Inonde mon ventre

Desire bastareaud

Inonde mon ventre

Year: 1978

Director: Maxime Debest

Starring: Brigitte Lahaie , Alban Ceray , Desire Bastareaud , Erika Cool , Jacques Gateau , Hubert Geral , Claude Janna , Viviane Laurent , Michele Le Brumann , Catherine Leno , John Oury , Catherine Tailleferre , Jean-Louis Vattier

Country: France

Length: 01h 16min 44sec

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Description: The film opens on Lise masturbating in front of an audience. In fact she acts out her fantasies (not for money but for fun) thanks to Madame Bastide who also employs a black midget, whom she personally seems to enjoy, and a blonde girl who appears twice in the film. Lise is married to Bertrand who reproaches her for not getting involved in their sex life. Thanks to his friend Sam, Bertrand can get rid of his frustration with Mathilde and Kim, without knowing that his wife exhibits herself in front of strangers – John Oury who ends up with an unknown blonde, and his wife Mathilde who joins Lise ‘on stage’ while Madame Bastide has another go at her midget employee. Bertrand is invited for the weekend by his friends. After an outing at sea and a picnic, they end up at Madame Bastide’s. The show opens on Isabelle and the black midget, soon joined by the blonde mentioned before. They all enjoy themselves until Bertrand recognises his wife dressed in black leather and masturbating in front of the audience. When she asks him to join her he’s only too happy to oblige and they are both in for a new sexually-liberated married life.

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