I Skyttens Tecken

Skyttens tecken xxx

I Skyttens Tecken

Year: 1978

Director: Werner Hedman

Starring: Ole Soltoft , Poul Bundgaard , Karl Stegger , Kate Mundt , Andre Chazel , Soren Stromberg , Gina Janssen , Lee Fong Wong , Benny Hansen , Paul Hagen , Jeanne Darville , Anna Bergman , Arthur Jensen , Ricky Bruch , Torben Bille

Country: Denmark

Length: 01h 21min 09sec

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Description: «I Skyttens Tecken» is the last movie of the danish erotic-comedy serie. The serie started in 1973 with “I jomfruens tegn” and it got great success, specially because Denmark was one of the first country to take away the censor of porn. In Denmark the movies, been seen of german tourist and people who just seen it of a comedy. Many great danish actors, was in the films, but in 78 was it over. Hard-core porn took over from the danish comedy-film. The film was not good. The humor was awful and the sex-scenes was just horney. This film as about two agents, who is fantastic stupid and there look for a box with a micro-film.

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