Buck Adams

Buck Adams Date of birth: 15 November 1955
Alternate Names: Rush Adams Charles S. Allen Charles Allen .
Bio: Buck Adams is a muscle-bound rough-nut who got into porn in the early 80’s at the urging of his sister, hardcore superstar Amber Lynn. He’s a hard-as-nails stud with a somewhat flattened nose that makes him look like a recently retired prizefighter. His sexual prowess has never been in question, and he’s been one of the most dependable porno studs throughout most of the past two decades.

Buck’s hunkish physique and quite respectable acting talents make him the perfect choice for action/adventure type hardcore features that enable him to perform in ways other than sexual. Buck was married to pornstress Janette Littledove for a time during the 1980’s, but the relationship has since gone the way of most porno marriages. Another frequent on-screen partner is Rebecca Wild, and the two have turned in lots of fiery trysts together. One of Buck’s most well-known performances is opposite Tori Welles in the late 80’s classic ‘The Chameleon.’ And Buck’s roll in the hay with Nina Hartley in ‘Peeping Tom’ ranks with the hottest work either has ever done.

Buck’s well-honed acting skills have gotten him plenty of industry kudos, including three Best Actor Awards from AVN . His no-nonsense, full-throttle passion can be seen in over 400 features. Buck is a member of both the AVN and XRCO Performers Halls of Fame, and he continues to pop up in the occasional sexvid, although he’s cut way back from the hectic shooting schedule of his early days.

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Randy Spears

Randy Spears Date of birth: 18 June 1961
Alternate Names: Gregg Ory Greg Slavin Randy Spear’s .
Bio: Randy Spears is a long-time porn stalwart who has enjoyed a pair of stints as a hardcore performer. A well-built and ruggedly handsome man, he’s appeared in well over 600 features since his debut in the late 80s. Randy was married to fellow porner Danielle Rogers for 5 years, they separated in 1997 and divorced in 1999.

Randy was born on June 18, 1961 and grew up with what he terms a typical childhood in the Midwest. He had a dream of becoming a mainstream actor which led him to move to Southern California while in his early 20s. Randy studied acting and was starting to land a few roles when the writers’ strike of 1987 forced him into a new career path.

Like many actors, he struggled to find work during the strike and ended up posing for modeling shoots. At one of these shoots he met porn actress/producer Ona Zee, who asked if he was interested in adult film work. No fool, Randy jumped at the chance at a pay-for-play career. After appearing in his first hardcore flick in 1988, the phone started ringing with new job offers. Of course, the flip side to all of this is that it put an immediate end to his mainstream pursuits as ‘legit’ producers crossed the newly minted porn stud off their lists.

Randy’s combination of swarthy good looks, decent acting chops and sex-mad approach soon made him one of the most respected studs in the biz. Among his best early features is 1988’s ‘Ghostess With the Mostess,’ where he joined Aja in a frenzied fling. 1989’s ‘Queen of Hearts’ found Randy in a trio of blistering boffs, including a white-hot threesome with Keisha and Britt Morgan. 1992’s ‘Stepsister’ was another high point, with Randy taking on Savannah and P.J. Sparxx in a pair of pulse-pounding blasts.

Randy quickly became one of porn’s Golden Boys, winning scads of awards for his work. He won the 1990 AVN Best Actor Award for his work in ‘The Masseuse,’ and took home the 1993 Supporting Actor prize for ‘Haunted Nights.’ He also won the XRCO Male Favorite Award for 1993. Randy and Danielle decided to leave the scene soon after the 1992 birth of their second child, feeling that the hardcore lifestyle was quickly getting to be too much for a young family to bear.

The couple moved to Philadelphia in order to get away from the drug-fueled hedonism that was fast consuming them both. Rumor has it that Randy tried his hand at a variety of odd jobs including running a gym. In the end, though, the couple returned to Southern Cali in mid-1998 in order to give hardcore another try. Randy’s been in constant demand ever since, once again establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the studly realm.

