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The Master And Ms Johnson

Year: 1980
Country: US
Actress: Jennifer West, Tawny Pearl, Ginger Lee Grace, Margaret Monroe, Tokoyo, Dawn Perry, Vivi Vallini, Randy Lane, C.C. Tian
Actors: Robert Bullock, Bill Margold, R.J. Reynolds, John Hollyfield, Larry Moore, C.C. Tia, William Argold, J. Vallini, Halevah
Director: Ted Roter
Distributor: Belladonna Films

Categories: Black, Facial, IR

A carnal cuckoo’s nest!
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Dawn Perry, Margaret Monroe, Robert Bullock, Halevah
Scene 2. Dawn Perry, Larry Moore
Scene 3. C.C. Tian, John Hollyfield
Scene 4. April Grant, Dawn Perry
Scene 5. Tawny Pearl, Halevah, Larry Moore
Scene 6. Jennifer West, Larry Moore
Scene 7. Vivi Vallini, Halevah
Scene 8. Jennifer West, Halevah
Scene 9. Dawn Perry, Vivi Vallini, Larry Moore
Scene 10. Dawn Perry, Randy Lane, Vivi Vallini, Larry Moore, R.J. Reynolds
Scene 11. Vivi Vallini, Bill Margold
Scene 12. Dawn Perry
Scene 13. Randy Lane, Vivi Vallini, Bill Margold
Scene 14. April Grant, J. Vallini
Scene 15. Margaret Monroe, R.J. Reynolds
Scene 16. Jennifer West, Tawny Pearl, Robert Bullock
Scene 17. Tokoyo, Halevah
Scene 18. Dawn Perry, Larry Moore
Scene 19. April Grant, Bill Margold
Scene 20. Jennifer West, John Hollyfield
Scene 21. Vivi Vallini, Halevah
Scene 22. Dawn Perry, Robert Bullock

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Dirty Argus Spritzt Zuruck

Year: 1988
Country: DE
Actress: Tracey Adams, Jeannie Pepper, Pam Snyder, Claudette Arly, Colette Fist
Actors: Jean-Pierre Armand, Roy Hunter, Rally van Kamp
Director: Moli
Distributor: Magma

Categories: Black, Facial, IR, Anal

Following the story of a cop Magnum, this German vintage classic takes you on a thrill ride with some of the most amazing teen pornstars of their time. Beautiful bodies and natural tits, hot threesomes and luxurious orgies in bath thubs, with lesbian lust, anal sex and huge facials make it a must watch for any fan of the classic eighties era.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Pam Snyder, Rally van Kamp
Scene 2. Claudette Arly, Colette Fist, Jean-Pierre Armand
Scene 3. Claudette Arly, Colette Fist, Jean-Pierre Armand, Rally van Kamp
Scene 4. Pam Snyder, Tracey Adams
Scene 5. Pam Snyder, Tracey Adams, guy, Rally van Kamp
Scene 6. Jeannie Pepper, Roy Hunter
Scene 7. Pam Snyder, Rally van Kamp
Scene 8. Jeannie Pepper, Pam Snyder, Rally van Kamp, Roy Hunter

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Black Desire

Year: 1984
Country: US
Actress: Sharon Kane, Nicole Black, Victoria Slick, Kathy Kay
Actors: Billy Dee
Director: n/a
Distributor: Lipstik

Categories: Black

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Lust in Space

Year: 1985
Country: US
Actress: Gina Carrera, Ali Moore, Ami Rodgers, Jessica Longe, Lana Burner
Actors: Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Hershel Savage, Harry Reems, Buck Adams, Kevin James, Francois, Rick Savage
Director: Miles Kidder
Distributor: Paradise Visuals

