Hyapatia Lee

Porn 80`s Ricky lane Date of birth: 11 November 1960
Alternate Names: Hyapatia .
Bio: Porn Star Hyapatia Lee is one of the all-time class acts of adult entertainment. She’s a dusky-skinned enchantress of Cherokee Indian and Irish ancestry who sizzled her way across hardcore screens for much of the 1980’s. Hyapatia Lee’s long, raven-black hair, deep and brooding eyes, and ultra-curvaceous figure got her noticed, but it was her incendiary sexing that kept her at the top of the porno world.

Hyapatia Lee first got into porn in 1983, making her carnal debut in a small part in ‘The Young Like It Hot.’ Soon, she was romping her way through a slew of steamy sexvids like ‘Indian Summer 1,’ where her torrid trysts with Peter North and Biff Malibu won over audiences and critics alike. Hyapatia Lee got married to porn impresario Bud Lee in the early 80’s, and she soon moved into the production end of the adult industry. Hyapatia Lee wrote several sexvids, including ‘Hyapatia Lee’s Secret Dream’ and the Chaucer take-off ‘The Ribald Tales Of Canterbury.’

Hyapatia Lee left the porn scene between 1986 and 1989 and had two children, but she came back with a vengeance soon after. Hyapatia Lee proved that she hadn’t missed a sexy step during her time off, turning in performances that were, if anything, hotter than before her layoff. Hyapatia Lee left the porn biz in late 1993, soon after the breakup of her marriage to Lee. Hyapatia Lee shows no signs of returning, but the industry has shown its appreciation for her erotic efforts. Hyapatia Lee was a 1993 entrant into the XRCO Hall of Fame, and in 1995 she won a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Free Speech Coalition. She currently works as a feature dancer when she’s not performing with her rock band W4IK.

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Two pairs beat all hyapatia Lee Date of birth: 14 July 1963
Alternate Names: Lucia Luciano .
Bio: Porn Star Aja is a sexy, truly heart-stoppingly gorgeous brunette with full breasts, a hard dance-honed body, and deep brown eyes that you feel you could fall into. One of the most beautiful and sexually powerful performers ever to appear in adult films, Aja stayed at the top of fans’ and critics’ lists throughout her four-year carnal career. Aja was also a quite superior actress to most in the field, and this combined with her devastating looks and total lack of inhibition to keep her among the first rank of X-rated sex starlets. Aja won Starlet of the Year awards from every major industry organization at one time or another during her stellar career.

Aja made her hardcore debut in 1988’s ‘Wild In The Woods,’ turning in a pair of passionate romps with Scott Irish and Randy West. It wasn’t long before her beauty and hard-charging attitude led her straight up the porno ladder. Aja turned in her first on-screen anal sex scene in 1989’s ‘With A Wiggle In Her Walk,’ adding yet another dimension to her burgeoning appeal.

Aja strutted her sensual stuff in over 80 sizzling features between 1988 and her retirement in 1992, firmly establishing herself as one of the most dependably arousing women on the scene. Aja used her breaks from shooting to criss-cross the U.S. and Canada as a stripper, building a reputation as one of the best exotic dancers around. Aja continues to perform as a stripper, although she says that she has no plans to return to the hardcore fold. When not touring, she lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with her husband and two children.

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Karen Summer

You porn shana mcculloc Date of birth: 22 July 1962
Alternate Names: Dana Alper|Maria Johnson|Ricky Lane|Michelle Lee|Karen Sommars|Karin Sommers|Karen Summers|Karren Summers .
Bio: Porn Star Karen Summer was a hard-working yet under-appreciated starlet who strutted her sexual stuff in nearly 100 features during the 1980’s. Karen Summer started her carnal career in 1982’s ‘Centerfold Celebrities.’ Early on, Karen Summer exhibited very little on-screen charisma or even interest in what she was doing, but within a few short months she had turned into a brazenly sexual woman who could take control of any scene she was in and lead it down the road to sinfully excessive ecstasy.

Karen Summer was a strawberry blonde who wore her lank, curly hair halfway down her back. She had a thin body with a tiny butt and medium-sized, droopy breasts. More than anything, Karen Summer looked like a biker’s old lady who decided to stop waiting around for him to get back and went out to find some hot lovin’ for herself. Karen Summer had a slightly rough look to her, like she could beat up any man who didn’t fall under her seductive spell. Luckily for the ranks of porn studs everywhere, she didn’t have to worry about that.

Karen Summer specialized in woman-next-door type roles, and played them to the hilt. Her average looks and energetic sexing made for an appealing combo and always made her performances totally convincing. Karen Summer retired in late 1988 to concentrate on an exotic dance career, leaving behind lots of steamy, sweaty performances for fans to remember her by.

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Hollywood tropicana oil wrestling Date of birth: 22 November 1960
Alternate Names: .
Bio: A pouty blonde sex pot who’s made over 100 hardcore videos, Porn Star Victoria Paris is one on adult films’ most consistent drawing cards. A fine actress, she makes the most of chances to do more than just sex in her films, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t throw herself into the sex ‘head’ long.

