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All That Glitters

Year: 1992
Country: US
Actress: Erica Boyer, Raven, Chrissy Ann
Actors: Steve Drake, Cal Jammer, Ted Williams, Austin Moore
Director: Jean Pierre Ferrand
Distributor: Las Vegas Video

Categories: Anal, DP, Facial, Lesbian

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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Erica Boyer, Raven
Scene 2. Erica Boyer, Austin Moore
Scene 3. Teri Diver, Steve Drake
Scene 4. Chrissy Ann, Cal Jammer, Ted Wilson
Scene 5. Chrissy Ann, Ted Wilson

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Ginger Rides Again

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Seka`s Fantasies

Year: 1981
Country: US
Actress: Seka, Connie Peters, Cris Cassidy, Cindy Lewis, Nancy Hoffman, Crystal Dawn, Jayne Pagan, Sofia Solana
Actors: Mike Horner, Randy West, Hershel Savage, Blair Harris, Jesse Adams, Michael Morrison, R.J. Reynolds, Gary Eberhart, Frank Jones, James Fulton
Director: Bobby Hollander
Distributor: Caballero Classics

Categories: Latin, Fisting, Facial, DP, Anal

What more could you ask of the premier adult movie star of the ’80’s that she hasn’t given you before in her long and lusty career? You ask her for her fantasies, but you had better be prepared, for when Seka tells you her desires, she goes all the way! Seka’s personal fantasies…can you handle it? The desires of the sexiest woman in the world! The Personal sexual desires of today’s top star!
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Laura Lazare, Michael Morrison, Mike Horner
Scene 2. Seka, Sophia Solana, Hershel Savage
Scene 3. Seka, Sophia Solana, Michael Morrison, Hershel Savage
Scene 4. Laura Lazare, Mike Horner
Scene 5. Cris Cassidy, Randy West
Scene 6. Connie Peterson, Crystal Dawn, Jayne Paygan, R.J. Reynolds
Scene 7. Cris Cassidy, Seka
Scene 8. Seka, Randy West
Scene 9. Cris Cassidy, Blair Harris, Gary Eberhart, Jesse Adams

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A Wife That Do It All part 1

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Tales of the Backside

Year: 1986

Director: Bobby Hollander

Distributor: LBO Entertainment

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 89 min

Actress: Dorothy LeMay, [Facial] Sharon Kane, [Facial] Lili Marlene, [Anal] Aurora Lee, [Anal, Bald] Rosemarie, [Anal] Kyoto Sun, [Anal] Valerie Darlyn, [Anal, Bald, Facial] Debra Rush, (aka Debbie Rush)[Anal] Sonya Summers, (aka Sonia Summers)Debbie Schmenge, (aka Debbie Schmengle)Dottie Schmenge, K. Andrews, (aka Kelley Andrews)[Facial] L. Malin, (aka Linda Mallin)[Anal]

Actors: Tom Byron, Marc Wallace, Aaron Stewart, Blake Palmer, Jesse Adams, John Horner, R. Andrews, Rick Taylor

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It’s all about anal ladies! If you’ve never experienced the passion of an anal girl first hand, then this tape will show you what you’ve been missing. For anal women are the most excitable and exciting sex partner of all. They are obliging and sincere in their erotic submission to men, up for anything (so long as it leads to reaming) and constantly wet. With anal-erotic women, oral expertise and the innate desire to serve men with head is given. In short, an anal lady never lived who wasn’t also dynamite in bed in every other sensuous way. This totally explicit, non-stop hard action tape will show you, in stunning up-close detail, what the anal mystique is about. It’s the ultimate erotic adventure, and getting there is half the fun!

