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Forbidden Worlds

Year: 1988

Director: n/a

Distributor: Gourmet

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 83 min

Actress: Lisa DeLeeuw, [IR] Desiree Cousteau, Seka, [BJOnly, Facial] Candida Royalle, (aka Candida Royale)Little Oral Annie, Serena, [Facial] Rhonda Jo Petty, Danielle, Kandi Barbour, [Facial] Laurie Smith, Anna Ventura, [LezOnly] Brooke Fields, Lenora Bruce, [BJOnly] Pia Snow, [BJOnly] Becky Savage, Sylvia Benedict, [LezOnly] Angel Burgeon, Amy Freedman, Jeanette Harlow, Aubrey Nichols, Lisa Moore, Terri Dolan, [Facial] Cassie Wells, [MastOnly] Wendy O. Williams

Actors: Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Hershel Savage, Kevin James, Mike Ranger, Jesse Adams, Ray Wells, Short Stud, Paul Barresi, Michael Snow, Pepe Peru

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Somewhere on the outer edges of human understanding between the windows of today and the bright steps leading to tomorrow, there stands a doorway to the imagination. A dark door beyond which hides the shocking! The lewd! The truly deviant possibilities hidden in man’s psyche… A shivering coursed through our bodies as we dare that dark domain and with treoidation we read the words written thereon… "Forbidden Worlds".

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Steamy Tights

Year: 1976
Country: FR
Actress: Ellen Earl, Corinne Lemoine, Eva Khris, Chantal Fourquet, Francoise Mailot, Diana Christie
Actors: Bernard Musson, Samuel Zacharias, Roger Trapp
Director: Patrick Aubin
Distributor: Alpha France
One of the first films of cinema X French. The story, sceneries, and beautiful actresses who really love the sex. Cum and watch these beautiful women taken abruptly by stallions with hard cocks. These French beauties have a heat in their thighs that needs to be quenched! There also happens to be lots of good humor as well
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Wham Bam Thank You Spaceman

Year: 1972

Director: William A. Levey

Distributor: Something Weird Video

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 84 min

Actress: Dyanne Thorne, Sandi Carey, (aka Sandra Carey)Maria Arnold, (aka Tina La Wise)Ginger Lee Grace

Actors: David Brook, Jerry Mills, Jay Rasumny

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When a couple of kooky strangers from the planet Urine (or Uranus, whatever they find funnier at the time) arrive on Earth, they have one thing on their mind…and it’s not visiting Knott’s Berry Farm. No, they are on a mission for mad monkey lovin’ with a few of the local lasses. Operation Procreation is supposed to help these blue-headed fools’ endangered planet. The idea is basic: the travelers will repopulate the UN’s favorite stalemate state with little bitty baby spacemen, each with their own unusual sexual reproductive equipment. So the excitable extraterrestrials roam around LA, transporting themselves to massage parlors and local lover’s lanes looking for fornicatable females. Whenever Sgt. Jackoff and Pvt. Asshole (great names, huh?) find a willing woman, they extend their oversized tongues and inflate their balloon-like ears. Then, as they say in the vernacular, the UFO is rockin’, so don’t come a knockin’. After making interstellar bacon with a dozen or so fetching wenches, the cosmic Casanovas head back to their home planet, leaving behind lots of ET tots in their wake.

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Educating Tricia

Year: 1984

Director: Burd Tranbaree

Distributor: Caballero Classics

Country: FR

Language: English

Length: 145 min

Actress: Dominique Saint Claire, Mika Barthel, [Anal, DP] Cathy Stewart, (aka Cathy Greiner)Laura Clair, (aka Odette Burel)Nicole Segaud, [Facial] Elisabeth Bure, Christine Black, (aka Christina)[Facial, Swallow] Nadine Roussial

Actors: Richard Lemieuvre, Gabriel Pontello, Dominique Aveline, Guy Royer, Piotr Stanislas, Cyril Val, (aka Alain Plumet)Hubert Geral, Ghislain Van Hove, (aka Claude Loir)

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One of the more prominent fantasies of erudite males is making love (love?) to beautiful women who are clad only in leather underwear. Realizing this, Vincent creates a club in which members can live out these fantasies with women, with the cooperation of their husbands, or guardians, who are then led into lives of uninhibited sex and cooking.