Victoria Paris was leading a quiet life as a Los Angeles secretary when she decided to try something new. Victoria Paris applied at L.A.’s mud- and oil-wrestling emporium, the Hollywood Tropicana. After a few eventful months working there, she decided to try nude modeling, which led to layouts in skin magazines and eventually to film and video work. She found sex on film easier to get into than photo shoots, so decided to stick with it. A non-smoker and non-drinker, Victoria Paris keeps the body that earns her her living in tip-top shape. She eats as little meat as she can and is constantly working out, whether at home or on the road. Any film she appears in becomes a little classier from her association with it.

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Classicporn for indian vintage Date of birth: 1 April 1960
Alternate Names: Marcia Gray|Shanna McCollough|Shanna McCoullach|Shannah McCoullough|Shanna McCoulough|Shanna McCulloch|Shanna McCullogh|Shanan McCullough|Shana McCullough|Shannah McCullough|Shauna McCullough|Jill Sauna|Nichole Thomas|Nicole Thomas .
Bio: Porn Star Shanna McCullough is a lusty redhead who parlayed her girl next door looks and fun-loving approach to sex into one of the most prolific and popular carnal careers of any female star ever. Shanna McCullough came to the porn world after a stint doing repertory theater in the San Francisco Bay Area, a gig that apparently didn’t satisfy all of her performing urges. Shanna McCullough was a supercharged sexual being who never backed down or quit until everyone on the set was totally drained.

Shanna McCullough sported a thick mane of auburn hair that topped a shapely and lusciously breasty body. Her classic good looks combined with a fiery sexual intensity to make her one of the most desirable women in porn throughout the 80’s. Shanna McCullough loved to talk dirty and really rile up her partners before ultimately showing them all of her lusty tricks. Shanna McCullough sexed her way through over 200 sex flicks between 1982 and her 1989 retirement, appearing in some of the classics of 80’s erotica.

Films like ‘Club Sex,’ ‘Let’s Get It On With Amber Lynn,’ and ‘Xstasy’ can all stand the test of time, in no small part because of the awesomely sensual Shanna McCullough. She recieved the 1987 AVN Best Actress Award for her sizzling work in ‘Hands Off,’ perhaps her career highlight. Shanna McCullough left the biz in 1989, but has returned every so often with another red hot sex scene. Shanna McCullough is a member of both the XRCO and AVN Halls of Fame, and any one of her many sex romps will clearly show the uninitiated why.

She received the award in 1988 from the Adult Video News for the movie ‘Hands Off,’.

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Hyapatia Lee taste of hyapatia screen Date of birth: 16 January 1960
Alternate Names: Marilyn Casdorf|Ingrid Hermann|Marilyn L’Amour|Marilyn Lamour|Olivia Link|Marilyn Mitchell|Mary Monroe|Marilyn Olinka|Olinka|Olga Oloff|Olynka|Olinka Petrowna .
Bio: A lean, leggy blonde beauty who hailed originally from France, Porn Star Olinka was among the first European imports to make a name for herself on this side of the Atlantic. Olinka was a brash, aggressive sexual performer who clearly seemed to revel in her work. She sported a nicely toned yet mouthwateringly curvaceous figure, ripe with natural wonders just waiting to be uncovered.

Olinka first brought her flirtatiously spunky demeanor to hardcore in 1986. She started popping up here and there in various shot-in-Europe flicks and imported videos. Olinka was sometimes touted as a Marylin Monroe lookalike (as in the flick ‘Comeback of Marylin’), but in fact she bore little resemblance to the late sex goddess. No, Olinka brought a sexual sizzle all her own to every role.

Among Olinka’s best features is ‘Burning Snow,’ where she stars in duel roles as a pair of sisters — one a prude, the other a free-spirited swinger. She shows off her wanton wares in a pair of scorching sex scenes that really bring out her passion and intensity. A shorter, but no less arousing, performance can be found in ‘Hot Bodies,’ where she gets down and dirty with a lucky businessmen atop his luxury yacht — while other party-goers look on!

Olinka drifted away from the scene by 1990. Her ravenous, do-anything nature and dazzlingly beautiful good looks insure that folks will still be snatching up her videos long into the foreseeable future.

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Dorothy LeMay

Marilyn lamour porn videos Date of birth: 14 February 1954
Alternate Names: Norma Gene|Norma Jean|Dorothy LaMay|Dorothy Lamay|Dorothy Le May|Dorothy Le-May|Dorthy LeMay|Dorothy Lemax|Dorothy Lemay|Desiree Loy|Dorothy Young .
Bio: Porn Star Dorothy LeMay first hit hardcore screens way back in the mid-1970’s, appearing in flicks like ‘Female Athletes’ and ‘Bad Company,’ where she was little more than a hard-working supporting player. It wasn’t until the dawn of the 80’s that Dorothy LeMay really hit her carnal stride. But once Dorothy LeMay found her erotic niche, she became one of the all-time fan favorites.

