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Year: 1984

Director: Chuck Vincent

Distributor: VCA

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 77 min

Actress: Taija Rae, Sharon Kane, [LezOnly] Sheri St. Clair, (aka Sherry St. Clair)[Facial] Tish Ambrose, Sarah Bernard

Actors: Robert Bullock, George Payne, Frank Serrone, (aka Anthony Casino)Jack Wrangler, Michael Knight, Scott Baker, Steve Reynolds, (aka Stephen Reynolds)Peter Rado, Jim Sharp, Billy DeHaven

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Erotic auteur Chuck Vincent brings you an uncommonly well made sexual adventure. Voyeur is a mix between Hitchcock and huge, stiff cock made in the lavish Hollywood style. Featuring Robert Bullock, we follow a bitter ex-cop as his life takes a bizarre twist the day he meets a shady lawyer. After being hired to spy on a wealthy and promiscuous socialite he finds himself beyond obsession with this lustful and mysterous woman. As his sexual intensity mounts from watching the socialites smoldering encounters Robert must sweat it out while watching from afar. Like an person driven by savage passion, he must finally confront the image of his desire and you get to witness it right along with him.

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One of a Kind

Year: 1976

Director: Carlos Tobalina (aka Troy Benny)

Distributor: n/a

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 90 min

Actress: Annette Haven, Linda Wong, (aka Linda Chang)[IR] Desiree West, [IR] Beverly Rogers, (aka Bonnie Holyday)Lesllie Bovee, (aka Leslie Boveen)Mimi Morgan, Sharon Thorpe, Stacy Holmes, Laura Bourbon, Melba Peach, [BJOnly]

Actors: Joey Silvera, (aka Joey Cevera)Paul Thomas, Carlos Tobalina, Heinz Russo, (aka Bob Angelo)Dale Meador, Jonathon Younger, Michael Orion, Peter Grandi, Ronald Holden

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"One of a Kind" is an exciting 80s porn movie about a man who happened to buy a very special accordion. Its music made any woman incredibly horny and lustful, made her forget about everything and just yield to temptation, no matter what. Maybe this is hard to believe, but as soon as the new accordion owner tried it out he knew it was true. His fiancee was the first to lose her mind, then her friends experienced the magic of the accordion, and that was only the beginning… "One of a Kind" is an absolute must-see for any vintage porn admirer, for its raunchy lesbian, blowjob and group sex scenes won’t leave you impassive.

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New Girl In Town 4

Year: 1993

Director: n/a

Distributor: Coast To Coast

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 74 min

Actress: Heather Lee, Sunny Ray, Steffi, Trinity Lane, Rikki Parker

Actors: Gerry Pike, Ted Craig, Colt Steel, Dillon, Dillon

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You get all of the attention when you are the New Girl In Town!! These whore find this out the HARD way! They start sucking and fucking and fit right in!! Watch as they get their mouths stuffed and their twats pounded!! They are horny and anxious to become accepted members of their new community!

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Marilyn – Bizarre Begierden

Year: 1982

Director: Joe de Lara

Distributor: Mike Hunter

Country: CA

Language: German

Length: 92 min

Actress: Marilyn Jess, (aka Dominique Roye)Mika Barthel, Olinka Hardiman, (aka Olinka Zlotsky)Cathy Stewart, (aka Cathy Grener)Catherine Ringer, [Facial] Anna Ordinis, Nathalie Perrey

Actors: Gabriel Pontello, Piotr Stanislas, Jacques Marbeuf, Andre Kay, John Oury, Guy Berardant, Marc Winandy, Guilhem Causse

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This film "Marilyn – Bizarre Begierden" is sometimes credited to Gerard Kikoine but seems to actually be directed by Joe de Palmer. An emotionally ambitious adult film with Giallo overtones. Manuela (Olinka Hardiman) has two mental problems • a recurring vision of a crying young girl and obssessive insatiable lust. Her husband (Gabriel Pontello) thinks a trip to the Alps will help with her mental state. Once there all sorts of things develop, including wife-swapping, orgies, Manuella discovering that her husband is encouraging her insanity to control her money, and encounters with the ugly knife-wielding man that crimed Manuella’s girl years earlier. Also stars Catherine Ringer, Cathy Stewart, Marilyn Jess and Mika Barthel.

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Erastes tou Egeou

Year: 1983

Director: Stratos Markidis

Distributor: Olympus Films

Country: GR

Language: Greek

Length: 80 min

Actress: Katerina Spathi, Elena Danou, Joanna

Actors: Notis Pitsilos, Herbert Hofer

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Stavros (Notis Pitsilos) owns a disco located at a Greek island but he seems to have a nasty habbit: He likes watching his employees when having sex with beautiful women. He even has a party to celebrate his 40 years in peeping!

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Marriage and Other Four Letter Words

Year: 1974

Director: Richard Robinson

Distributor: VCA

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 70 min

Actress: Brigitte Maier, (aka Bridgette)Sandy Dempsey, Linda York, Nancy Schwartz, [BJOnly] Rainbow Robbins, Lilly Foster, Gina Bedell, (aka Susan Dempsey)Unknown Female 3546-A

Actors: Rick Cassidy, Tom Cantrell, Franklin Anthony, Peter Boll, (aka Keith Nicholson)Paul Castano, Sherman Richmond, Pete Krump

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Can a young and restless married couple find sexual satisfaction living in the suburbs? Desperate, they finally decide to expand their horny horizons, and our swinging twosome engage in all kinds of different couplings. In the end they find that "true love is the best thing yet!