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Clean Shaving

Year: 1989

Director: Moli

Distributor: Magma

Country: DE

Language: German

Length: 84 min



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Candy’s Big Tit Wrestling

Year: 1970
Country: US
Actress: Lisa DeLeeuw, Candy Samples, Little Oral Annie
Actors: n/a
Director: n/a
Distributor: Alpha Blue Archives
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Hawaiian Heat 2

Year: 1995

Director: Scotty Fox

Distributor: Coast To Coast

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 86 min

Actress: Tera Heart, Felecia, [LezOnly] Olivia, [Facial] Dallas, [LezOnly] Brittany Fox, Brittany Fox

Actors: Chuck Martin, Jack Hammer, Brick Majors, Jack Hammer

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Welcome to Scotty Fox’s other half: Pt. 2 of Hawian Heat. In which he takes porn’s hottest stars to Hawaii, letting them loose on the volcanic black beaches, in the clear lagoons and under the crisp waterfalls of the world’s prettiest island. And guess what happens: They all get laid. And rather constantly! It’s Felicia, Tera Heart, Olivia, Vanessa, Dallas and more in Hawaiian Heat 2: Beach Tramps. With six action scenes and more beautiful scenery than a week of PBS specials. Or as the natives say, "alikuanamali" (That means "you’d be smiling too if you were getting $500 a night for hotel rooms!") Aloha…

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The Erotic World Of Crystal Dawn

Year: 1985
Country: US
Actress: Vanessa Del Rio, Lynx Canon, Crystal Dawn, Audrey Lang
Actors: Ron Jeremy, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Mike Horner, George Payne
Director: n/a
Distributor: LBO Entertainment
The Erotic World Series is a specialty video line, exclusively highlighting the featured star’s most hushed fantasies, sexual dreams, and sensual sexcapades, and most assuredly boasts the screen’s wickedest women in rare form! These classic starlets are beautiful and ready to go!
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California Valley Girls

Year: 1983
Country: US
Actress: Kimberly Carson, Desiree Lane, Becky Savage, Misty Dawn, Shaun Mason, Dominique, Cindy Shepard
Actors: John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Paul Thomas, Hershel Savage, Eric Edwards, Stephen Raye
Director: Hal Freeman
Distributor: Filmco Releasing

Categories: Lesbian, Facial, Bald, Anal

This fast paced romp from the early 80’s features some of the most alluring women of the day in some seriously sensual shenanigans. The plot revolves around a scheme cooked up by totally tubular Valley Girls Shaun Michelle & Becky Savage. They realize that there are a lot of older Valley men who will pay top dollar to spend some sensual time in the arms of a fresh-faced young cutie. They go out and recruit a foursome of fiery foxes, then set out to turn the gals into rip roaring sex machines. One of the flick’s best scenes features John Holmes as the willing subject during a lesson on oral sex. Shaun shows the gals how it’s done, and then each of them tries out her new found skills on the legendary stud. Once the ladies have learned their lascivious lessons, it’s time for them to hit the streets and start plying their tawdry trade.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Becky Savage, Shaun Michelle
Scene 2. Cindy Shepard, Steve Douglas
Scene 3. Becky Savage, Cindy Shepard, Desiree Lane, Kimberly Carson, Misty Dawn, John Holmes
Scene 4. Cindy Shepard, Ron Jeremy
Scene 5. Kimberly Carson, Eric Edwards
Scene 6. Cindy Shepard, Paul Thomas
Scene 7. Dominique, Misty Dawn, Hershel Savage

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Giochi Carnali

Year: 1983
Country: IT
Actress: Pauline Teutscher
Actors: Brunello Chiodetti
Director: n/a
Distributor: n/a
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Undressed Rehearsal

Year: 1984
Country: US
Actress: Ginger Lynn, Gina Carrera, Debra Lynn, Lisa Lake, Angelica Dunlop
Actors: Tom Byron, Robert Bullock, Tony El-Lay
Director: Jack Remy
Distributor: Caballero Classics