Among the best work of his second stint in the biz is ‘Something About Kylie,’ in which he takes on stunning Jewel Valmont and cover girl Kylie Ireland in a pair of blistering back door boffs. He also shined in ‘Twisted Sex Stories,’ where he joined Inari Vachs and Cheyenne Silver in a heated threesome. Randy won a 2000 XRCO Best Actor Award for his work in ‘Double Feature,’ trysting with Serenity in a torrid fling, then joining Shanna McCullough, Jewel DeNyle and Kary Evers in a feverish threeway.

Randy still likes to flex his acting muscles when he gets the chance, and has a recurring role in the hardcore soap opera ‘Naked Hollywood’ series. He continues to churn out scenes on a regular basis, proving once and for all that old porners never die, they just look for more Viagra. Randy Spears is arguably one of the more virile and handsome male porn actors working today.

Spears began dating Playboy model and adult actress Demi Delia in 2003 and they married on January 7, 2006 in Las Vegas.

In 2004, Spears and Demi started Spears Productions and are now making movies for Penthouse and Wicked. Randy has been an exclusive Wicked Pictures contract star since January of 2006.

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Dominique Aveline Date of birth: 3 April 1940
Alternate Names: D. Aveline Dominique Avelyn Dominique Avelyne .
Bio: N/A

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Jon Dough

Jon Dough Date of birth: 12 November 1962
Alternate Names: Chet Anuszek Chet Anutzek John Doc Jon Doc John Doe Jon Doe John Dough John Dunn Diamond Hard Chad Sanders Chet Sanders Jan Sanders Rock Taylor .
Bio: Without a doubt one of the most popular male performers in 90’s porn, Jon Dough is a favorite of fans and costars alike. His swarthy good looks and soft-spoken demeanor can start his partners to swooning from the moment he steps on the set. And make no mistake, Jon’s got more than enough cocksmanship to pull off the most wickedly sexual situations with utter aplomb. His intense sexuality has steamed up more than 600 features since he broke into the biz in 1987 as Jon Dough.

Jon’s understated appeal wasn’t lost on gorgeous costar Diedre Holland, to whom he was married between 1992 and 1994. They’ve since divorced, but Jon continues to dazzle his female partners with his many charms. Jon’s been one of the most highly honored of 90’s porn studs, winning back-to-back AVN Best Actor Awards in 1995 and 1996 for his work in ‘Latex’ and ‘Shock,’ respectively. He’s also won Best Supporting honors in 1991 and 1994 for ‘Brandy and Alexander’ and ‘Sex.’ Jon was the 1994 AVN Male Performer of the Year.

In recent years, Jon has tried his hand at working behind the camera. He directed the ‘Jon Dough’s Dirty Stories’ series, and is currently producing and directing the ‘Sin-A-Matic’ series. Which is not to say he’s neglecting his stud duties! On the contrary, Jon’s turned in one of the most incredible performances in male porn star history with his work in ‘The World’s Luckiest Man,’ a reverse gang bang of sorts in which he has sex with 101 women in one day! Jon’s one of the top male stars of the 90’s and shows no signs of slowing down.

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Christoph Clark Date of birth: 9 February 1958
Alternate Names: Silvio Bello Christophe Christoph Christopher Clarck Cristof Clarck Chrisophe Clark Christof Clark Christohe Clark Christope Clark Christopher Clark Christophe Clark Cristopher Clark Cristophe Clark Cristoph Clark Christophe Clarke Christoph Grossal Christophe Grosso Christoph Grosso Chris Grosso Kriss Klark Kris Klark .
Bio: This Gallic lover hails originally from France, where he’s one of the most popular male stars. Christoph Clark an older-looking blonde stud with a lithe and tightly packed frame. He sports a largish, Gerard Depardieu-style nose and a pair of beady eyes that light up whenever he’s paired up with a sexy siren. Christoph Clark is a rarity in the world of hardcore men — he actually seems to be enjoying himself for every moment he’s on screen. He even smiles most of the time!