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Bruder Und Schwester

Year: 1973

Director: Bob Chinn

Distributor: Gourmet

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 48 min

Actress: Harriet Dennis, Mary MacGregor

Actors: William Dale, Bates Young

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La Doctoresse A Des Gros Seins

Year: 1988

Director: Alain Payet (aka John Love)

Distributor: Penguin

Country: FR

Language: French

Length: 67 min

Actress: Marie-Christine Covi, (aka Sophie David)[Anal, DP] Sylvie Courtois, [Anal, Facial] Unknown Female 261225-A, [Facial, IR] Unknown Female 261225-B, [Anal, Fisting, Shaved] Unknown Female 261225-E, Unknown Female 261225-C, [Anal, Facial] Unknown Female 261225-D

Actors: Jean-Pierre Armand, Desire Bastareaud, Philippe Soine, Jean-Paul Bride, Stéphane Ricci

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Marie-Christine Covi is a doctor of a clinic. The movie starts at night, Marie-Christine Covi masturbates a guy (face not shown but it’s J. P. Armand). In a room, a woman patient rings the nurse. MC. Covi answers the call and has a lesbian scene with her.

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The Penetration of Elle Rio

Year: 1987
Country: US
Actress: Sharon Mitchell, Viper, Tanya Fox, Elle Rio
Actors: Marc Wallace, Buddy Love, Steve Wayne
Director: Roy Karch
Distributor: Gourmet video

Categories: Latin, Bald, Anal

The Penetration of Elle Rio is an erotic and simulating presentation of the hottest actress in adult video. Hustler magazine calls centerfold Elle Rio "A hot Brazilian sexpot with a ravenous body – a sexual dynamo". Sharon Mitchell co-stars with Tanya Fox and Viper. "The tattooed snake woman". The story features Viper in a dazzling sex scene shot with electrifying strobe lights, sure to become a classic. Elle Rio exhibits all her raw talent as she portrays the nasty other woman in a story which includes six penetrations. A must for sex vid fans – The Penetration of Elle Rio is fast, furious, hot, steaming and passionate.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Elle Rio, Buddy Love
Scene 2. Sharon Mitchell, Wayne Stevens
Scene 3. Viper, Marc Wallice
Scene 4. Elle Rio, Viper
Scene 5. Elle Rio, Sharon Mitchell
Scene 6. Tanya Foxx, Buddy Love, Wayne Stevens
Scene 7. Elle Rio, Sharon Mitchell, Viper, Marc Wallice

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Big Bust Loops 3

Year: n/a

Director: n/a

Distributor: Something Weird Video

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 120 min

Actress: Busty Brown, Honey Bee, Donna Chase


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Lovely Ladies in both b&w and color loops, indoor and outdoors, with and without pasties!

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Hot Shorts Presents Rene Summers

Year: 1986

Director: n/a

Distributor: LBO Entertainment

Country: US

Language: English

Length: 28 min

Actress: Renee Summers


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One of the prettiest girls in adult erotica and star of many of your favorite x-rated films, does her nastiest in this highly sensuous edition of Hot Shorts. The hottest, juiciest, oral and anal sex scenes ever done in this turn-on masterpiece! You will lust for every moment of this hot hardcore action.

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Year: 1994
Country: DE
Actress: Jeanette Lange, Nitteta, Jessie James, Mandy, Sunny Lennox, Verna-MacNaughty
Actors: Joey Murphy, Rex Morrison, Jay Lassiter, Olaf Tanner, Hugo Baum, Simon Laury, Hakan Pitt, Dietmar Scharnewski
Director: Jeckyll Jensen
Distributor: VTO
Video Teresa Orlowski № 7150.
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Lust at Sea – Free Retro XXX Movies, Vintage Nude Ladies

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Year: 1977
Country: US
Actress: Suzanne McBain, Terri Hall, Jean Jennings
Actors: Wade Nichols, John Black, Philip Marlowe, Bill Cort
Director: Bo Koop (aka Bo Koup)
Distributor: n/a