Dorothy LeMay was a busty little vixen with a curvaceous, scrumptious figure and a pretty, wide-jawed face that seemed to exude sexual longing. Dorothy LeMay was a very good actress who could handle any role that porn threw at her. Dorothy LeMay first hit the big time with her tour-de-force performance in 1981’s ‘Nightdreams,’ a very strange film involving a sexually frustrated wife’s erotic fantasies coming to life. Dorothy LeMay was called on to carry the film, appearing in every sex scene. Dorothy LeMay not only pulled it off, but she crafted one of the best erotic performances of the decade.

Dorothy LeMay’s fame soared, and she grabbed roles in such erotic classics as ‘Taboo,’ ‘Taboo II,’ and ‘Talk Dirty To Me.’ Dorothy LeMay retired from the business in 1982, having starred in just over 30 features. Any one of them is a good chance to catch one of the most believable, refreshingly natural erotic talents in porn history.

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Retro porn stars nude Date of birth: 23 July 1954
Alternate Names: Annie Sprinkle Ph.D|Anne Sands|Annie Sands|Anny Sands|Ann Sprinkle|Annie Sprinkles .
Bio: One of the kinkiest, most brazenly sexual women to ever step before the hardcore lens, Porn Star Annie Sprinkle has been doing her part for outspoken female sexuality since the 1970’s. She brought a willingness to explore every type of sexual pleasure to 70’s porn. Annie Sprinkle engaged in it all, from bondage to anal sex to groups to lesbianism to fetishes to latex and leather. Annie Sprinkle’s busty figure seemed built for sex, and her fresh-faced good looks made her over-the-top wildness all the more enticing.

One of Annie Sprinkle’s best films is her 1981 pseudo-documentary about herself, ‘Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle.’ The film offers up Annie Sprinkle in a wide range of sexual situations, including a mind-blowing deep throat routine with two lucky guys, a threesome involving Ron Jeremy, an all-girl orgy, even a golden shower sequence in ‘Teenage Cover Girls.’ ‘Consenting Adults,’ the early exploration of kinky sex, is another top Annie Sprinkle performance.

Annie Sprinkle continues to produce erotica when she’s not serving as an advocate for free speech and free love. Her taste for kink has never subsided.

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Samantha Fox

Vintage nude female movie actors Date of birth: 3 December 1951
Alternate Names: Stasia Burgoff|Semantha Fox|Stacia Micula|Stasia Micula .
Bio: One of the all-time porn greats, Porn Star Samantha Fox should not be confused with the vapid mid-80’s pop singer of the same name. No, this Samantha Fox was a beautiful brunette sex kitten who starred in over 100 features between 1978 and 1984, establishing herself as one of the top stars in the industry.

Samantha Fox was a stunning, cheerful looking young woman with a wide face, pretty smile, and lovely, curvy body that she knew exactly how to use. One of the better adult actresses of all time, Samantha Fox was also red-hot in the clinch. Samantha Fox was well-known as one of the wildest sexers of the era, and one look at her engaged in a sweaty, energetic tryst will convince you that the reputation was right on the money.

Samantha Fox was born and raised in New York City, studying ballet and modern dance as a schoolgirl. By the end of high school, she was dancing professionally in the New York area. In 1978, director Chuck Vincent cast her as the lead in his ‘Bad Penny,’ and Samantha Fox was on her erotic way. She grew as a sex performer and as an actress over the next few years.

Samantha Fox’s career high point came with her back-to-back Best Actress awards at the Erotica Awards, for her performances in 1980’s ‘Jack n’ Jill’ and 1981’s ‘This Lady Is A Tramp.’ Samantha Fox topped even herself with her mesmerizing portrayal of a call girl trying to leave the business in the all-time classic ‘Roommates’ in 1982, surely one of the top erotic performances ever. Samantha Fox left the biz in the mid-80’s to pursue other interests, but she will always have a place in the hearts of porn fans as one of the best actresses and hottest sexers the scene has ever known.

Samantha Fox received the award in 1979 from the Adult Film Association of America for the movie ‘Jack ‘N’ Jill’.

She received the award in 1980 from the Adult Film Association of America for the movie ‘Tramp’.

Samantha Fox received the award in 1980 from the Critics’ Adult Film Awards for the movie ‘Tramp’.

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Vintage porn female list Date of birth: 22 November 1965
Alternate Names: Christie Barrington|Christine Barrington|K. Barrington|Kim Barrington|Kistara Barrington|Krista Barrington|Kristina Barrington|Kristra Barrington|Kimberly|China Lee|Sue Lee|Chi-Chi Ling|Kim Morgan|Mai Nguyen|Mai Tai|Kris Tara|Kim Warner|Kimberly Wong .
Bio: Retired in 1987, Porn Star Kristara Barrington was one of the hottest adult actress of the ’80s, and still has legions of devoted fans. This beautiful Eurasian performer was born and raised in the United States, but could easily slip between playing Asian and non-Asian roles. Born in 1965, Kristara Barrington’s exuberant sexual style and scorching orgasmic energy was hotter than a firecracker on the fourth of July.

Making over 150 adult videos during her career, Kristara Barrington combined a fresh innocence and wanton attitude that made her an instant hit. Among her most touted achievements, critics often cite her break-though performance in one of porn’s all-time best sellers, New Wave Hookers 1. Other great Barrington performances can be seen in Baby Face 2, Beyond Desire and House of Lust.

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