Christoph Clark first got into hardcore in the mid-80’s, working his way into European porn with his insatiable appetites and undeniable charms. He first got exposed to American audiences through European porn imports like the Italian Lili Carati vehicle ‘A Very Debauched Girl.’ Christoph Clark’s big break in the States was his performance in 1991’s ‘Buttman’s European Vacation 1,’ where he took on Noelle Budvar in a torrid and on-the-edge romp. He very rarely appears in porn that’s produced in the States, but his porno profile continues to rise with each new imported feature.

Christoph Clark’s finest moments in hardcore so far can be found in the lavish 1997 European porn version of ‘Hamlet.’ It’s a dazzling big-budget affair starring Christoph Clark as the troubled Dane, but this time out he’s got more than soliloquies on his mind. Christoph Clark turns in a top-notch performance, balancing the faux-Shakespearean dialogue and the lusty action perfectly. He continues to be one of Europe’s favorite hardcore studs.

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Gabriel Pontello Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: Gabriel P. G. Pontello Gabi Ponti Gabriela Ponti Gabriella Ponti Gabriel Poutello .
Bio: N/A

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Eric Edwards

Eric Edwards Date of birth: 30 November 1945
Alternate Names: Eric Cowards Erik Edwards Rob Edwards Rob Emmett Robb Everett Rob Everett Rob Evert Rob Evertt Chris Kissen Eric Roberts Ken Smith .
Bio: This redheaded stud has the distinction of lasting longer in the porno industry than any other performer. He first showed up in hardcore loops opposite Linda Lovelace way back in 1969, and he’s still going strong right up to the present day. Eric has brought his romantic, touchy-feely sexual style to more than 500 features over the past two and a half decades without losing a step.

Eric got into porn in the late 60’s, just as the industry was about to undergo its first big boom. He rode the post-‘Deep Throat’ boom to some success, performing in classic sex films like ‘Babylon Pink 1,’ where his rendezvous with Merle Michaels stood out as one of the absolute high points. Eric’s biggest exposure was due to his work in 1978’s ‘Debbie Does Dallas 1,’ one of the most popular hardcore features ever. His threeway romp with Christy Ford and Robin Byrd made him one of the most famous studs in the biz.

Eric has continued to perform in hardcore long after most of his contemporaries have departed. He’s still got what it takes to steam up a porno set, though, which is proved by his recent flicks. Eric has won virtually every industry honor, including the 1990 Free Speech Coalition’s Lifetime Achievement Award. He’s a member of the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame, cementing his status as one of the most popular studs of fans and performers alike.

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Peter North

Peter North Date of birth: 11 May 1957
Alternate Names: Al Brown Matt Ramsay Matt Ramsey Peter Worth .
Bio: Peter North is a true porn legend in his own time, a man whose insatiable sexual appetites and knack for plentiful money shots has gotten him work in well over 1000 features since his 1985 debut. Peter’s a well-muscled hunk with perfect hair, a ladykilling smile and the clean-scrubbed good looks of a pornographic superhero. He’s a completely carnal creature who seems to exude sexuality from the moment he appears on screen.

Peter’s been one of the most in-demand porn actors from the time he hit the business, due in equal parts to his looks and his prodigious skills as a woodsman. His acting skills have never been strong, but Peter has made his name through pure lusty action. He won the first three Fans of X-Rated Entertainment Favorite Male Awards, and would probably still be winning them today if the organization didn’t cut off performers’ eligibility after three victories. Peter’s the most popular and well-known of all modern-day studs, and a starlet knows she’s hit the big leagues when she gets paired up with him.