Categories: Black, IR

A twist on the old Hollywood casting couch story, this one takes us into the life of a porno casting agent.Before the show goes on, the clothes must come off! Enjoy!
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Lisa Lake, Robert Bullock
Scene 2. Angelica Dunlop, Gina Carrera
Scene 3. Lisa Lake, Tom Byron
Scene 4. Ginger Lynn
Scene 5. Ginger Lynn, Tony El-Ay
Scene 6. Angelica Dunlop, Gina Carrera, Tom Byron
Scene 7. Debra Lynn, Ginger Lynn, Tony El-Ay

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Extases Impudiques

Year: 1977
Country: FR
Actress: France Lomay, Liliane Lemieuvre, Ursula White
Actors: Alban Ceray, Richard Lemieuvre, Cyril Val
Director: Claude Pierson
Distributor: Concorde
Sandra, a lovely young woman, returns to her apartment from work. She prepares something to eat and watches TV. Then all of a sudden she has a feeling that she is being watched by someone. This is actually Julien, her former boyfriend, who manages, in some way which is unclear, to appear in front of her. His presence brings back a lot of memories for Sandra, particularly those of a winter (skiing and sex) vacation that they spent together in the past. She remembers a heated sex scene by the fireplace, where Julien, after some serious foreplay, fucked her vigorously in the missionary position, including anal, and then in doggie anal, despite her hesitations. Back in the present, we gradually discover the core of the story, that is Sandra’s sentimental but mostly sexual dependence on Julien, a notorious playboy. Julien teases her about her newly-discovered independence (she now works in a travel agency) that has led inexorably to dull daily routine and he behaves crudely when she confesses to being happier now because she feels free. This again triggers her memories of their common winter vacation. She recalls being introduced by Julien to Jean-Luc, their host, and inevitably being offered to him despite her objections. She gives Jean-Luc a blowjob (he eventually comes in her mouth) while Julien jerks off watching them and later fucks her again. Brought back to reality by Julien’s ironic laughter, she is informed that he is no longer a playboy, but works in real estate as an associate of Jean-Luc. But Sandra is once again haunted by her memories of the past, this time concerning firstly her assault in the same surroundings of the chalet by Julien and Jean-Luc (culminating in a strong DP) and secondly a (made) orgy with four well-endowed masked men. The image of her giving blowjobs to all of them, getting fucked in a row and splashed all over the body with cum, while being watched by Julien, is accompanied, however, with the rather distressing recollection of her begging him shortly afterwards to fuck her, which he does. It’s only now that Sandra realizes that her dependence is far from being over. In a highly erotic scene, Julien begins by caressing her whole body, eventually proceeding to slap it harder, which only makes Sandra hornier: she confesses her submission, begs him to fuck her and gets screwed in the missionary position, anal included (it’s actually the same footage from the first scene, or was it rather used the other way round?). Their coupling is however interrupted by the arrival of Constance, a lovely friend and roommate of Sandra. The magnetic attraction between her and Julien is immediately apparent, but Sandra suggests they should all go to relax. Julien waits until Sandra falls relax to meet Constance in the living room. They fall into each other’s arms (Julien lures her by declaring that he has found the love of his life) and engage in some passionate sex, both tender and hard. Constance is probably still a virgin, and Julien gradually varies his sexual gestures (kissing and caressing her, rubbing his cock slowly over her tits and clit, getting a somewhat clumsy blowjob, before proceeding to fuck her energetically, and cum on her belly, rubbing his cum all over her body). A highly erotic scene, indeed. Sandra suddenly wakes up and catches the two lovers after the act. Infuriated, she gets a gun and tries to kill Julien, but succeeds only in wounding him in the face, as she is obstructed by Constance, who has already fallen for the guy. In a noteworthy reaction, Constance licks the water from Julien’s wound, making a bizarre comment about "giving him back the water, he has taken from her", probably implying her loss of virginity. Frustrated and humiliated, Sandra warns her about the danger of having the same experience with Julien as she had, and once more has a hallucination of being treated as a slut by him in the past, shortly before being gang banged by the same four men (this time, not wearing masks), Jean-Luc and Julien in the same surroundings. This scene (which could actually have been the sequel of the first one, in which an unknown brunette also participates) is brief, and in the end Sandra is left abandoned and covered with semen (Julien cums in her mouth). The film ends with Constance visiting the same old chalet in the company of Julien, who immediately introduces her to Jean-Luc, inciting her to pay with her body for the hospitality of his friend, since, as Julien states, "Constance is a very available woman"…
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Born for Love 2

