Richard rank production porno vintage Date of birth: 5 May 1948
Alternate Names: Dewey Alexander Howie Gordon Howie Greene Mack Howard Marc Howard Rich Pacheco Richard Pachelo Richard Pachinco Richard Pecheko Norman Vain .
Bio: Porndom always seems to have a place for the nerd, the goofy geek who somehow finds himself in the sack with the video’s hottest harlot. While the 90’s has seen Jonathan Morgan and Mike Horner seemingly corner the market on such roles, during the 70’s the main man when it came to geekiness was Richard Pacheco. A thin, wiry guy with a ready and reliable tool, Richard got into hardcore as something of a lark.

Pacheco was drifting through life fairly aimlessly, having left his job working in Florida for the Hollywood Sun Tattler newspaper. He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 70’s, where he met and married the “love of his life” in 1975. Richard considered attending rabbinical college, and had also applied to the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. In the end, though, neither option turned out to look as good as porn.

Working as a day laborer breaking concrete for $5 an hour certainly had its thrills, but Richard leapt at the chance when he was offered a small role in 1978’s ‘Candy Stripers 1.’ His wife was a product of the free-love 60’s, so thought that his move into porn was ‘cute.’ Pacheco’s first scene was an oral segment in a closet, and his trouble finishing the job forced production to run almost the whole afternoon. It wasn’t until he fell under the wing of fellow stud Anthony Spinelli that Pacheco began to master the skills needed to perform under porno conditions. Once he found his groove, though, Pacheco quickly shot up the studly charts.

Pacheco became known as one of the finest actors and most steady performers of his era. Over the next ten years Richard appeared in some of the hottest hardcore classics of the time, flicks like ‘Bad Girls 1,’ ‘Ten Little Maidens’ and ‘Insatiable 1,’ where he enjoyed the oral attentions of Marilyn Chambers in a steamy sequence. Richard’s best known for his role as Lenny in 1980’s ‘Talk Dirty To Me 1,’ where he played the nerdy goof opposite John Leslie’s suave smooth talker.

Pacheco won an AVN Best Supporting Actor award for his work in the sort-of-sequel to ‘Talk Dirty,’ 1983’s ‘Nothing To Hide.’ Again playing a character called Lenny, Pacheco played a dumb guy who fell for sexy Chelsea Manchester. Richard was also honored for his work in 1987’s ‘Sensual Escape,’ winning a Best Supporting Actor nod as well as a Best Couples Sex Scene prize for his blistering session with Nina Hartley.

Pacheco moved out of the business during the mid-80’s, when the specter of AIDS first reared its ugly head in the industry. Richard’s desire to work with condoms led to his being eased out of the business by most producers. Eventually, citing health concerns, Richard left the business for good. He worked as an assistant director for John Leslie for some time, but the constant visual stimulation with no hope for release drove Pacheco up the wall. When Leslie moved his production company to L.A., Pacheco took the opportunity to leave the industry altogether.

A true hardcore original, Pacheco was a unique talent in an industry that all too often calls for its males to be from the same studly cookie-cutter. Richard may not have been the best looking or most well-equipped stud on the block, but his willingness to do whatever it took to make a sex scene work made him a fave of producers, directors and co-stars alike.

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Frank James

Rick ranger porn star Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: Frank Acade Frank Allan Frank Dawry Frank Janes .
Bio: N/A

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Bobbie astyer movies Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: Bobbie Bullock Bobby Bullock R. Bullock Robbert Bullock Robert Burrows Richard Parnes Richard Parness Rick Pons Anthony Richards Anthony Richardson .
Bio: Robert Bullock was an American pornographic actor. He took his stage name from the West Coast department store chain “Bullocks” where he used to work as a salesman.

He is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame.

