Desiree Cousteau

Clasic desiree ceausteau Date of birth: 1 January 1956
Alternate Names: Deborah Clearbranch|Deseree Clearbranch|Desiree Clearbranch|Clearbranch|Desiree Costau|Desiree Costeau|Desirée Costeau|Deseree Cousteau|Desireé Cousteau|Désirée Cousteau|Desiree Cousteaus|Desiree|Desireé .
Bio: Porn Star Desiree Cousteau is an adorable brunette with big brown eyes that can malt at a glance and a cute, shy smile. Her busty, butt-licious body sets off her cutie-pie face like a sexy exclamation point. Blessed with some of the most wondrous natural breasts ever seen in hardcore, Desiree Cousteau was one of the biggest stars of 70’s and early 80’s porn. She had a bubbly, effervescent personality that made her come across as huggable and playful as a new-born puppy. But in her sex scenes, Desiree Cousteau was pure sensual energy, delivering strong and sweaty performances in virtually every film she appeared in.

Desiree Cousteau started out in the early 70’s as a straight actress, landing a small part in the 1974 girls-in-prison B-movie ‘Caged Heat.’ Her mainstream career never quite took off, though, and soon she found herself drawn into the burgeoning world of sex films. Desiree Cousteau capitalized on her natural breathless quality and cornered the market on ‘beautiful but ditzy’ roles, like a porn version of actress Jennifer Tilly. It’s in her sex scenes, though, that it becomes clear why Desiree Cousteau was one of the top stars of her day — she’s achingly sexy no matter what the scene involves. Desiree Cousteau starred in some of the true classics of early hardcore, including ,’Telefantasy.’ Her undeniably alluring beauty and fun-loving way with a sex scene made her an early legend of hardcore, and she’s a member of both the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame.

She received the award in 1978 from the Adult Film Association of America for the movie ‘Pretty Peaches’.

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