Peter is a multi-talented stud who has appeared in a number of gay features under the name Peter North. It’s his straight work that has made him a star, though. His work in the ‘Pick Up Lines’ series has made that one of the most popular lines in recent years, and his work in flicks like ‘Sodomania 2’ and ‘Hot Tight Asses 14’ prove that he hasn’t lost a step. A member of both the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame, Peter North is one of the most well respected and popular male porn stars in hardcore history.

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Jerry Butler

Jerry Butler Date of birth: 13 May 1959
Alternate Names: Gerry Butler John Hamilton Jerry Rillios Paul Siederman Paul Sutton Arthur West .
Bio: One of the most popular male stars of the 1980’s, Jerry Butler was a blonde-haired hunk whose popularity didn’t stem from his size alone. In fact, Jerry was a fairly normally-endowed young man, but his passionate and caring sexual style quickly caught on with female co-stars and fans alike. His handsome features and more-than-decent acting skills made him one of the most sought-after studs on the 80’s porno circuit, and his performances rarely disappointed.

Jerry was born Jerry Butler in New York City in the late 50’s and led the normal life of a young Jewish guy in the city. He was attending junior college in the late 70’s when he got bitten by the acting bug, and soon he was enrolled in one of the top acting schools in New York. He landed a role in an off-Broadway play that called for him to appear nude onstage, which brought out a bit of the exhibitionist in him.

Soon, he answered an ad in a local paper seeking men for hardcore features. A prodigiously sexual young man, Jerry took the job and soon found himself one of the hottest young talents in the business. Jerry first hit porno screens in 1981, and appeared in over 500 features during his ten-year-plus career. Some of his hottest work can be found in ’10 1/2 Weeks,’ a take-off of the mainstream hit that found him in an obsessive relationship with Barbara Dare. His romping with Heather Hart in ‘God Daughter 3’ and with Kristara Barrington and Keisha in ‘Real Men Eat Keisha’ also stand out.

Jerry released an autobiography called “Raw Talent” in the early 90’s, giving an insider’s account of the hardcore scene. His sometimes brutal honesty angered many in the business, and by 1992 he had left the scene completely. Rumor has it that he worked driving a bus for the handicapped in Staten Island before a recent move to upstate New York. He remains one of the most popular studs of his era.

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Jean-Pierre Armand Date of birth: 6 August 1950
Alternate Names: J.P. Armand Jean P. Armand Jean Pierre Armand John Piere ‘The Animal’ Armand John-Piere ‘The Animal’ Armand Jean-Pierre Arnaud J. Pierre Le Man Jean-Pierre Mahault Max Pardos .
Bio: N/A

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Harry Reems

Harry Reems Date of birth: 27 August 1947
Alternate Names: Bruce Gilchrist Richard Hurt Peter Long Tim Long Harry Reams Harry Reemes Ned Reems Harry Rheems Harî Rîmusu Peter Straight Herb Streecher Herb Streicher Herb Stryker Bob Walters .
Bio: Harry Reems was one of the very first porn stars, a mustachioed lothario whose romance-tinged trysting got him plenty of work in the 70’s hardcore scene. He’s a well-built stud in the swinging 70’s mold, with one of the hairiest chests seen in porno before or since. But it was his passionate sexual performances that made him a star. Born in 1947 in the Bronx, New York as Herbert Streicher, Harry was struggling to make a name for himself as an actor in the early 70’s when porn started to take off. He eased his way into the fledgling industry along with several other New York actors, including close friend Georgina Spelvin. Harry’s stage background helped him in the 70’s porn era, when story and atmosphere was often as important as pure sexual sizzle. Harry made his hardcore debut in 1972 and immediately became one of the business’ first stars.

Harry choose his roles wisely and exploded on the scene in ’72, starring in two of the all-time porno classics, ‘Deep Throat’ and ‘The Devil In Miss Jones 1.’ His notoriety followed him through over 100 steamy features between ’72 and his departure from the scene in 1987. Harry was in top form right up until the end of his career.’ He tried to break into mainstream Hollywood flicks, but met with limited success. Harry dropped completely out of the hardcore scene in 1987, and was last spotted selling real estate out of his Utah office. He’s a charter member of both the AVN and XRCO Performers Halls of Fame.