1988 AVN Award for Best Actor (Video) – Romeo and Juliet
1989 AVN Award for Best Actor (Film) – Portrait of an Affair

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Ron Jeremy

Vintage Male porn star aaron Date of birth: 12 March 1953
Alternate Names: B. Blackman Bill Blackman David Elliot Dave Elliott David Elliott Ron Elliott Ron Gerimiah Ron Hedge Ron Hiatt Ron Jeremy Hyatt Ronald Jeremy Hyatt Ronald Hyatt Ron Hyatt Ron Hywatt Ron Jeremey Ron Jeremi Ronald Jeremy Lulu Latouche Anthony Pearl Nicholas Pera Nicolas Pera Norm L. Pera Ron Prestissimo Ron .
Bio: A pudgy but lovable wacko who has become one of porn’s most prolific male stars through sheer perseverance, Ron Jeremy is one of the best-known porn studs of all time. He’s a mustachioed and portly guy whose fun-loving nature comes through in every leering glance, a man who is affectionately known as “The Ron Jeremy” due to the amount of hair on his back. Ron Jeremy is certainly not the best-looking guy to ever sex for the cameras, but his dogged persistence and reliable tool have kept him busy for over twenty years. He’s long since fulfilled his goal of appearing in 1000 porno flicks, and just keeps on plugging away.

Ron was born Ron Jeremy Hyatt on March 12, 1953 in New York. He graduated in the Cardoza (Brooklyn) High Class of 1971 and attained a master’s degree from Queens College. He was working as a high school special education teacher in New York City by the mid-1970’s. In 1978, Ron’s girlfriend sent a photo of him in to “Playgirl” magazine for inclusion in its ‘Boy Next Door’ section. The publishers knew a good thing then they saw it, and Ron’s photo was duly published. He ended up getting not only lots of letters from female admirers, but also from some hardcore producers from the area. Ron was quite the ham even then and enjoyed moonlighting in off-Broadway theater. The burgeoning porn industry was just starting to take off in New York, and Ron leapt at the offers he received. He made his hardcore debut in 1979’s “Tigresses. . .And Other Man-Eaters,” taking on Samantha Fox in his very first on-screen encounter. He ended up dropping his teaching gig and pursuing porno stardom full time. Ron soon became one of the busiest guys in porn. It seemed there was always work out there for a well-equipped guy who could reliably perform as well as fellate himself on camera (among other tricks Ron used to display).

Ron’s tireless sexual energy has been on constant display in porn circles since that 1979 debut. He’s a decent enough actor who has a nice touch with the lightly comic material that makes up so much hardcore dialogue, and has parlayed his deft comic persona into one of the longest-lasting careers in porn history. Some of his best early work can be found in the daffy pirate epic “Snatchbuckler” and in the classics “Bad Girls 2″ and “Fascination.” For Ron Jeremy of a more recent vintage, check out his wacky outings in such fare as “Maddam’s Family” and “The Flintbones.” Ron is the first to admit that he’s not the best looking guy in the industry, but he feels that his average-Joe looks have actually helped him to sustain his popularity. “People can relate,” he says. “When you see a gorgeous guy getting all the girls, the audience goes ‘So what?’ You see a schlub like me get lucky and it’s like there’s hope for everybody else.”

Ron has also moved behind the camera and branched out, becoming one of porn’s most well-known ambassadors to the mainstream media. He’s appeared on tons of talk shows (including numerous stints on “Jerry Springer”) and serves as a frequent consultant on ‘legit’ projects like “Boogie Nights,” “9 1/2 Weeks” and the acclaimed documentary “Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam.” Always eager to branch into the mainstream, Ron has also had bit parts in such Hollywood features as “Killing Zoe” and “Detroit Rock City.” An inveterate hype-spinner with an eye for a quick porno buck, it was Ron who brought us John Wayne Bobbitt and it was Ron who quickly signed Divine Brown up for a hardcore flick when she was caught with Hugh Grant. Ron spends any spare time he has performing at comedy clubs from coast to coast, spreading his special brand of off-color glee. He remains one of the busiest men in the industry, a true original who has always done things his way.

