Body Games

Nikki knight body games

Body Games

Year: 1986

Director: Eric Edwards

Starring: Billy Dee , Sasha Gabor , Nina Hartley , Nikki Knights , Magnolia Lankershim , John Leslie , Jon Martin , Shanna McCullough , Randy Paul , Carol Titian

Country: USA

Length: 01h 18min 51sec

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Description: A weekend retreat for the super-rich is actually a front for a full-scale prostitution house in this fast-paced romp. Randy Paul and Jon Martin star as a couple of college roomies in need of some fast cash. Before he quite knows what’s hit him, he’s interviewing for a job working at an exclusive country resort. Of course, he can’t get through dinner with the owner without Nina Hartley dragging him into the bathroom for a quickie. Little does he suspect that Nina’s actually helping recruit him — she had to make sure he was skilled enough with his tool to actually make it at the spa! The sub-plots and bodies start to pile up as soon as Randy shows up for work. He ends up becoming the object of lust of married woman Titian. The only problem is that he is in love with his roommate’s fresh-faced girlfriend (Shanna McCullough). Toss in some side action about blackmailing their clients and you’ve got more than enough backstory to establish lots and lots of lusty action. Shanna steals the show, taking part in a pair of mesmerizing romps that represent the height of her early career. A solid, very arousing sexvid that’s a perfect example of crazily plotted 80s-style hardcore.

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