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Herschel Savage Date of birth: 25 November 1952
Alternate Names: Van Ayasit Bill Barry Billy Bell Bill Berry William Berry Jack Black Jack Blake Hardey Cahuen Joel Caine Herschel Cohen Harvey Cowan Harvey Cowen Harvey Crain Vic Falcoln Greg Falcon Vic Falcon Howard Gibs Gerald Graystone Harvey Cornell Hayes Hershel V. Howard Dan Hues Paul Hues Harvey Kane Joel Kane Loel Laiter H. Savage Harvey Savage Herscel Savage Herschal Savage Hershal Savage Hershell Savage Hershel Savage Heschel Savage Hubert Savage Herschel Savege Jack Sin Jack Soft Herscel Steed Harvy Wood .
Bio: Herschel Savage is the usual nom-de-porn for this always affable stud who’s made a couple of riveting runs through the porno world. Herschel’s an East Coast guy whose naturalistic approach to hardcore has made him one of the most prolific male porners of all time. Not the most traditionally handsome guy in the business, Herschel comes across as a down to earth, average guy who somehow found himself right in the middle of one of the wildest industries around. He exudes a friendly presence when on screen, and is known throughout the business as a straight-up stud who doesn’t have a big head or star complex at all.

Herschel was born on November 25, 1952, the son of Russian Jewish parents in New York. He grew up with the dream of becoming an actor, and was working on the fringes of the stage scene in New York City when porn came calling. His girlfriend at the time was a pal of porn impresario R. Bolla, and arranged for Herschel to meet with an agent. In March of 1976, Savage shot his first hardcore loop and a career was born. Savage was tired of the constant hustling required to be a legit actor in New York and porn’s more relaxed shooting schedule fit his lifestyle well.

Between 1976 and 1988 Herschel appeared in over 600 features, winning fans as much for his no-poses demeanor as his obvious sexual prowess. Among his best flicks was the classic ‘Bodies in Heat,’ where Herschel hooked up with Kimberly Carson and Annette Haven in a pair of sizzling sessions. He won the 1987 AVN Award for Best Couples Sex Scene for his work with Nina Hartley in ‘Amanda By Night 2.’ He retired from the scene in ’88 to settle down with his new wife. Unfortunately, their marriage foundered and by 1995 he was single again and looking for something to fill his time.

Friend David ‘Pussyman’ Christopher convinced Herschel that he still had what it took to excel at porn. Once he laid his eyes on the scrumptious young cuties populating the industry of late, Herschel was ready to jump right back into the thick of things. He’s appeared in hundreds of flicks since 1997 and has once again staked a claim to being one of the scene’s greatest male stars. Among his best recent work is his fiery tussle with Alexandra Nice and Alana in ‘Hot Bods and Tail Pipe 5.’ Other blistering scene find Herschel taking on breasty beauty Charlie in a fabulously feverish fling in ‘Masterpiece’ and getting down and dirty with Ann Marie in ‘Babes in Pornland: Latin Babes.’

Currently working towards his 1100th hardcore appearance, Herschel’s glad he made a return to the industry. His professional approach, steady work ethic and skills between the sheets insure that he’ll be getting roles for as long as he decides to stick with it. He’s worked with just about every starlet the scene has churned out over the past 25 years — from Vanessa Del Rio to Felix Vicious, from Annette Haven to Dee, from Sunset Thomas to Sunrise Adams, he’s had them all. Herschel’s a very deserving member of both the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame.