Categories: Black, Anal, IR, Facial, DPP

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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Suzanne McBain, Wade Nichols
Scene 2. Suzanne McBain, Philip Marlowe
Scene 3. Suzanne McBain, Wade Nichols
Scene 4. Suzanne McBain
Scene 5. Jean Jennings, Suzanne McBain, John Black
Scene 6. Terri Hall, Wade Nichols
Scene 7. Suzanne McBain, Bill Cort, guy
Scene 8. Suzanne McBain, Bill Cort, faceless guy, guy
Scene 9. Suzanne McBain, Philip Marlowe
Scene 10. Jean Jennings, Philip Marlowe
Scene 11. Suzanne McBain, John Black
Scene 12. Jean Jennings, Suzanne McBain, Terri Hall, John Black, Philip Marlowe, Wade Nichols

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Joanna Storm on Fire

Year: 1986
Country: US
Actress: Sharon Mitchell, JoAnna Storm, Tamara Longley, Tara Aire, Marie Lavar
Actors: Ron Jeremy, Jerry Butler, Buck Adams, Jay Sterling, Paul Barresi, Frank Hollowell, Jeff Scott, Jeff Scott, Ron Jabar
Director: Gary Graver
Distributor: Vista Video

Categories: Black, IR, Facial

The stormy escapades of a sensuous woman driven by her flaming desires, beyond the point of no return!
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Marie Lavar, Paul Baressi
Scene 2. Joanna Storm, Jerry Butler
Scene 3. Joanna Storm, Sharon Mitchell
Scene 4. Joanna Storm, Ron Jabar
Scene 5. Sharon Mitchell, Tamara Longley, Jay Serling, Jeff Scott
Scene 6. Joanna Storm, Ron Jeremy
Scene 7. Joanna Storm, Jerry Butler

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Malibu Spice

Year: 1991
Country: US
Actress: Ashlyn Gere, Jeanna Fine, Moana Pozzi, Angela Summers, K.C. Williams, Miss Pomodoro, Barbarella, Delta Make
Actors: Peter North, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallace, Randy West, Jon Dough, TT Boy, Sean Michaels, Jack Baker, Rip Hymen
Director: Alex DeRenzy
Distributor: VCA

Categories: Black, Facial, Bald, IR, Anal

Work It Out… The Malibu Way! When Ashlyn Gere and her cute co-workers at a seaside health club end up owning the place, they think they have a goldmine on their hands. But when the big bucks fail to come in, the girls use their more physical assets to draw customers. The plan works – and the girls end up with a slew of studly members who may not build up their pecs but sure work out their love muscles!
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Angela Summers, Jon Dough
Scene 2. Miss Pomodoro, Moana Pozzi, Joey Silvera
Scene 3. Barbarella, Marc Wallice
Scene 4. Jeanna Fine, Sean Michaels
Scene 5. K.C. Williams, TT Boy
Scene 6. Moana Pozzi, Marc Wallice
Scene 7. Barbarella, Miss Pomodoro, Moana Pozzi, TT Boy
Scene 8. K.C. Williams, Peter North
Scene 9. Angela Summers, Randy West
Scene 10. Barbarella, Moana Pozzi, Sean Michaels
Scene 11. Ashlyn Gere, Joey Silvera
Scene 12. Jeanna Fine, Moana Pozzi, Jon Dough

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Flight Sensations

Year: 1983
Country: US
Actress: Seka, Desiree Cousteau, Aunt Peg, Serena, Desiree West, Connie Peters, Patricia Manning, Merle Michaels, Suzanne McBain, Darby Lloyd Rains, Laurien Dominique, Terri Hall, Sue Swanson, Eileen Wells, Kitty Shane, Veri Knotty, Mary Stuart, Day Jason, Josephine Farmer, Paula Smith
Actors: John Holmes, Jamie Gillis, Mike Horner, Paul Thomas, Hershel Savage, Eric Edwards, Mike Ranger, Johnnie Keyes, Ken Yontz, Heinz Russo, Vance Erikson III
Director: Adele Robbins
Distributor: VCA

