Eric Price

Eric Price Date of birth: 16 July 1963
Alternate Names: Dan Carter Charlie Martin Eric Porter Erick Price Charley Stone Charlie Stone Charles Warner .
Bio: Eric Price is a clean-cut looking guy who could easily pass for a stockbroker or investment banker if you didn’t already know what he did for a living. He’s a short-haired stud who has somehow managed to avoid growing any facial hair during a lengthy carnal career, despite the wild changes in men’s fashion over time. With a decent build and a winning smile, Eric’s known as one of the better looking studs in the business. He’s been romantically linked with some of the hottest women in porn at one time or another. And he doesn’t confine himself to pleasing the ladies, either — Eric’s a confirmed bisexual who appears in gay films under the name Eric Price.

Born on July 16, 1963, Eric first got into porn way back in 1988. He immediately established himself as something different in the industry. Eric didn’t jump right in and churn out hundreds of flicks, but rather carefully picked and chose his roles and partners. He hooked up with Paula Price during the late 80’s, appearing with her in a string of features like ‘Anal Intruder 5′ that contained her most passionate moments. The couple broke up in the early 90’s and Eric continued his carnal career with a string of incendiary performances in flicks like ’19 and Nasty 1,’ where he joined Lauren Hall and Brigitte Monroe in the video’s hottest scene.

By the late 90’s, Eric was seeing Jill Kelly — off camera and on. He spent most of 1997 and 1998 appearing in features opposite her, including a searing back door boff in ‘Shameless Desire.’ The couple also sizzled their way through a feverish scene in ‘S.M.U.T. 1’ and delved into some searing back door boffing in ‘Perfect Pink 1: Soaking Wet.’ In all, Eric and Jill performed together in over fifty features, establishing themselves as one of the most prolific hardcore couples of all time.

By 1999, Eric and Jill’s relationship hit the skids, and he was back to being a solo stud-for-hire. He’s kept himself fairly busy in the years since, appearing in a handful of flicks each and every year. Among the best of his post-Jill years are ‘Stray Cat,’ where Eric joins Temptress and Jessica Jewel for a ravenous threesome, and ‘Erotic Eye,’ in which Kristal Summers and Eric enjoy some one-on-one fun.

Eric Price is one of the most prolific and talented studs in hardcore, a man who’s spent the better part of fifteen years in pursuit of the ultimate sexual thrill. He even added directing to his repertoire, helming a random smattering of features like ‘Just 18 4’ and ‘Visage’ in 1999. It’s safe to say that whatever twists and turns the industry makes, Eric Price will be right there twisting and turning with it.

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William Margold Date of birth: 2 October 1943
Alternate Names: Mr. Drea Lem Lary Lary Lem Dee Lyons Bill Magold William Maragold Bill Margold Mr. William Margold W. Margold Bearson Stubbs .
Bio: Attended California State University at Northridge, graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism.

Son of Nathan Margold, a Harvard Law School graduate who went on to become Solicitor General of the Department of the Interior under President Harry Truman. Nathan Margold was also the author of a landmark study commissioned by the NAACP that studied public education for Black Americans.

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Ray Victory

Ray Victory Date of birth: 2 November 1960
Alternate Names: Cole Fury Ray Imperial Sugar Ray Van Ray Victor Ray Viser Ray Visor .
Bio: N/A

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Rocco Siffredi Date of birth: 4 May 1964
Alternate Names: Rocco Carlucci Rock Malcovich Roch Malkovich Tano Rocco Rocco Roco Rocco Safridi Rocco Sifferdi Rocco Siffreddi Rocky Siffreddy Rocko Siffredi Rocco Sifreddi Rocco Sifredi Rocco Tano Rock Tudor .
Bio: Porn Star Rocco Siffredi is a blonde Italian uber-stud who ranks as the most popular male porn star in Europe and one of the top in the world. He’s a muscular, well-built hunk and is one of the few modern pornsters who’s uncircumcised. Rocco Siffredi’s known for his ultra-energetic and occasionally over the top sexing, and he is without a doubt one of the most tireless, insatiable studs ever to appear in hardcore. His sculpted good looks combine with his incredible sexual prowess to make him one of the most sought-after partners among porn starlets.

