Hot Chocolate

Tina Davis hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Year: 1984

Director: Drea

Starring: Tina Davis , Silver Satine , Alexander James , Jack Baker , Cinnamon Dream , Tony El-ay

Country: USA

Length: 01h 18min 14sec

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Description: While may be very far from the best video production, it may well be one of the most important. Like their colleagues in Hollywood’s mainstream film community, few porn producers use black performers in their films. Hot Chocolate, director Drea’s snappily edited, shot-live-on-video story provides a rare glimpse of an entirely black cast. The story surrounds basketball and the sexual double dealing of two guys (that’s siblings, not “guys”) and one women from a local college who engage in all kinds of sexual shenanigans to try and recruit “Sweet” George Brown, a top prospect. The wives seduce George (one eats potato chips while getting laid, the girl recruiter gets him in bed and the guys lay each other’s wives and the girl recruiter. The sexual permutations are aplenty. The cast, while mostly average-looking, provide a pleasant distraction from the usual hardcore stuff. But the sex scenes range from very hot to very dull, with the best including Tony El-Ay (George) and the decent looking Cinnamon Dream after George is done working out on his exercise bike. While the thin story-line and one setting (a house) give Hot Chocolate a low-budget feel, I can only wish that others in the adult industry will include more black performers in their films and videotapes. I hope this one is a big-seller and that more follows.

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