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Marc Wallice

Marc Wallice Date of birth: 3 October 1959
Alternate Names: Mark Butler Jay B. David Marc Gold Mark C. Gold Mark Gold Marc Goldberg Mark Goldberg Marc Wallace Mark Wallace Marc Wallic Mark Wallice Mark Wallis Don Webber .
Bio: Porn Star Marc Wallice was a wiry hunk who was for a long time one of the hardest-working studs in porn, a man who appeared in well over 1300 features during her lengthy carnal career. He was a semi-buffed blonde hard-charger whose most notable feature may have been his slightly curved member, which made him one of the easiest-to-spot studs in the business. His long blonde hair and striking good looks made him a favorite of co-stars and fans alike, and his ‘do anyone’ attitude kept him extremely busy. Unfortunately, it all came to a sudden end in early 1998 when Marc Wallice was revealed to have the AIDS virus. The resulting scandal ended his porn career instantly.

Marc Wallice first hit hardcore screens in 1982 at the age of 22. He had been working as a grocery store bagger when he spotted an ad for World Modeling. Intrigued by the idea of getting paid to have sex, Marc stopped into their office and the rest is history. He started out in small, non-speaking roles that just called for him to get up and off when called on. His boundless sexual enthusiasm soon started landing him meatier roles, until he was one of the most recognizable faces in porn.

Marc was far from the greatest actor you’ll ever see, but his stud abilities were never questioned. He was one of the industry’s foremost anal enthusiasts, and could often be spotted at the back end of a DP scene. Some of his best scenes are his frantic romp with Ashlyn Gere and T.T. Boy in ‘Realities 2,’ and his fiery fling with Chloe and Roxanne Hall in the opening scene of ‘Blue Dahlia.’

Marc struggled with a drug problem throughout his career, and has admitted being an intravenous user. He finally kicked his cocaine habit in the mid-90s, after a successful stint in rehab. He had just moved into directing when the AIDS controversy hit, stepping behind the cameras to helm the ‘Tails of Perversity’ series. Of course, that gig went by the boards once his HIV status was revealed.

It was on April 30, 1998 that Sharon Mitchell announced that Marc had AIDS, and proposed the idea that he might very well be the ‘patient zero’ behind the sudden epidemic of the disease in the porn industry. Wallice had engaged in unprotected anal sex with every one of the gals who contracted the virus (a list that includes Tricia Devereaux, Brooke Ashley, Caroline, Nena Cherry, Jordan McKnight, Barbara Doll and Kimberly Jade). Rumors began swirling that Wallice had forged his AIDS certificate and had knowingly had sex with these women while infected. He denies the rumors, but they continue to resonate with many in the business. After all, Marc had been caught with a fake AIDS certificate only months before the scandal broke.

His porn career dried up immediately, and Marc was dropped by most of those he had considered friends in the industry. He went into a drug-fueled tailspin, holing up in a motel room and smoking coke for a month solid. He was only roused from his binge when a pair of thugs kidnapped him from his room and tried to force him to get cash out of his ATM account. While at the bank, Marc whispered to the police what was going on, and the whole group was arrested — Marc on cocaine charges.

Marc Wallice has receded into porn history in a hurry. The industry has disavowed him for the most part, and he will certainly never work in hardcore again. He’s also the subject of at least one lawsuit that claims he knowingly infected girls he was working with. For a time, though, Marc Wallice was one of porn’s hottest studs, a man who was as reliable as he was busy. A member of both the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame, Marc Wallice is living the rest of his life well out of the porn spotlight.

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Randy West

Randy West Date of birth: 12 October 1947
Alternate Names: Andy Abrams Randy Abrams Andy Deer Johnny West Randi West Randy Westln .
Bio: Porn Star Randy West is one of the most prolific, hardest working studs in hardcore history. His carnal career has spanned almost the entire life of the genre itself, stretching from 1975 to the present day. With over 1100 videos under his belt as a performer and having directed over 150 sexvids, it’s safe to say that Randy West has more than made his mark on the business.