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Zebedy Colt

Classico porno com dewey Alexander Date of birth: 20 December 1929
Alternate Names: Lt. Cocksore Zebediah Colt Zebeoy Colt Zepety Colt Edward Earle Edward Earle Marsh .
Bio: Zebedy Colt was an American actor, musician, an adult film director and star.

Born in California, Zebedy began his career as a child actor in Hollywood, in the late sixties he became an innovator of ‘queer cabaret’ when he recorded the early gay album “I’ll sing for you” with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Controversial in its day, the album consisted of original gay themed compositions and songs originally meant to be sung by women (e.g. George Gershwin’s “The Man I Love”), but given a homosexual twist by being covered by a man.

Colt entered the pornographic film world in his middle-age, primarily as a way of financially supporting himself. On one occasion however Zebedy Colt’s double life was uncovered when the Broadway company he was with went to see The Story of Joanna, and were surprised to see their co-star playing a bi-sexual butler, Marsh later humorously recalled one of them telling him “Darling, you can be my butler anytime”. A similar situation occurred when Colt was appearing in an off-Broadway play with Sandy Dennis. Dennis thought she recognized Marsh from an adult film she had been to see with her mother, and was delighted to have this confirmed when she asked him “are you Zebedy Colt”.

His films as a director include the infamous The Farmer’s Daughter (1973 film) (which starred a young Spalding Gray), the sadistic The Devil Inside Her (which was shot at Colt’s home in Lambertville, New Jersey), Unwilling Lovers and Terri’s Revenge. As an actor in adult films, he starred in such films as Barbara Broadcast, Gerard Damiano’s The Story of Joanna, Manhold, a 3D pornographic film and the Death Wish pornographic rip-off Sex Wish. His Broadway acting work included appearing as Anthony Newley’s understudy in The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd as well as performances in The Royal Family, Dog at the Top of the Stairs and an award winning 1976 production of Tom Stoppard’s Travesties.

Zebedy Colt retired from adult films in the early 1980s, due to concerns over the criminal element (citing the murder of Dutch businessman Navred Reef who directed him in the film ‘Sharon’) as well as the drop in quality due to the change from film to video. He spent his final years in Las Vegas, entertaining friends and neighbors with scrapbooks that documented his long career.

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Mike Ranger

Vintage porn called h Date of birth: 31 October 1952
Alternate Names: Mike Carlson Chuck Fabrae Mike Fairmont Mike Grainger Peter Kurzon Mark Ranger Michael Ranger Bob Sherman Mike Stapp Mike Steph Mike Stepp Michael Stewart Mike Strong Mike Wrangler .
Bio: Porn Star Mike Ranger was one of the first men in the industry who could truly be considered such. He was a good looking, well-built stud whose reliable performance skills were of the utmost importance in the pre-Viagra days of classic porn. Mike Ranger was the original porn Golden Boy, a well-liked stud who always seemed to land on his feet .

Mike Ranger first popped up in the porn ranks in 1974, performing in the short loops and low-budget grinders that made up the bulk of the industry. He emerged on the scene just as porn was entering its Golden Age, with fully plotted features that called on acting and sexual skills in almost equal measure. He was perfect for the time, with acting chops and a tireless, never-say-never approach to filming .

Mike kept busy throughout the 70s, appearing in flicks like ‘Hot Raquets’ and ‘Pro Ball Cheerleaders.’ He didn’t really hit his stride until 1980, when he started landing roles in some of the industry’s all-time classic productions. That year saw him star in ‘Ultraflesh,’ taking on Candida Royalle in a steamy and sensual scorcher. He also popped up in ‘Insatiable,’ getting down and dirty with Marilyn Chambers in one of the flicks’s hottest romps .

In ‘Taboo,’ he starred as the teenage son obsessed with his busty mother Kay Parker. Mike Ranger sizzled his way through a quartet of scenes, including a fiery fling with Dorothy Lemay and a pair of blistering boffs with Parker. He romped with Nancy Suiter in ‘Taxi Girls’ and took on Seka in ‘Seduction of Seka’ — it’s safe to say that Mike Ranger did scenes with most every luscious lovely from porn’s Golden Age .