Year: 1987
Country: DE
Actress: Sharon Kane, Jamie Summers, Karin Schubert, Elle Rio, Sibylle Rauch, Anna-Maria, Madeleine Amand, Claudia Rosini
Actors: Tom Byron, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Sasha Gabor, Gerard Luig, Geoff Parker, Jonathan Wilde
Director: Sascha Alexander
Distributor: VTO

Categories: Latin, Facial

With a cast like that, you can’t go wrong. Sibylle Rauch, Tom Byron, Sharon Kane and John Leslie – these names alone guarantee you an unforgettable and extremely exciting show full of steamy sex scenes. A sequel to the famous vintage porn movie "Born for Love", this video once again will take you to the glamorous and lascivious world of erotic photoshoots, insatiable lust and wild sex. The movie reaches its peak at the wonderful group sex scene with truly unforgettable blowjobs, threesomes and spectacular cum shots.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Elle Rio, Sasha Gabor
Scene 2. Elle Rio, Tom Byron
Scene 3. Sibylle Rauch, Tom Byron
Scene 4. Jamie Summers, Karin Schubert, John Leslie
Scene 5. Sibylle Rauch, Joey Silvera
Scene 6. Sibylle Rauch, Joey Silvera
Scene 7. Anna Fischer, John Leslie
Scene 8. Claudia Rosini
Scene 9. Anna Fischer, Claudia Rosini, John Leslie
Scene 10. Elle Rio, Sibylle Rauch, Gerard Luig, Joey Silvera, John Leslie

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Kittens 2

Year: 1991

Director: B.J. Copperhead

Distributor: Coast To Coast

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 78 min

Actress: Alexis DeVell, (aka Alexis Leslie)[LezOnly] Danielle Rodgers, [LezOnly] Tasha Voux, (aka Taja Vu)[LezOnly] Brittany Saks, [LezOnly] Angel White, [LezOnly] Blondy, Hifa, [LezOnly] Blondy, (aka Blondie)[LezOnly]


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Porn superstar Danielle Rogers stars in the video no one dared to release except us! Made at a time when she was at her horniest, this is truly one of her lustiest, lickingest roles! Watch her make it with five of her hot little lady friends, all to the direction of the master cinematographer BJ. Copperhead. Here kitty, here kitty, here kitty…

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The Affairs of Janice

Year: 1976

Director: Zebedy Colt

Distributor: Taurus Productions

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 71 min

Actress: Annie Sprinkles, [Facial] C.J. Laing, [Fisting] Crystal Sync, (aka Crystal Harris)Renee Sanz

Actors: Zebedy Colt, Bobby Astor, Ras Kean, (aka Ras Keen)Nils Nilsson

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Uniquely talented as a director and actor, Zebedy Colt could turn a low budget skin flick into a hyper real and sometimes vicious experience. In front of the camera, Colt could perform roles from meek to depraved, and as a director what he delivered was always erotic. Colt’s amazing thriller combines references to old Hollywood movies, psychosexual unhingement, and audacious sex scenes! Zebedy is a painter whose soured marriage is livened by continuous cocktail parties and often kinky and terminal indiscretions!