Randy West was born on October 12, 1947 in New York. He started his performing career as a singer, belting out rock and blues numbers at small clubs around the Big Apple. He moved to Southern California in the early 70s to pursue his singing career, but he ended up getting sexily sidetracked.

Randy’s swarthy surfer guy good looks soon got him noticed by adult film producers. They convinced him to try his hand at being a porn stud, and he shot a handful of features during the mid and late 70s. Among his earliest films are ‘Sexpert’ and ‘Confession of Emmanuelle,’ flicks that showcase a young stud on the rise.

By the early 80s, the porn video boom was in full swing and Randy West saw that there was more money to be made in on-screen eroticism than in honky-tonk crooning. He decided to become a full-time porn stud and spent the bulk of the 80s as one of the most tireless men in the business. Randy West romped with just about every starlet on the scene, making a name for himself as a stud who brought out the best in his partners.

Among Randy West’s best 80s efforts is ‘Jane Bond Meets Octopussy,’ where he hooked up with Amber Lynn in a slam-bang session. He really put in a hard day’s work in 1987’s ‘Tales of the Uncensored,’ taking on Kim Alexis, Angela Baron, Carol Titian and Angel Kelly in a quartet of searing scenes.

Randy West continued working exclusively as a performer well into the 90s. He was one of the favorite partners of Ashlyn Gere, with whom he worked with very often. A couple of their best flicks together are ‘Put it in Gere’ and ‘Shifting Gere.’ In 1990’s ‘Australian Connection,’ Randy West completed the Down Under trifecta, romping with Alice Springs, Deidre Holland and Kelly Blue in a trio of scenes.

After almost twenty years in the business, Randy West stepped behind the cameras in the mid-90s to helm the ‘Up N Cummers’ pro-am line. He quickly established the series as one of the premier places for young would-be starlets to get noticed, setting himself up quite nicely in the process. Randy West enjoys nothing better than watching or helping a young woman to an orgasmic explosion, and he finds that working with all the new girls helps him stay fresh and excited about his work.

Since starting the ‘Up N Cummers’ line, Randy West has helped welcome just about every major female talent into the biz. In ‘Up N C 11,’ he took on a fresh-faced, pre-boob-job Jenna Jameson in a heated fling. He welcomed Raylene to the biz in ‘Up N C 40,’ and trysted with Tera Patrick in one of her first flings in ‘Up N C 73.’ Let’s face it, Randy West has gotten himself one of the best jobs in the free world with this series.

Randy West continues to help fresh young talent get their feet wet in the industry, and he’s also directed such series as ‘Crazy About Asians’ and ‘Real Female Masturbation.’ As enthusiastic about his work today as when he shot those first loops back in the 70s, Randy West is one of the all-time great porn studs.

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Mike Horner

Mike Horner Date of birth: 3 February 1955
Alternate Names: Don Ark Don Durrell Don Hardin Don Hart Mike Horne Don Horner Don Miller Dan Sir Johnny Wilson .
Bio: Mike’s a mustachioed fun-lover who has enjoyed one of the lengthiest careers ever in front of the hardcore cameras. Known as much for his skill at delivering comedic dialogue as for delivering down and dirty sex, Mike’s considered one of the best actors among all porno studs. That only makes sense, since he’s been studying acting and filmmaking for almost 20 years. Of course, it’s Mike’s ability to perform on cue and on call that’s kept him steadily working for the past couple of decades.

Born on February 3, 1955, Mike spent the bulk of his formative years living in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was while going to college there that Mike found himself drawn into the world of hardcore. He was involved in the local theater scene and was intrigued by the idea of being in a film — any film. Also, he admits that the sex was a big drawing card — “I was a college boy who wanted to get laid and experience life,” he says now. Mike started out shooting short sex loops by the hundreds, often for no more than $40 a scene. Eventually, his hardy talents were recognized by local porners, and Mike made his feature debut in 1979’s ‘Tangerine.’