Categories: Black, IR, DP, Anal, Facial, Clip

Ah, the delightful Flight Sensations. This film IMHO is probably the last really good Seka film out there (has anyone seen American Garter? if you haven’t, don’t.) and features Seka and Desiree Cousteau as Air Hostesses. Seka being the experienced trolley dolly, she takes Desiree under her wing, leading her down the garden path of sexuality….and recounting a great deal of sex scenes in the process. The most recognisable of which is the strap on "robot" dildo that a girl proceeds to use on Seka and Juliet Anderson. I’ve seen this film in several versions down the years, but haven’t noted half the actors listed in the IAFD. All I have recognised are Seka, Desiree Cousteau, Connie Peterson, Desiree West, and Juliet Anderson. For the blokes I think there was Jamie Gillis, Mike Ranger, John Holmes, David Morris, and an unrecognisable Mike Horner (did this guy have a nose job in the late eighties?) maybe I’ve got a chopped version….. Though essentially a swedish erotica style wall-to-waller, (I think the air hostesses even wear THOSE neck scarves as well), it’s thoroughly enjoyable stuff, and has that Golden Age charm that seemed to evaporate circa 1984. It’s pretty much Seka’s show, she’s in every scene here, and thankfully, isn’t as cold and wooden as she can be. Desiree Cousteau (unfortunately) only has one full scene at the end, but pretty much steals the show with her usual ditz act. Overall 3.25 on the Imperator scale, but this depends on whether your a Seka fan, obviously.
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Laurien Dominique, Paul Scharf
Scene 2. Desiree Cousteau, Seka, Ken Yontz, Paul Thomas
Scene 3. Darby Lloyd Rains, Day Jason, Nancy Dare, Eric Edwards
Scene 4. blonde, blonde 2
Scene 5. Desiree West, Paul Scharf
Scene 6. blonde, oriental, Seka, guy, Jamie Gillis, John Holmes, Paul Thomas
Scene 7. Josephine Farmer, Paul Scharf
Scene 8. Eileen Wells, Juliet Anderson, Kitty Shayne, Mary Stuart, Merle Michaels, Serena, Suzanne McBain, Terri Hall, Veri Knotty, John Holmes, Turk Lyon
Scene 9. Connie Peterson, Paula Smith, Mike Horner, John Holmes, Johnnie Keyes, Mike Ranger, Paul Thomas
Scene 10. Pat Manning, Hershel Savage

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In Family 2

Year: 1991
Country: DE
Actress: Dagmar Lost, Lara Sanchez, Diana Dupont, Tika Bisso, Annie Barklay, Ida Fabry
Actors: Ron Jeremy, Rocco Siffredi, Joey Silvera, Herman Djikgraf
Director: John Francis
Distributor: VTO
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Marina Heat

Year: 1985
Country: DE
Actress: Tracey Adams, Amber Lynn, Nikki Charm, Gina Carrera, Summer Rose
Actors: Hershel Savage, Billy Dee, Buck Adams
Director: Jack Remy
Distributor: VTO

Categories: Black, Anal, IR, Facial

It’s an accepted fact that people who live at a marina are the loosest, most immoral swingers to be found. And the most infamous marina of all lies on the coast of sunny California, a stone’s throw away from the mega-rich Beverly Hills, scandalous Hollywood, and the international airport…an ideal location for the promiscuous flight attendants, poor little rich girls and struggling actresses to find love and lust. These are the reasons why star reporter Ace Woodward (Buck Adams) and his side kick Melanie Moans (Amber Lynn) have chosen the marina for their story on the Sex Life of the Free and Easy. As they get deeply involved in the pointed questions as whether flight attendants really screw passengers to join the "mile high club", whether bikini-clad nymphets really land parts by strolling on the beach past Hollywood moguls getting their summer tan, and whether the marina heat really contributes to a high and more intense sex drive…
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Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Amber Lynn, Billy Dee
Scene 2. Amber Lynn, Tracey Adams, Hershel Savage
Scene 3. Nikki Charm, Buck Adams
Scene 4. Gina Carrera, Summer Rose
Scene 5. Summer Rose, Billy Dee
Scene 6. Gina Carrera, Summer Rose, Buck Adams

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Blond Temptation

Year: 1991
Country: DE
Actress: Rita Olivski, Isabelle Neyle, Jacqueline Wild
Actors: Joey Silvera, Yves Baillat, Alain L’yle, Sean Michales
Director: Teresa Orlowski
Distributor: VTO
Video Teresa Orlowski № 6731
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