Not only that, but for a long time, he dated one of porn’s prettiest gals. Mike Ranger and Loni Sanders were a hot item throughout Loni’s stint in the business, and it’s been said that she owed much of her popularity to the fact that she performed so often with Ranger. Their chemistry together is undeniable. Among their best videos together are ‘Sex Boat’ and ‘Never So Deep,’ where Mike not only takes on Loni, but gets down and dirty with Tara Aire, Brooke West, Sonya Summers and Victoria Slick, to boot .

Mike Ranger left the business in 1985, after easing his way out for a couple of years. He may not be the most well-known old school stud today, but in his time Mike Ranger took a back seat to no one in the industry. His lusty legacy is secure.

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Bobby Astyr

Howie porn actor vintage Date of birth: 14 November 1937
Alternate Names: Bobby Aster Bobby Astor Rob Astor Bobby Astyn Babby Astyr Bobbie Astyr Boby Astyr Bob Astyr Bobby Ayster Bobby H. Charles Bob Charles Mac Harris Lou Lamb Paul Marcus .
Bio: Bobby Astyr was an American male pornographic actor during the 1970s, in what is considered the golden age of porn.

Astyr was born in New York on the November 14, 1937. He appeared in over 140 pornographic films, and in interviews with several female stars of the times, was often mentioned as the best male actor they had worked with. He became known as the clown prince of porn because of his on-screen antics.

In 1977, he met and fell in love with American pornographic actress, Samantha Fox. During their long-term relationship, they lived in apartments next door to each other.

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T.T. Boy

1980s top porno actors pics Date of birth: 30 April 1968
Alternate Names: J.T. Boy TT Boy D.T. Boyd Butch Max Reynolds The Troy Boy .
Bio: T.T. Boy (born Philip Troy Rivera on April 30, 1968) is the stage name of a Puerto Rican pornographic actor who has starred in over 1500 pornographic movies. He made his adult-film debut in 1989; he has twice won the XRCO Male Performer of the Year award and was named the 1996 AVN Performer of the Year.

In 2000, T.T. Boy was elected to the XRCO Hall of Fame. He has also worked under the names T.T. Boyd, Max Reynolds, Max Cash, Harry Dutchman, Bark Star, and Butch. T.T. now runs two of his own adult production companies, Evasive Angels and T.T.B. Productions, headquartered in Van Nuys, California.

His flagship lines include Black Street Hookers, Spanish Fly Pussy Search, and Orgy World. Boy’s brother performs in heterosexual porn as Talon (and used to perform in gay porn as Lex Baldwin), and their uncle performs as Dirty Harry.

Before entering porn, Boy was a boxer. His name comes from a boxing nickname, “Troy the Boy.”

Controversy came when T.T. Boy was involved in a high profile HIV case. He convinced his friend Darren James to go to Brazil to film some scenes. Condoms were not used and the actor contracted HIV from an actress named Bianca Biaggi, then returned to L.A. to work another two weeks in the porn industry there, passing on the infection to two actresses. The industry suffered a public relations shock and work stopped on all films for 60 days. As a result, Boy’s reputation was damaged. Many in the porn industry claim he had been reckless in his disregard of testing before shoots.

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Aaron Stuart

Mikeranger porn star Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: Arthur Bark Ken Moray Ralph Quail Aaron Stewart Arron Stuart Eric Stuart .
Bio: N/A

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Jon Martin

Male porn stars retro Date of birth: 24 October 1947
Alternate Names: Mike Adams Ari Adler Fred Anton Jerry Barr Jerry Bart Terry Blass Jacky Clark Bill Eastman Gary English Jerry Heat Jerry Heath Jerry Hess Jerry Hull Jon Marlin Ray Marlin Jon Marten Eric Martin John Martin Ron Martin Son Martin Jon Martinstein Robert Metz Frank Michaels John Morton Jerry Putz Mickey Rivers Jerry Ross Jerry Smith Jeffery Stern Jeffrey Stern Lyle Stewart .
Bio: N/A

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