Rocco Siffredi got into European porn in the mid-80s, but it was his performances in a string of ‘Buttman’ flicks in the early 90s that first brought him to the attention of American fans. Rocco Siffredi played John Stagliano’s sidekick in quite a few of the hottest Buttman features, showing off his supercharged sexuality to a receptive U.S. audience. Some of his best work can be found in ‘Buttman’s European Vacation 1,’ where he takes on Silver Forrest and Zara Whites in a pair of award-winning scenes. His trysting with Debbie Dee in ‘Buttman’s Big Tit Adventure 3’ and with Ruby and Christi Lake in ‘Buttman’s Bend Over Babes 4’ are among his other decorated performances.

One of Rocco Siffredi’s best early U.S. releases is 1992’s ‘Chameleons,’ where he starred in a torrid trio of trysts. He joined Traci Winn for an early grind, then took on Ashlyn Gere in a sweaty, intense tussle that ranks among her best scenes ever. Rocco Siffredi closed out his powerhouse performance by treating Diedre Holland to some surprisingly romantic ravishing.

Rocco Siffredi moved behind the camera in 1994 and quickly established himself as one of the most talented directors on the scene. His videos became known for their uncompromising sexual hysterics, and Rocco Siffredi’s ravenous approach to his performances became even more intense. Filled with over-the-top antics like spitting, choking and slapping, Rocco Siffredi’s series like ‘Rocco Siffredi: Animal Trainer’ and ‘Rocco Siffredi’s True Anal Stories’ are the ultimate in raw, unfettered action.

Even as his directorial career has thrived, Rocco Siffredi has continued his passionate performing. He won a Best Couples Sex Scene Award from AVN for his work with Jenna Jameson in ‘Jenna Loves Rocco Siffredi.’ The winner of the 1992 and 1995 AVN Male Performer of the Year Awards and the 1993, 1994 and 1995 Fans of X-Rated Entertainment Favorite Male Award, Rocco Siffredi was elected to the XRCO Hall of Fame in 2001. By any standard, Rocco Siffredi is one of the most talented, sexually tireless studs the industry has ever seen.

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Tony Montana

Tony Montana Date of birth: 28 October 1960
Alternate Names: Julio Gonzalez Tony Mancro Toni Montana Luis Primo .
Bio: A swarthy Hispanic macho-man who never met a woman he wouldn’t get down and dirty with, Porn Star Tony Montana was one of the porn industry’s most reliable studs. Tony was the kind of hardcore stud who made a name for himself with one hard-charging performance after another, usually in low-budget porn grinders where heat mattered more than good looks or acting ability.

Tony first hit hardcore screens in 1984, appearing in a short sequence in ‘Before She Says I Do.’ He eased his way into the porn scene over the next several years, taking parts in a few features a year through the mid-80s. By the late 80s, though, Tony had apparently decided to go for full-fledged porn stardom, and he started showing up in tons of features.

Tony was never in danger of winning any acting prizes, but his straight-ahead, go-getter attitude and always reliable performance skills kept him more than busy. Tony turned up in all sorts of videos, from pro-ams to gonzo flicks to gang bangs. Some of his best work can be found in the pro-am tapes like ‘Mr. Peepers 90,’ where he relished the chance to break in new talent

One of Tony’s best scenes ever can be found in ‘Nasty Nymphos 4,’ where he took on fellow Hispanic porn star Sabrina Gelata in a fiery tussle. The scene will especially appeal to fans who speak Spanish, since they pepper each other with nasty Spanish talk as they drive one another around the carnal bend. Tony’s fireside romp with Dana Dylan in ‘Loose Caboose’ also ranks with his best work

Tony’s career was cut tragically short in late 1999. He was notified that he had contracted HIV, and he immediately stopped working in porn. Luckily, the disease was caught in an early stage and no other performers seem to have been affected. Tony allowed Adult Industry Medical spokeswoman Sharon Mitchell make the formal announcement of his retirement from the adult video scene. He is currently working as an AIDS counselor for AIM while fighting the disease.

Tony appeared in well over 400 features during his lengthy stint in the hardcore biz. He wasn’t a pretty boy, but a workaday stud who proved that persistence has its place.