Categories: Facial

By late morning Glinda has come and gone, blithely unaware she has been spotted by TWITT (Harry Reems), a space cadet sent by Vixanna to bring the sex-tra terrestrial back to the fold. In LA, and anxious to make up for her lost years of chocked up celibacy, Glinda links up first with Stevey (Lana Burner) then her partner, Bob (Herschel Savage), two engaging earthlings who make ends meet providing play for pay at private parties. Moon-struck by Glindas true grits and class, they invite her to attend that evenings explicit entertainment.But no sooner are inhibitions shed, the party moving into high gear, then a pricking of her thumbs warns Glinda she has been pushing her luck. Sure enough, TWITT is lurking outside in the dark shadows watching the merry lovemakers with a rapidly growing determination.. Now hard on her tail, seeing his flown bird in the palm of his hand, the cosmic cop transmigrates indoors only to blow his cool and, in the final clinch, Glinda beats him to the punch, TWITT discovering that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Ali Moore, Rick Savage
Scene 2. Andrea Brittian, Kevin James, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron
Scene 3. Lana Burner, Buck Adams
Scene 4. Andrea Brittian
Scene 5. Ali Moore, Lana Burner
Scene 6. Ali Moore, Lana Burner, Hershel Savage
Scene 7. Ami Rodgers, Francois
Scene 8. Ali Moore, Ami Rodgers, Gina Carrera, Lana Burner, Francois, Hershel Savage

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Sticky Situation

Year: 1987
Country: US
Actress: Bunny Bleu, Krista Lane, Angel Kelly, Jessica Wylde, Regine Bardot
Actors: Randy West, Steve Drake, Scott Irish, Jessie Eastern
Director: Steve Michaels
Distributor: Caballero Classics

Categories: Black, Asian

After years of hard work, Steve Drake has made it to the top of his field. He’s worked every part of his body down to the bone, put in really long hours and been up at the crack of dawn day after day for what seems like an eternity. But now Steve is the king of the adult film biz, and the industry’s top stud. And now, after all of that exhausting work, Steve’s new girlfriend wants him to give up the biz and settle down. Steve loves his girlfriend, but giving up what he’s worked so hard for is tough. Especially when it means giving up hot-to-trot black co-stars like the immortal Angel Kelly. While he’s pondering his dilemma, Steve gets a deep soothing from Angel. Eventually he decides that girlfriends come and go, but a man’s career is his career.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Krista Lane, Steve Drake
Scene 2. Jessica Wylde, Steve Drake
Scene 3. Angel Kelly, Steve Drake
Scene 4. Bunny Bleu, Regine Bardot
Scene 5. Bunny Bleu, Scott Irish
Scene 6. Regine Bardot, Randy West

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Rain Woman 6 – The Reign of Victoria

Year: 1993
Country: US
Actress: Melanie Moore, Crystal Wilder, Lacy Rose, Nikki Sinn, Sarah Jane Hamilton
Actors: Peter North, Marc Wallace, TT Boy, Jonathan Morgan
Director: John T. Bone
Distributor: Coast To Coast

Categories: Lesbian, Squirt, Facial, DP, Anal

A workday fantasy in a raincoat factory. A mad job-interview. Sex on a beach. In the bathroom. In the kitchen. And more than enough squirting to quench any thirst. From out of a London fog cums VS, RainWoman 6…The wettest RainWoman Ever!
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Lacy Rose, Jonathan Morgan
Scene 2. Nikki Sinn, Peter North, TT Boy
Scene 3. Sarah Jane Hamilton, Jonathan Morgan
Scene 4. Crystal Wilder, Lacy Rose, TT Boy
Scene 5. Melanie Moore, Sarah Jane Hamilton

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Loose Ends

Year: 1985
Country: US
Actress: Erica Boyer, Karen Summer, Janey Robbins, Summer Rose, Rikki Blake
Actors: Tom Byron, Marc Wallace, Harry Reems, Buck Adams, Steve Drake, Rock Rome, Sunny Glick
Director: Bruce Seven
Distributor: 4-Play Video

Categories: Lesbian, Facial, DP, Anal, A2M

The portrayal of anal rituals found on Loose Ends benefits tremendously from its exertingly talented cast. A frustrated Heather, never having had and orgasm, seeks out an old schoolmate Linda for new explorations into the mysterious world of lust beyond love. After an unbelievable performance in anal erotica between the two, Linda further bursts Heather’s inhibitions as she leads her into the S and M world of Mistress Ann. Her domineering expertise by her two serfs, and kinkiest sexplorations by an anal minded supporting cast, reem Heather into sexual plateaus beyond all expectations.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Janey Robbins, Steve Drake
Scene 2. Janey Robbins
Scene 3. Erica Boyer, Harry Reems
Scene 4. Erica Boyer, Janey Robbins
Scene 5. Karen Summer, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron
Scene 6. Erica Boyer, Janey Robbins, Karen Summer
Scene 7. Erica Boyer, Janey Robbins, Karen Summer, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron
Scene 8. Summer Rose, Greg Rome, Shone Taylor
Scene 9. Erica Boyer, Janey Robbins, Summer Rose
Scene 10. Erica Boyer, Janey Robbins, Summer Rose, Greg Rome, Shone Taylor
Scene 11. Janey Robbins, Rikki Blake

