Hot Line

Hot line vintage porn

Hot Line

Year: 1980

Director: Anthony Spinelli

Starring: Jessie St. James , John Leslie , Pat Manning , Jon Martin , Nicole Black , Cody Nicole , Eric Stein , Herschel Savage , Phaedra Grant , Anna DeVille , Mike Horner , Ken Scudder

Country: USA

Length: 01h 18min 11sec

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Description: Jessie St James is a phone sex artist who drives men to distraction with her exquisite powers of description, magnificently sensual voice and very, very dirty mind. But what does a phone sex queen do when the day is over and she’s built up a serious head of sexual steam by talking off all day? She tracks down a few of her favorite callers and acts out what she’s been talking about all day. The big draw here is the torturous tease factor in effect when Jessie starts doing her verbal sex thing, and the exquisite payoff that comes when she finally makes a connection with stud daddies like John Leslie.

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