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Jacques Marbeuf Date of birth: 29 January 1926
Alternate Names: Jacques Gauthier-Marbeuf Johan Jef Johan Jeff Johan Jaques Mabeuf Jacques Marboeuf Jack Marbury Victor Vallet .
Bio: N/A

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Tony Martino

Tony Martino Date of birth: 22 January 1964
Alternate Names: Chuck Agozino Philmore Butts Chuck Cee Tony Marino Chuck Martin Tony Martin Tony Martinez Chuck Martino Toni Martino Chuck Steven .
Bio: Tony’s a burly and beefy stud who’s been floating around the porno industry since the mid-80’s. He’s shown his stuff in hundreds of erotic features over the past fifteen years or so, making a name for himself as a ‘do anything’ hunk who’s often called on for b-grade projects and group scenes. Tony’s thick-set good looks and dazzlingly white smile have won him plenty of fans among females, but it’s his skillful and tireless sexing that’s kept him so busy. Tony’s a slick-talking smoothie who seemingly has no trouble on the male performance front at all.

Tony got into hardcore in the mid-80’s and drifted through a string of features like ‘You’re The Boss’ and ‘Beaverly Hills Cop.’ He never quite rose to the level of a Peter North or Joey Silvera, instead finding himself pretty much restricted to low-budget grinders and quickies. Following on the success of Seymore Butts’ gonzo-style videos, Tony dubbed himself ‘Tony Martinomore Butts’ in the early 90’s and began directing and starring in a series of steamy gonzo features. In flicks like ‘Tony Martino Las Vegas Vacation’ and ‘Tony Martino On The Prowl,’ Tony created a fun-loving persona for himself that definitely raised his profile in the industry.

Tony’s since set aside his Tony Martino line and landed a job as production chief for Sin City. He’s the off-screen beau of sassy young starlet Shay Sweet, and the two have combined their skills in a number of recent features such as ‘Only The A Hole 3.’ Tony’s worked hard to get to where he is and stands as a role model for struggling porno studs everywhere.

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Greg Rome

Greg Rome Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: Rocky Rome Rock Rome .
Bio: Greg Rome discovered and introduced, adult actress legend,Christy Canyon into the adult film industry in 1984. He met her in front of the apartment building where she was living at the time and told her she would be a great model.

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Jesse Adams

Jesse Adams Date of birth: 12 August 1949
Alternate Names: Jessie Adams Jesse Apple Tom Chandler Eric Hansen Johnny Harden Arne Larson Jess Mann Norman Mince Ed Stark .
Bio: N/A

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Dan T. Mann

Dan T. Mann Date of birth: 1 September 1954
Alternate Names: Doug Bennet Doug Bennett Dan Dancing Danny Fisher Dan Fisher Tom T. Hall Dan Katch Dan T. Man D. T. Mann D.T. Mann Dann T. Mann Danny Mann Dann Mann Dan Mann Diti Mann Dan Towers .
Bio: N/A

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Guy Royer

Guy Royer Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: Guy Roye .
Bio: N/A

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Don Fernando

Don Fernando Date of birth: 12 April 1948
Alternate Names: Mr. Camera Ron Fernando Dan Gomez Don Gomez Ron Gomez Jon Kernic Juan Ricardo .
Bio: Don Fernando (born April 12, 1948) is a director and actor of pornographic movies. He has been in the pornography business for at least two decades. He is of Latino ancestry. One of his specialties includes interracial pornography with Asian women.

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Piotr Stanislas Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: Rudy Adams Stan Piotr Piotr Ivan Slav Piotr Slave Pjotr Slave Yvan Slave Pjotr Stanislas Stanislas Piotr Stanislas Zielinski Piotr-Stanislas Zielinski Piotr Zielinski .
Bio: N/A

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Alain L’Yle

Alain L'Yle Date of birth: 16 October 1954
Alternate Names: Alain Alain Lille Alain Lyle Alain Lylle Alain P. Alain Poudensan Alain Poudensin Alain Robin .
Bio: N/A

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Tom Byron

Tom Byron Date of birth: 4 April 1961
Alternate Names: Tom Bryon Tom Byrom Tommy Byron Tom .
Bio: Tom Byron is without a doubt one of the best-known and most prodigious porno studs of all time. He’s seen and done it all in this business, pretty much growing up in front of the porno-viewing public. Tom started off in the industry as a lanky, somewhat geeky young man whose only real claim to hardcore fame was his extra-large love organ. His first feature was 1983’s ‘GVC: Anything Goes 119,’ and he quickly became one of the hardest-working guys in the business. Tom landed lots of roles as young virgins coming of age during this period of his career, capping this era with his performance as the debauched high schooler in 1984’s ‘Kinky Business,’ for which he and Ginger Lynn won an AVN Best Couples Sex Scene Award.