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Midnight Heat

Year: 1983
Country: US
Actress: Sharon Mitchell, Tish Ambrose, Dixie Dew, Champagne, Joey Karson
Actors: Jamie Gillis, Michael Bruce, Frederick Rein, Howard Feline
Director: Richard Mahler
Distributor: VCA

Categories: Lesbian, Facial

Roger Watkins is most well known, among cult film fans, as the director of the enigmatic Last House on Dead End Street. A masterpiece in it’s own right, most fans of the film are only vaguely aware of the career direction that he followed after that film, moving into hardcore films. Luckily, the same elements that made Last House… a minor classic remain present in Watkins’ hardcore films, which make them entirely unique. Jamie Gillis plays Alan, a man who’s credo is more or less (I’m paraphrasing here) "if something isn’t dangerous, it’s not worth doing." The film opens with Alan nonchalantly destroying a man. Later, Alan ends up relaxing with the mob boss’ wife, which leads to him hiding out, avoiding the threat of death. While Alan is stuck in his slummy hotel room, the viewer experiences flashbacks that Alan has of elements of his life (all involving sex) which have more or less led him to the place where he is today; he is more or less apathetic, an "hollow man" as T.S. Eliot (who is briefly referenced) would say.We’re shown how his relationship with his wife disintegrated by his utter apathy, his inability to emote, or even really have an emotional response to anything. We’re shown how his relationship with a whore leads to him having larger, higher profile hit jobs. And none of it is very pretty. Eventually Alan calls an relax service and has two girls come to his hotel room. Once there, he watches while they fuck each other, claiming that he "prefers to watch." After the two are done, he pays them and asks one of the girls, Diane, to say. Despite some concern from the other call girl, Diane agrees.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Dixie Dew, Jamie Gillis
Scene 2. Tish Ambrose, Jamie Gillis
Scene 3. Champagne, Joey Karson
Scene 4. Sharon Mitchell, Jamie Gillis
Scene 5. Champagne, Michael Bruce
Scene 6. Champagne, Jamie Gillis

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Rocky Porno Video Show

Year: 1986
Country: US
Actress: Kristara Barrington, Karen Summer, Bionca, Tantala Ray
Actors: Peter North, Tom Byron, Marc Wallace, Francois, Bruce Seven
Director: Loretta Sterling
Distributor: 4-Play Video

Categories: Asian, Facial

When a newlywed couple is stranded in the middle of a storm on their way to their honeymoon suite, it turns into a honeymoon night from hell! All Mistress Tantala – the sexually deprived proprietor of this kinky establishment -sees is fresh meat for her gang to play with! This once bashful couple is completely turned out with three-ways, sexy girl-on-girl action, and a fuck-tastic orgy completes the tale and Mistress Tantala’s scandalous night! Her hospitality may be unconventional…but it’s guaranteed to keep you cumming back for more!
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Bionca, Tom Byron
Scene 2. Bionca, Marc Wallice, Peter North
Scene 3. Karen Summer, Kristara Barrington, Tom Byron
Scene 4. Tantala Ray
Scene 5. Tantala Ray, Francois
Scene 6. Tantala Ray, Tom Byron
Scene 7. Bionca, Tantala Ray
Scene 8. Kristara Barrington, Tom Byron
Scene 9. Tantala Ray, Francois
Scene 10. Karen Summer, Peter North
Scene 11. Bionca, Marc Wallice

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Betrayal Of Innocence 3

Year: 1994

Director: Scotty Fox

Distributor: Coast To Coast

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 68 min

Actress: Kathy Marceau, (aka Katy Paul)Valeria Bondarenko, (aka Angel)Gina, Zsa Zsa, Kati, Monica, Alexa, Jennifer

Actors: Gingi, Dynamite

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In this final chapter of betrayal of innocence, the lovely, young Marika must make a decision that will be life altering. She must choose between the decadence of a life in Budapest, and the more real but humble love of Miklos and the simple life she left behind. The choice proves as intensely difficult as it is profoundly erotic. Filmed across the verdant landscape of Romania, Betrayal Of Innocence is a sweeping drama a 3-part classic sure to be remembered for years to come.