Tiffany Mynx

Tiffany Mynx Date of birth: 10 October 1971
Alternate Names: Angelica|Tiffany Minx|Shannon .
Bio: N/A

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Renee Summers

Renee Summers Date of birth: 15 October 1961
Alternate Names: Bene Summers|Cherri Summers|Rene Summers|Rennee Summers|René Summers|Lauren Walden .
Bio: N/A

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Dominique Simone Date of birth: 18 July 1971
Alternate Names: Coco|Dominique|Dominque|Domonique|Deadra Marrow|Deadre Marrow|Deidra Marrow|Deirdre Morrow|Jennifer Rose|Dominique Seymour|Dominique Simon|Monique Simon|D. Simone|Domonique Simone|Monique Simone|Domonique Symour .
Bio: N/A

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Laurel Canyon

Laurel Canyon Date of birth: 13 August 1964
Alternate Names: Laurl Canyon|Lauryl Canyon|Laury Canyon|Laurel Cayn|Lauryl Cayn|Devon Delight|Laurel Kanyon .
Bio: N/A

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Clair Dia

Clair Dia Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: Claire Dia|Sandy Evans|Venessa Jorson|Emily Smith|Ann Sylmar .
Bio: N/A

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Miss Pomodoro

Miss Pomodoro Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: Miss Pomadora|Mis Pomodoro .
Bio: N/A

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Sabrina Dawn

Sabrina Dawn Date of birth: 16 December 1971
Alternate Names: Sabrena Dawn|Sabrina Scott .
Bio: N/A

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Brittany Stryker Date of birth: 12 October 1960
Alternate Names: Judy Jones|Britany Striker|Brittany Striker|Brittany Strycker|Britany Stryker|Brittany Styryke .
Bio: N/A

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Jeannie Pepper Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: .
Bio: N/A

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K.C. Williams

K.C. Williams Date of birth: 10 January 1970
Alternate Names: Pace Barlow|Casey|Casey Fox|K.C.|Ca See|Tracy|Casey Williams|Tracey Wolfe|Tracy Wolfe .
Bio: N/A

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Britt Morgan

Britt Morgan Date of birth: 12 August 1963
Alternate Names: Jacy Bodean|Brittany|Brittany Morgan|Brit Morgan .
Bio: N/A

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Tianna Date of birth: 30 November 1963
Alternate Names: Tara Collins|Tiana .
Bio: N/A

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Alicyn Sterling Date of birth: 1 August 1971
Alternate Names: P.J. Kerrington|Lynette Sterling|Allison Sterling|Alicyn Storm|Mandy White|Cheri Bonet|Carrie Mitchell|Carrie Bittner|Carrie Cruise|Alisyn Sterling .
Bio: N/A

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Ona Zee

Ona Zee Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: .
Bio: N/A

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Desiree Lane

Desiree Lane Date of birth: 26 April 1962
Alternate Names: Desiree Carson|Desere Lane|Deserie Lane|Desire Lane|Desireé Lane|Desirée Lane|Desiree Ray .
Bio: N/A

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Kelly Nichols

Kelly Nichols Date of birth: 8 June 1959
Alternate Names: Mary Anne|Marianne|Marrianne|Maryanne|Kelly Ann Nichols|Kelly Nicoles|Marianne Walker|Marianne Walter|Marianne Walters|Marriane Walters|Maryann Walters .
Bio: Kelly started her career as a nude model in the 1970s. After she was selected as a Penthouse Pet Of The Month, she began her career in the adult film business. This career move started just as the porn industry was changing the availablity from adult theaters to the privacy of home video. She is remembered as a hard worker in the industry.

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Tanya Foxx

Tanya Foxx Date of birth: 1 October 1965
Alternate Names: Tanya Fox|Katja|Heather Martin|Kim Pare|Kim Parker|Kimberly Parkland|Kim Parkland|Suzy Spain .
Bio: N/A

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Phae Burd

Phae Burd Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: Phae Bird|Faye Burd|Fay Burd|Phaery I. Burd|Phaery Burd|Faye Byrd|Phaery Byrd|Tress Dover|Tres Dover|Isolde|Jacklin Morina .
Bio: N/A

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Linda Lovelace Date of birth: 10 January 1949
Alternate Names: Linda Boreman|Linda Marchiano .
Bio: Linda Lovelace, the most famous porn star of all time, was born Linda Boreman in 1949. In the late 1960s, she began a relationship with Chuck Traynor. She appeared in eight verified 8mm hard-core fetish loops. Her breakthrough came with the feature Deep Throat (1972). Surprisingly, the film became a runaway hit, playing to sell-out crowds in “respectable” cinemas; it is still considered the quintessential adult film of all time. With her newfound celebrity, Linda divorced Traynor, but was unable to sustain a movie career. After the R-rated Deep Throat Part II (1974) and the soft-X Linda Lovelace for President (1975) proved box-office disasters, she faded from sight. In 1980, she re-emerged as the author of Ordeal, her controversial autobiography. She fell in with the radical feminist movement, testifying before the Meese Commission on the supposed dangers of pornography.

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Sharon Thorpe

Sharon Thorpe Date of birth: N/A
Alternate Names: Julie Holmes|Joanna Savage .
Bio: Porn Star Sharon Thorpe was one of the stalwarts of early adult films, appearing in almost thirty hardcore flicks during the 1970’s. Sharon Thorpe had a lovely small-breasted figure that stood in contrast to the breasty vixens that were typical in early hardcore. Sharon Thorpe’s delectable frame was put through its sexual paces by most of the top studs of the decade, and she always ended up giving it out as well as she took it.

Sharon Thorpe was a frequent on-screen partner of John Leslie, with whom she turned in some of the lustiest romps of her carnal career. Sharon Thorpe starred as his wife in 1976’s ‘Coming Attractions,’ appearing in four full-fledged sex scenes in the course of the film. One of Sharon Thorpe’s favorite parts was in ‘Tapestry Of Passion,’ where she turns out John Leslie in an early scene before a torrid tryst with porn legend John Holmes.

Sharon Thorpe also met up with John Holmes’ huge talent in 1975’s ‘All Night Long,’ one of his earliest starring turns. Fans who want to catch one of Sharon Thorpe’s most sensual performances will want to check her out in ‘Fantasy Girls,’ where she plays a sexy massage parlor employee who knows just how to get a big tip from her customers. Sharon Thorpe left the business in 1980, but still turns up occasionally in compilations. She’s a certified legend of porn, and was one of the first women elected to the XRCO Performers’ Hall Of Fame.

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