Mike continued racking up the carnal credits, quickly making a name for himself as a man capable of anything on screen, from white-hot sex to deeply felt dramatics. Of course, it’s Mike’s goofy nerd act that’s most familiar to porno fans — he’s been called the Jerry Lewis of porn for his antics. Still, hardcore remained but a sideline job for Mike while he continued studying at S.F. State and honing his acting in a string of art films. It wasn’t until 1985 that porn became his primary source of income. He moved down to Southern California in 1991 to pursue his carnal career.

Horner has never married, which he partly attributes to his job. Women find it hard to think of a porno stud who’s been in over 1000 videos as “husband material,” as he puts it. In fact, for the bulk of his career Mike admits that the sex was the main thing keeping him interested. The chance to take on gorgeous women that he’d never have in ‘real’ life was just too great to pass up. Now in his forties, Mike is currently trying to get his directing career started again. He spent his own cash on a couple of quite well-received flicks in the mid-90’s, ‘Tangled’ and ‘Dreams of Desire.’ The industry’s drift towards gonzo and away form artistic-type hardcore has made it hard for him to find financing, though.

Still, Horner’s guaranteed himself a place in the hardcore firmament no matter what the future holds for him. Some of his best work can be found in 1993’s ‘Justine,’ for which he won Best Actor and Best Couples Sex Scene nods from AVN. Horner also turns in a great performance in ‘Body & Soul,’ for which he and Ashlyn Gere won a Best Couples Sex Scene award from AVN. In fact, Mike’s won more AVN Best Actor Awards (four) than anyone, and is a member of both the XRCO and AVN Halls of Fame. A hardy stud with a penchant for silliness, Mike Horner’s one of the most recognizable and talented men to ever appear in hardcore.

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Rod Pierce

Rod Pierce Date of birth: 22 September 1959
Alternate Names: Alex Flower Gregory Lions Greg Lions Hunter Lombard Greg Miles MIchael Morrison Roderic Pierce .
Bio: N/A

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Robert Lee

Robert Lee Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: .
Bio: N/A

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Chris Cannon

Chris Cannon Date of birth: 17 February 1972
Alternate Names: Chris Canon Chris Connon Cain Cannon Cris Cannon Cris Canon .
Bio: N/A

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Pat Romano

Pat Romano Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: .
Bio: N/A

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Billy Dee

Billy Dee Date of birth: 25 September 1951
Alternate Names: Billy Daniels Billy De Billie Dee Billy Doe Larry Obe-Wahn .
Bio: Billy Dee was one of the first of the do-anything, do-anyone second-tier porno studs, a forerunner of the likes of David Hardman and Jake Steed. Billy was a smooth-talking light-skinned black hunk who was one of the coolest, most suave studs of his time. His easy-going nature could put his partners at ease before his prodigious sexual skills took over. Billy was a pretty decent actor as well as being a first-rate cocksman, turning in lots of good comic performances during his lengthy carnal career.

Billy first got into hardcore in 1978 with a small part in ‘The Legend Of Lady Blue.’ He eased his way into the porno scene, not becoming a full-fledged work-a-day stud for a few more years. By the middle of the 1980’s video boom, though, Billy was one of the most in-demand studs around, cranking out steamy video by the yard. One of his best performances was in 1987’s ‘Chocolate C.H.I.P.S.,’ a silly black-themed take-off of the mainstream TV series that really let his comic acting skills shine through. For pure sexual heat, check out Billy’s work with Nikki Knights in ‘Black Magic’ or his torrid tussle with Taija Rae in ‘Doin’ The Harlem Shuffle,’ both of which showcase his attentive and frenetic style.

Billy left the porno scene in early 1990, after appearing in more than 500 features. Rumor had it that he was leaving the business to become a born-again preacher. Recently, Billy’s been spotted selling homemade quilts at Oregon county fairs — quite a departure for one of the 80’s most dependable studs.

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