Jailhouse Girls

Porn jail house girls DVD

Jailhouse Girls

Year: 1984

Director: Henri Pachard

Starring: Ginger Lynn Allen , Raven , Kelly Nichols , Kristara Barrington , Chelsea Blake , Taija Rae , Jill Cumer , Joey Silvera , Paul Thomas , George Payne , Dick Howard , Frank Serrone , Dave Ruby

Country: USA

Length: 01h 24min 23sec

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Description: Henri Pachard churns out a grimy little grinder with a lot of impact that was overlooked by many critics. Ginger is the innocent babe tossed into the slammer on trumped up prostitution charges. Paul Thomas runs the place with an iron hand and a vasoline glove, assisted by Kelly Nichols, who plays inmate Killer. The CAGED HEAT crowd can enjoy Joey and Ginger in the van, followed by a wide assortment of behind bars boffing. Guards like Howard, Chelsea and Payne take liberties with prisoners Raven and Kristara, who is outstanding in the rat hole crawl scene. Never fear, the major feature of women in jail is the obligatory lesbian stuff, a sudden scene with Ginger and Raven. Bad people get their comeuppance. Killer saves the day and escape has to be in order. Some will find this relaxer rather slimy, but fans will find it hot. Raincoat stuff.

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