Productions

Categories: Black, Latin, Anal

Living In A Wet Dream. Wet, Wild and Wonderful!
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Naked Scents

Year: 1985
Country: US
Actress: Taija Rae, Veronica Hart, Sharon Kane, Tasha Voux, Tish Ambrose, Sarah Bernard, Marita Ekberg, Baby Doe, Crystal Cox
Actors: Joey Silvera, Jerry Butler, Robert Bolla, George Payne, Johnny Nineteen, Scott Baker, Steve Lockwood
Director: Elissa Christine
Distributor: VCA

Categories: Facial

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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Crystal Cox, R. Bolla
Scene 2. Tish Ambrose, Joey Silvera
Scene 3. Sharon Kane, R. Bolla
Scene 4. Tish Ambrose, Jerry Butler
Scene 5. Taija Rae, Jerry Butler
Scene 6. Tish Ambrose
Scene 7. Sharon Kane, Jerry Butler
Scene 8. Tasha Voux, R. Bolla
Scene 9. Baby Doe, Johnny Nineteen
Scene 10. Baby Doe, George Payne
Scene 11. Baby Doe, Tasha Voux, Tish Ambrose, R. Bolla
Scene 12. Tish Ambrose, R. Bolla

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Hot Shorts: Danielle

Year: 1987

Director: n/a

Distributor: LBO Entertainment

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 25 min

Actress: Danielle


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Danielle is at her hot and horny best in crotch-clutching boy-girl and steamy three-way lesbian scenes. This sizzling HOT SHORTS features thirty minutes of Danielle and her stiff and mysterious black-masked master exploring erotic and highly forbidden pleasures.

Dream Girl

Year: 1991
Country: DE
Actress: Deborah Wells, Dagmar Lost, Rita Olivski, Carmen Castellano, Joyce Jackson
Actors: n/a
Director: John Francis
Distributor: VTO
German Bestseller from Teresa Orlowski
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