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Gier unter Palmen

Year: 1980
Country: DE
Actress: Gina Janssen, Andrea Werdien, Jutta Bienek, Barbara Bergen, Elena Kasset, Ina Marcel, Uwe Kanter, Sylvia Routier
Actors: Paulo Juvena, Jack C. Brousse
Director: Reiner Bronneke
Distributor: n/a
This film relates the adventures and erotic escapades of Agent O.N.Y.X. Naturally, he is rescued again and again from difficult situations by beautiful women, to whom he proves his gratitude with great sexual skill. Excitement and pleasure for all who enjoy suspense-filled eroticism.
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Das Sexabitur

Year: 1978
Country: DE
Actress: Judy London, Ginny Noack, Christa Abel, Johanna Ebertseder, Irene Falcke, Irene Falke, Unknown Female 226476
Actors: Mario Moretti, Claus Sasse, Christoph Paulik, Horst Sieger, Alfred Acktun, Stefan Wiesehofer, Alfred Acktum
Director: Jurgen Enz (aka Kenneth Howard)
Distributor: n/a

Categories: Masturbation, Lesbian

Anne Blume’s Abitur (British equivalent: A-level exam) is coming up. She’s doing fine in most subjects, except that she sucks in French. Her bored housewife mum Eva is a dead ringer for her daughter, and she speaks French fluently – so the two swap places for the French classes. That swap stays in place for the subsequent homework class with Anne’s friends, but Eva had not quite anticipated that was merely meant to be a shagfest. Well, she’s up for it though did not quite realise that normal procedure would only expect her to copulate with Klaus, Anne’s boyfriend, and not with Sven as well. That encourages Klaus to try out Sven’s girlfriend Petra, and later, for good measure, the school’s cleaning woman. Back in school, horny Eva also seduces the French teacher, and in the end the lot of them celebrate the successful exam with a big orgy – when unfortunately husband Heinz returns home early, and even more unfortunately with the headmaster as his special guest.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Ginny Noack, Christoph Paulik
Scene 2. Unknown Female 226476
Scene 3. Irene Falcke, Johanna Ebertseder
Scene 4. Ginny Noack, Irene Falcke, Christoph Paulik, Stefan Wiesehöfer
Scene 5. Jane Iwanoff
Scene 6. Ginny Noack, Irene Falcke, Christoph Paulik, Stefan Wiesehöfer
Scene 7. Christa Abel, Stefan Wiesehöfer
Scene 8. Jane Iwanoff, Christoph Paulik, Claus Sasse
Scene 9. Ginny Noack, Mario Pollak
Scene 10. faceless girl, Mario Pollak
Scene 11. Ginny Noack, Christoph Paulik
Scene 12. Jane Iwanoff, Johanna Ebertseder
Scene 13. Irene Falcke, faceless guy
Scene 14. Ginny Noack, Mario Pollak

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A Femea Da Praia

Year: 1983

Director: Oswaldo de Oliveira

Distributor: Presenca Filmes

Country: BR

Language: Portuguese

Length: 82 min

Actress: Selma Ribeiro, Elizabeth de Luiz, Edna Costa, Dina Paes de Almeida

Actors: Ronaldo Amaral, Oasis Minitti, Oswaldo Cirillo, Laurente Caragua, Jose Alves do Nascimento, Luiz Carlos de Carvalho, Francisco Hernandes

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Mila, uma jovem esposa, atribulada por um forte conflito conjugal, resolve passar uma temporada na praia com duas amigas, onde conhece todas as formas do amor livre e sem preconceitos.

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Deviates Of Love

Year: 1973

Director: n/a

Distributor: Alpha Blue Archives

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 53 min



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Witness the Cycle Devis torment a tiny cute girl, a hooker beaten and strangled, and a close up examination of a back and forth party.

