Geh, zieh dein Dirndl aus

Dirndl klassik porno

Geh, zieh dein Dirndl aus

Year: 1973

Director: Sigi Rothemund

Starring: Elisabeth Volkmann , Alexander Grill , Marie Ekorre , Rinaldo Talamonti , Raoul Retzer , Dorothea Rau , Maja Hoppe , Elisabeth Felchner , Jurgen Schilling , Juliane Rom-Sock , Walter Klinger , Ulrich Beiger , Werner Roglin , Erich Kleiber , Doris Delaas , Max Griesser , Willy Harlander , Michael Hinz , Willy Schultes

Country: Germany

Length: 01h 19min 36sec

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Description: A big-city gal takes over a farm and hotel located in the mountains, and the locals are none too pleased about her arrival. Seems the farmhands are far more interested in churning Cherry, the milkmaid, than butter. And — get this – poor Cherry prances around in nothing but a little apron since she doesn’t own any panties!

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