The late 80’s saw Tom undergo something of a metamorphosis, as he grew into a pretty sleazy looking long-haired rocker type. His greasy hair, fresh new tattoos and expanding paunch gave him the look of just what he was off-screen — a struggling wannabe rock star. On screen, though, Tom didn’t miss a beat as his image changed from young virginal geek to sex-crazed roughnut. Tom’s best performance from this era would have to be his AVN Best Actor-winning performance as a ribald rock star in 1991’s ‘Sizzle.’

The mid-90’s saw Tom undergo yet another look and image change, as he chopped his hair off and grew a goatee. He lost his spare tire and emerged as a newly-energized ‘alt.rock’-looking stud. Tom’s on-screen performances got even more torrid and out of control as he steamed his way through the fresh-faced young starlets of the 90’s. He moved behind the camera to direct the hugely popular ‘Cumback Pussy’ series for Elegant Angel, proving himself to be every bit as talented a filmmaker as he is a performer. With appearances in over 1500 features and a reputation as one of the scene’s hottest up-and-coming directors, Tom Byron is a true legend of the porno business. He’s a quite deserving member of the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame.

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Blake Palmer

Blake Palmer Date of birth: 9 March 1960
Alternate Names: Donald Dork Blake Edwards Blair Higgins Blake Hunter Skip Laton Skip Layton Donald Pagen Brian Palmer Skip Robbins Skip Stoke Skipp Stokely Skip Stokey Skip Stroke .
Bio: N/A

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George Payne

George Payne Date of birth: 6 February 1945
Alternate Names: George Anderson John Lance George Paine Mike Payne .
Bio: N/A

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Ashley Moore

Ashley Moore Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: Fred Ainsley C. Moore Ashley Seymour Ashley Steve Bridges Stuart Dickerson Steve Kingman Steve Malt Ashly Moore Ashley More William Morini Steve Pumpkin Jim Rausch Steven Tucker Steve Tucker .
Bio: N/A

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Sean Michaels

Sean Michaels Date of birth: 20 February 1958
Alternate Names: Andre Allen Andre Sean Michael Sean Micheals .
Bio: N/A

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Jack Baker

Jack Baker Date of birth: 4 June 1947
Alternate Names: Jack Bailey John Anthony Bailey John-Anthony Bailey .
Bio: John Anthony Bailey also known as Jack Baker, was an American actor, writer and pornographic film star.

Bailey is perhaps best known for the role of C.C. McNamara on the Sid and Marty Krofft children’s television program Wonderbug (1976). He also appeared on a few Happy Days (1974) episodes as “Sticks, the drummer”, M*A*S*H (1972), Good Times (1974) and in the feature film, The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977). He later had an extensive career in pornography under the stage name Jack Baker.

Born in Ohio, Bailey lived in San Francisco, California during the early 1970s where he attended Merritt College in Oakland and performed in numerous stage and film productions. His performances included Richard Wesley’s The Black Terror, for John Cochran’s Black Repertory West, J. E. Franklin’s Black Girl with Adilah Barnes, work with the improvisational theatre group, The Pitschel Players, and appearances with other San Francisco Bay Area theater companies. Bailey also appeared in the Sun Ra film Space Is the Place (made in 1972 and released in 1974).

During the 1980s, Bailey began a career in pornographic films under the pseudonym Jack Baker. In 1984, he appeared in Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout White Chicks,[1] produced and directed by Gregory Dark. His other collaborations with Dark include New Wave Hookers (1985), The Devil in Miss Jones 3: A New Beginning and The Devil in Miss Jones 4: The Final Outrage (both 1986). Although his pornographic career initially called on him to participate in the explicit sex scenes, somewhere around the time of the “Miss Jones” movies, he had ceased performing hardcore sex on-screen and became known as a “non-sex” actor in the business. His adult roles (particularly for the Dark Brothers) often were comedic in nature, and poked fun at racial stereotypes (though some would say these roles perpetuated said stereotypes).

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