Miami Spice 2

Miami spice porn films

Miami Spice 2

Year: 1986

Director: Svetlana

Starring: Amber Lynn , [ Facial ] John Leslie , Sheri St. Claire , Stacey Donovan , Joey Silvera , Danielle , Candie Evans , Randy West , Jennifer Noxt , Mike De Marco , Paul Barresi , Tony Martino , Francois Papillon

Country: USA

Length: 01h 23min 07sec

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Description: Has policewomen, Greta (Stacey Donovan), gone bad & joined chocks up with Sonny, a crimelord? Two of her fellow policewomen are on her trail to find out. With Greta seducing a fellow cop & planting evidence against him. Things don’t look good. Is Greta undercover or just getting lured into Sonny’s sexual amusements.

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