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The De Renzy Tapes

Year: 1990
Country: US
Actress: Nina Hartley, Shanna McCullough, Aja, Sharon Kane, Porsche Lynn, Tanya Fox, Renee Morgan, Dana Lynn, Lisa Bright, Donna N., Eva Allen
Actors: Peter North, Tom Byron, Joey Silvera, Mike Horner, Randy West, Billy Dee, Blake Palmer
Director: Alex DeRenzy
Distributor: Caballero Classics

Categories: Black, Softcore, Facial

From Porn’s grand master Alex De Renzy, comes this DVD, packed with the greatest names of Porn’s golden Era. Apart of that, this one’s packed with real good sexy-as-it-gets porn, which will make you wanna bust a nut. So take your time, watch it close, and Enjoy!
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Tanya Foxx, Tom Byron
Scene 2. Aja, Dana Lynn, Lisa Bright, Blake Palmer, Joey Silvera
Scene 3. Lisa Bright, Shanna McCullough, Peter North
Scene 4. Aja, Eva Allen, Renee Morgan, Joey Silvera
Scene 5. Sharon Kane, Peter North
Scene 6. Donna N., Randy West
Scene 7. Nina Hartley, Peter North
Scene 8. Porsche Lynn, Billy Dee, Mike Horner

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Verwohnte Votzchen

Year: 1995

Director: n/a

Distributor: VTO

Country: DE

Language: German

Length: 81 min

Actress: Kelly Trump, Janet Jacme, Romy Panthera, Cristina Valenti, Deborah Cristel, Cindy More, Jeanny Bee, Jennifer Loca, Angel Heart, Sylvie Christel


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German Bestseller from Teresa Orlowski

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Anal Adventures 2

Year: 1992
Country: US
Actress: Alicyn Sterling, Melanie Moore, Courtney, Anisa, Nancee Kelly
Actors: Tom Byron, TT Boy
Director: Henri Pachard
Distributor: VCA

Categories: Asian, Lesbian, Anal

What’s a bun without a weenie? Indulge your cravings in this hot & nasty anal treat! Tasty buns getting filled with steamy, hot cock! This is the only Nancee Kellie video.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Anisa, TT Boy
Scene 2. Alicyn Sterling, Tom Byron
Scene 3. Courtney, Melanie Moore
Scene 4. Nancee Kelly, Tom Byron
Scene 5. Melanie Moore, TT Boy

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Xeskiste Me

Year: 1985

Director: Nasos Spiris

Distributor: Elite Film

Country: GR

Language: Greek

Length: 87 min

Actress: Monica Dimitriou

Actors: Dimitris Katsaros

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Beautiful 1980s porn movie with lots of mind-blowing sex scenes including hot blowjobs, sexy massage, anal fucking, sex on the beach and awesome cumshots.

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The Altar of Lust

Year: 1971
Country: US
Actress: Darby Lloyd Rains, Arlana Blue, Laura Cannon, Erotica Lantern, Susie Mann
Actors: Harry Reems, Tony Vincent, C. Davis Smith, Charles Smith
Director: Roberta Findlay
Distributor: Abraxas Productions

Categories: Lesbian

A woman’s session with a psychiatrist leads her to recall her past sexual experiences–being fucked as a teen by her father, moving to swinging New York and having sex with a man in the woods, joining him in a menage-a-trois with another gal, and realizing her lesbian desires. This Roberta Findlay sexploiter stars Stan Freemont and Ann Young.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Erotica Lantern, Charles Smith
Scene 2. Erotica Lantern, Harry Reems
Scene 3. Erotica Lantern, Harry Reems
Scene 4. Susie Mann, Harry Reems
Scene 5. Erotica Lantern, Susie Mann
Scene 6. Laura Cannon, Erotica Lantern
Scene 7. Arlana Blue, Harry Reems
Scene 8. Laura Cannon, Erotica Lantern
Scene 9. Erotica Lantern, Fred J. Lincoln

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Gruppensex Total 14

Year: 1993

Director: Teresa Orlowski

Distributor: VTO

Country: DE

Language: German

Length: 81 min

Actress: Astrid Pills

Actors: Yves Baillat

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Video Teresa Orlowski – Program № 4214.