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The Devil in Miss Jones 2

Year: 1982

Director: Henri Pachard

Distributor: VCA

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 81 min

Actress: Sharon Mitchell, [BJOnly] Samantha Fox, Sharon Kane, JoAnna Storm, Jacqueline Lorains, Georgina Spelvin, Merle Michaels, Anna Ventura, Cami Graham, Dena Ferrara, [BJOnly]

Actors: Ron Jeremy, Joey Silvera, Robert Bolla, Bobby Astor, Ashley Moore, George Payne, Alan Adrian, Henri Pachard, Tony Vincent, (aka F.J. Lincoln)Adam DeHaven, Jack Wrangler, Chuck Vincent, (aka Mark Ubell)Joe Santini, Kurt Mann, Michael Bruce, Frank Sirocco

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Justine Jones, in a continuation of The Devil in Miss Jones, Part 1 (1973), is frustrated in hell. She makes a sexual deal with the Devil himself to earn a return to earth as an immortal human. However, in earning her escape, Lucifer falls in love with her. He doesn’t want her to go but can’t admit it because he’s the Devil. The story gets underway as he tries to place her soul in nubile bodies on earth that are increasingly removed from opportunities for sex, in order to jealously deny her the one thing she craves. He finally tries the body of a nun, but this brings him into conflict with HIM, resulting in a humorous finale.

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Ragazza Alla Pari

Year: 1978

Director: Claude Pierson

Distributor: Pierson Productions

Country: FR

Language: Italian

Length: 67 min

Actress: Barbara Moose, France Lomay, Erika Cool, Claude Janna, Jenny Feeling

Actors: Richard Lemieuvre, Benoît Archenoul

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We see Jenny Feeling as a maid having sex in the kitchen with the grandson. Robert Le Ray walks in on them and takes over from him. Then Cyril Val walks in and takes over from Robert Le Ray. Then we see the family having a meal on a table in the garden – two males and Marion Schultz with Jenny Feeling in attendance. The grandson arrives with another girl (Marie-Dominique Cabannes) and they have sex among the trees. Then Cyril Val comes upon them and takes over from the male. Then Robert Le Ray takes over from him. The mom (Schultz) and the au-pair girl (Cabannes) have a g/g scene in the bath while the grandson and Jenny Feeling have sex on her bed. They are joined by Robert Le Ray for a threesome including a DP, but this could be an insert from another film. As with the other apparent DP and the anals in this film, it is seen only in close-up and implied in more distant shots. Cyril Val has sex with Marion Schultz on a bed and they are joined by the au-pair girl. Cyril Val then takes the au-pair to a brothel. On entering they find Liliane Lemieuvre apparently being DP’d by Robert Le Ray and the first male. They join in. Then, successively, the mom and Jenny Feeling arrive and also join in making a tangle of bodies.

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Great Sexpectations

Year: 1984

Director: Henri Pachard

Distributor: VCA

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 85 min

Actress: Honey Wilder, JoAnna Storm, Kelly Nichols, [Facial] Renee Summers, Carol Cross, Tanya Lawson, [Facial] Silver Starr, (aka Silver Star)Chelsea Blake, [Anal]

Actors: John Leslie, Jerry Butler, Eric Edwards, Robert Bolla, George Payne, Dick Howard, Jeffrey Wallach

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Witty, charming, sexy, beautifully photographed and well written…" That’s what Adam Film World has to say about Great Sexpectations, the sequel to the award-winning Sexcapades. An all-star cast is featured in this tale of an X-rated director with his hands full of beautiful – and ambitious – women.

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Hotel Lesbos

Year: 1985

Director: n/a

Distributor: Lipstik

Country: CA

Language: English

Length: 92 min

Actress: Marilyn Jess, [LezOnly] Dominique Saint Claire, (aka Dominique St-Clair)[LezOnly] Laura Clair, [LezOnly] Jeannie Pepper, Marie-Chantal Trobert, (aka Chantal)[LezOnly] Melissa Bonsardo, (aka Melissa)[LezOnly] Prisca, [LezOnly] Michelle Leska, (aka Candy)[LezOnly] Isabelle Lagrange, [LezOnly]


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What we have here are two examples of lesbian lust, European style. There may not be much story to speak of in either feature, but there are some pretty faces and enough production qualities to raise these two foreign titles above the average American lesbian features. Hotel Lesbos is the story of a cute, young girl (she’s the one on the box cover in the multi-colored, yellow-sleeved shirt) who wants to get into fashion modeling. Country Girls in Heat is about an estate of lady lovers who capture two male peeping toms and keep them locked in the dog kennel. We never find out what happens to the two captives, though, because there will be a Country Girls in Heat Part 2. Neither of these stories are strong, so don’t expect much from the sequel. Speaking of captives, the blonde heroine of Hotel Lesbos is slapped around and handcuffed by a scorned lover who now, with the upper hand, her prisoner to perform in a sexually arousing scene. The sex here is all-female, which, of course, necessitates the use of love aids. Dildos abound in both features, but it’s in Country where things really get kinky. Our two cooking lovers resort to using food (a banana and a large, thin onion) instead of a dildo when things heat up in the kitchen. Production qualities shine here as these shot-on-video features are well-shot and well-lit, but the voice dubbing, particularly the moaning during the sex, can be annoying. But all and all, lesbian fans should find the quality of these features, the new faces and the sex, worthwhile.